Your Modern Anniversary Gift Guide

Your Modern Anniversary Gift Guide

Giving anniversary gifts by years of marriage has been a tradition for ages. Each year, the traditional anniversary gifts grow in significance and investment as the union continues to strengthen. While keeping with tradition is meaningful to many married couples, a more modern twist to traditional anniversary gifts and guides can bring more joy and practicality in our time.

Each is a momentous event from your 1st year of marriage to your 60th anniversary. Although anniversary gift-giving is a time-honored tradition, finding the ideal gift to celebrate your bond can be challenging. If you have a wedding anniversary approaching and are wondering what to gift your significant other this year, our fine jewelry experts have compiled everything you need to make it a memorable occasion, including recommendations for their favorite pieces.

  • How Did Anniversary Gift-Giving Begin?
  • What Are the Modern Anniversary Gift Ideas by Year?
  • Celebrate Your Anniversary with an Alternative Choice
  • Choosing a Highly Qualified Custom Jeweler
  • How Did Anniversary Gift-Giving Begin?

    Woman Hugs Man After Receiving a Gift

    At the onset of the “love match" during the Victorian era, gift-giving marked the development of the traditional anniversary gift by year list. Luxury gifts became a standard of congratulations for another successful year together. The significance of traditional anniversary gifts, as well as the investment, grew with each passing year.

    How Did the Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year Begin?

    As time passed, couples longed to modernize the traditional list. The updates to the gifts were much more practical. The modern anniversary gift by year list expands gift-giving suggestions and guidelines. But don't worry, many couples still honor the traditional list, and it is widely accepted to choose your celebratory present from either. The modernized guide offers suggestions, such as:

    • Gemstones
    • Materials
    • Colors
    • Themes

    What Are the Modern Anniversary Gift Ideas by Year?

    Modern updates to the gifting guidelines provide present ideas by colors, materials, or various gemstones that relate to each year’s theme. It opens up the possibilities of more meaningful gifts that genuinely fit today's modern couples. Now, you have more than the typical sparkling anniversary rings to consider for each passing year. If your anniversary is quickly approaching, find out which unique celebratory gifts may be a huge success this year.

    Here at Fink's Jewelers, we are the experts of anniversary gift-giving. Let us walk you through some gifting guidelines that offer a more suitable suggestion for modern-day couples.

    What is the 1st Anniversary Gift?

    John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Sterling Silver Link Bracelet

    You’ve reached the celebration of your first year as a married couple. Celebrating your first year of marriage is exciting and deserves a grand celebration. The one-year gift you give should be no exception.

    Traditionally, paper is the first-anniversary gift to give, representing the delicate state of a couple's first year of marriage. With a modern twist to update your choices came a new set of gift ideas to replace paper. Clocks became the representation of time together during this first year of bliss. They also represent the many years that are to come.

    The first year’s gemstone, or metal, to be exact, is gold. Gold anniversary jewelry is a beautiful way to ease into the spirit of timeless gifts. Colors such as yellow and gold also guide the year's gift theme if you decide an anniversary clock isn’t right for you.

    If you’re feeling a bit anxious about choosing the right present for your first year, don't let it overwhelm you. While it is a momentous occasion, anything you select from the heart will make a huge impression. Consider your spouse's style, metal preferences, and lifestyle to draw inspiration. With these guidelines in mind, come in and talk with our knowledgeable team if you'd like a bit of guidance. We'll walk you through various choices that fit your spouse's desires. From the Men’s Asli Link Bracelet by John Hardy to a yellow gold designer link bracelet, you’ll be in excellent hands while you shop.  

    What is the 2nd Anniversary Gift?

    The intertwining of two lives is year two's gift theme. The tradition of cotton gifts shows flexibility, togetherness, and ongoing connection. China became the new choice for the second anniversary, symbolizing a still delicate yet strong union. China reflects the many strengths and weaknesses during your first two years together. 

    The color of this special anniversary is red for love, power, and passion, as you are still in the newlywed phase. Although garnet is a gemstone of many colors, choosing a red garnet stone set in an anniversary ring or pendant keeps the spirit of the year's color theme. 

    What is the 3rd Anniversary Gift?

    Mikimoto Akoya Pearl Necklace

    For your third year of marriage, instead of the traditional gift of leather, give glass or crystal to symbolize the beauty of your relationship. The colors of the third year are white and jade, while the pearl signifies layers and years of building a beautiful bond together. Besides, can you ever go wrong with a breathtaking strand of Mikimoto pearls?

    What is the 4th Anniversary Gift?

    While giving flowers or fruit traditionally represents a relationship in full bloom, modern gift-giving suggests appliances for practicality. They also tend to represent sturdiness and the settling-in phase of your new marriage.

    Blue and green gemstones best represent the fourth year, and a set of IPPOLITA blue topaz earrings will stand out as the love and affection you share this anniversary year.      

    What is the 5th Anniversary Gift? 

    Celebrate reaching your fifth year with a beautiful sapphire that is lasting and durable. Blue or pink sapphires are a stunning choice. Traditionally, wood was the best gift to express this endurance, while silverware is now the way to go. The most challenging part about celebrating your fifth year may be making the selection your spouse will love the most. 

    What is the 6th Anniversary Gift?

    Men's Cobalt Wedding Band with Wood Inlay

    Iron best describes the strength of your six years of marriage, but a more modern representation is a gift made from wood. The stunning colors of turquoise, purple, and white also work well, while amethyst is a symbol of a great, long-lasting relationship. Gift him a Cobalt Band with Cocobolo Wood Inlay that makes a powerful statement on your sixth anniversary.      

    What is the 7th Anniversary Gift?

    Your seventh year brings a slightly different approach. Gifts of wool or copper to represent warmth are now modernized with desk sets to deliver a meaningful part of your personal life to your professional world.

    Colors of the year include off-white and yellow, with onyx as the seventh-year gemstone of choice. The hardness of the onyx symbolizes the protective barrier of your bond. It is truly an eye-catching stone.

    What is the 8th Anniversary Gift?

    White Gold Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Shank Ring

    Instead of the traditional pottery or bronze gift, choose the beauty of lace or linen this year. Select an anniversary gift with bronze as the year's color or a gorgeous piece of anniversary jewelry with tourmaline to show your marriage can withstand anything. With brilliant pink and green tones to choose from, tourmaline makes a breathtaking necklace, anniversary ring, or pair of earrings to wear for any occasion. Our pink tourmaline ring features a stunning center stone and diamond shank accents.  

    What is the 9th Anniversary Gift?

    If you're celebrating your ninth year, you are familiar with your marriage's constant molding, shaping, and growing. Willow and pottery represent this well, with terracotta being the obvious color choice. 

    But now, leather makes a beautiful, practical gift for the ninth year. It shows lasting endurance over time as you approach your tenth year. a Breitling Chronograph men’s watch boasts an elegant crocodile leather strap. Or, you could choose a lapis lazuli gemstone to bring balance, protection, and honesty. This gorgeous gemstone comes in an array of unique gift options for both of you to treasure in your ninth year of marriage. 

    What is the 10th Anniversary Gift? 

    Roberto Coin Diamond Hoops

    Congratulations on the celebration of your tenth anniversary! It only seems fitting to gift diamonds for your first decade of marriage. Durable, resilient, and elegant diamonds for your tenth are much more appealing than the traditional tin and aluminum gifts. We stand by our selection of superior quality diamonds and have quite the collection to fit your wants and needs. Individually hand-inspected to meet the highest standards, your tenth anniversary gift will be an exceptional diamond jewelry piece. 

    This particular year’s colors are blue and silver, and timeless like your marriage. And there's nothing more precious than a Fink's diamond. From a luxurious diamond anniversary ring for her to selecting the ideal band for him, you’re sure to find the right diamond anniversary ring to express your love. Now that you’ve tackled your first decade of marriage, you have many more beautiful years of celebrating ahead of you.

    What is the 11th Anniversary Gift?

    A symbol of unwavering strength, steel was once the eleventh anniversary gift recommendation. The strongest existing metal symbolizes your relationship’s strength and unstoppable force. While steel is still quite popular, the modern gift list allows for stylish fashion jewelry and turquoise stones, representing good fortune and health for many more years to come. 

    Gift the man in your life with a unique William Henry Spearpoint “Krakatoa” pocket knife featuring turquoise and lava rock for this special occasion. Or surprise him with a TAG Heuer watch encased in sleek steel. From casual and sporty to black tie event-worthy, there's a TAG to make this celebration memorable. 

    What is the 12th Anniversary Gift?

    Marco Bicego Africa 18K Yellow Gold Pearl Boule Pendant Necklace

    Rather than the tradition of silk and linen, celebrate your twelfth with pearls or any beauty in oyster white. Jade is this year’s gemstone, symbolizing the protection of your bond. Show her how she lights up your life with this Marco Bicego yellow gold and pearl pendant necklace

    What is the 13th Anniversary Gift?

    Delicate lace has received an update to furs or faux fur and textiles for this cherished year. This year's color of choice is classic white, while the stunning citrine gemstone will make the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. From a gorgeous statement ring to a lovely layered citrine necklace, we’re sure you’ll find something almost as stunning as she is.

    What is the 14th Anniversary Gift? 

    Ivory gifts for year fourteen are now celebrated with the gift of gold. Cheer for fourteen years with gold jewelry gifts, recognizing your prosperity as a couple. Gold's versatility makes any piece a keepsake, from our gorgeous collection of gold bracelets to personalized 18K gold cufflinks for him. Offering a classic look, durability, and affordability, you may just be tempted to spoil them with more than one piece. No matter what your significant other’s style or taste may be, you’ll find a variety of gold tones and different karats of gold to select from.

    What is the 15th Anniversary Gift? 

    TAG Heuer Formula 1 Men's Watch with Blue Dial

    It takes a solid foundation to reach fifteen years of marriage, which is why crystal is traditionally this year's anniversary gift. Crystal symbolizes clarity and strength, as does fifteen years together. The gift of a watch speaks volumes about your years together. He’ll imagine the many years you have to look forward to each time he glances at his TAG Heuer Formula 1 timepiece.  

    Today’s modern gift revolves around red and ruby gemstones. Whether she enjoys a dainty bracelet or a sentimental pendant, we have a gorgeous selection of rubies to help you celebrate.

    What is the 16th Anniversary Gift?

    What was once the gift of wax has now become the gift of silver holloware. The year's colors, silver and emerald green, reflect a harmonious marriage. A peridot gemstone pendant can speak volumes of your devotion to each other. 

    What is the 17th Anniversary Gift?

    Furniture always makes a lovely gift and remains the traditional and modern choice to help celebrate this milestone. Yellow represents your years of happiness, while carnelian is your gemstone for the seventeenth anniversary.

    What is the 18th Anniversary Gift? 

    Porcelain remains the gift suggestion for your eighteenth year of bliss. While delicate, it is also a symbol of a strong bond that should be handled gently. The cat's eye gemstone represents its watch over your marriage for the coming years. 

    What is the 19th Anniversary Gift?

    Marco Bicego Aquamarine Bracelet with Bead Stations

    Bronze is both the traditional and modern present for the year's celebration. Choose a breathtaking aquamarine gemstone that symbolizes protection over your relationship. A gorgeous yellow gold aquamarine bracelet is the perfect way to celebrate your love this year; we know she'll always treasure it.  

    What is the 20th Anniversary Gift? 

    Choose an unforgettable platinum gift to celebrate your twentieth year of marriage. Rather than China, the traditional twenty-year gift, platinum and emeralds possess a more modern feel. Emerald, known as the stone of the goddess Venus, will make an excellent choice to express how much you cherish your twenty years together.

    If you're looking for a show-stopping present to make this day extra special, our collection of emerald anniversary jewelry is incredible. If vintage is her style, she will adore our Sabel Collection White Gold Emerald and Diamond Pendant. Set in 14k white gold with diamond accents, it will never disappoint. 

    What is the 25th Anniversary Gift?

    John Hardy Men's Legends Naga Sterling Silver Cufflinks

    In keeping with tradition, the twenty-fifth year of marriage remains the “silver anniversary.” Your years together are as precious as the prestigious metal itself. Silver holds a symbol of radiance and a clear path for what the future brings beyond these fantastic years.

    At Fink's, we want you to look and feel your best in any anniversary jewelry you choose from our collections. Unique sterling silver cufflinks are no exception. So, consider gifting him a stunning pair of cufflinks to wear for your admirable twenty-fifth as you celebrate the special day. 

    For the woman who loves multi-metal jewelry, consider surprising her with a stunning 18K gold and silver ring. Celebrating twenty-five years with a treasure from our vast selection of mixed metal rings will provide endless pairing opportunities with anything in her jewelry collection. Or ask our diamond jewelry experts how to select the perfect diamond studs to accompany her new ring.

    What is the 30th Anniversary Gift?

    Pearls and diamonds make another appearance as you celebrate your thirtieth wedding anniversary. Always the perfect anniversary gifts, you simply can't go wrong with either. With the year's color being green, consider a beautiful anniversary ring with both diamonds and emeralds and celebrate this huge milestone.

    What is the 35th Anniversary Gift? 

    This year's anniversary gifts do not waver as both jade and coral remain on the traditional and modern lists. And if you were savvy enough to plan ahead for your thirtieth with a stunning emerald, you could undoubtedly surprise her with a jade anniversary ring to match. A bold yet understated jade bracelet will be a fantastic addition to your mister's wardrobe.

    What is the 40th Anniversary Gift?

    Marco Moore 18K Rose Gold Oval Ruby Ring

    Forty memorable years are represented by the red ruby flame that has burned for you all these years. Both the traditional and modern choice, ruby graces the fortieth-anniversary gift list once again. Express your love with a ruby that symbolizes: 

    • Love
    • Happiness
    • Passion
    • Prosperity

    We’re happy to help you choose a ruby anniversary jewelry piece that shows how much the last forty years have meant. From a Marco Moore ruby ring to a stunning pendant fit for a queen, she’s sure to fall in love with any selection you make. 

    What is the 45th Anniversary Gift? 

    White Gold Sapphire Flower Shape Pendant

    This year’s colors are brilliant red and blue, but the modern and traditional gifts call for blue sapphires. Symbolizing the longevity of your bond, the forty-fifth anniversary’s sapphire tradition radiates love and romance, no matter what lovely jewelry style you choose.

    We have an array of sapphire anniversary rings and additional jewelry pieces from which you can choose. Our jewelry specialists will even recommend a variety of ways she can layer her favorite necklaces with her new sapphire pendant.

    What is the 50th Anniversary Gift? 

    What an exciting year to celebrate! For your fiftieth anniversary, emerald is again the modern and traditional choice that all couples adore. The theme of devotion radiates with emerald anniversary jewelry gifts, while rings are a popular choice.

    If you'd like a little something different this year, Tanzanite is the chosen gemstone for fifty glorious years together. It's a unique stone that can shift color according to the lighting.

    What is the 60th Anniversary Gift? 

    Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

    Rounding out our list with the sixtieth anniversary gift is none other than the diamond. We want to congratulate you on sixty years of marriage! With such a small fraction of couples making it to their 60th anniversary, this year is the time to gift an exquisite diamond anniversary ring or necklace, celebrating:

    • Strength
    • Unity
    • Timelessness 

    diamond eternity band is the perfect way to show your never-ending love and can be worn alone or added to her wedding set. Or slip a stunning diamond bracelet upon her wrist as a token of your eternal love.

    Celebrate Your Anniversary with an Alternative Choice

    If nothing catches your eye as you shop for a special gift, why not consider a commemorative anniversary band? Add this jewelry piece to their collection to represent your bond, with many happy years ahead. One aspect our customers love about a band is its versatility. Choose any year to gift your significant other with an anniversary band to mark this special milestone.

    What is an Anniversary Band?

    White Gold Baguette Diamond Band

    An anniversary band comes in many styles and can be given as a symbolic ring to celebrate your wedding anniversaryWhy celebrate with an anniversary band? An anniversary ring allows you to think outside the box rather than feel you must adhere to the traditional or modern anniversary gift lists. It's the perfect way to recognize your relationship and the continued strengthening of your bond. While some couples choose milestone years, including the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th anniversaries, there are certainly no set rules.

    When Did Anniversary Band Gift-Giving Begin? 

    Western tradition can trace the giving of anniversary bands and wedding bands as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. Although the exchange of wedding bands was originally a part of one’s marital dowry, they would later become known as a fidelity symbol.

    European traditions were slowly introduced, and the giving of anniversary bands became an extension of the wedding band. The band celebrated and solidified the passing of another year of marriage and was seen as a token for working on strengthening the relationship. 

    Selecting the Ideal Anniversary Band Style

    SUWA Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Prong Set Diamond Band

    Just as you found with your wedding bands and engagement ring, anniversary band styles range from bold to minimalist. While some couples wish to create a cohesive look, others prefer the anniversary ring to stand out in a crowd. We’re here to help you select the perfect anniversary band to celebrate your love. 

    Anniversary Eternity Bands 

    The eternity band style is one of our favorite anniversary band recommendations. Whether you’re looking for diamonds or a gem, an eternity ring displays a dazzling band of sparkling stones. 

    Many couples gravitate towards the eternity style for its symbolism. The ring represents eternal love, devotion, and commitment. We urge you to try on the half and full eternity bands to see which catches your eye.

    Stacking Rings for Your Anniversary

    Stacking rings have become quite the style while adding significant meaning. Stacking the engagement ring, wedding band, and anniversary band creates a cohesive look and bond. While some prefer the three rings to appear as a matching set, others love the opportunity to add color and flair to their wedding ring set. 

    If you’re surprising your wife with an anniversary band and think she may want to stack them, there are a few things we recommend. The best way to select a band that creates a perfect fit is to return to the jeweler you purchased your wedding rings. The jeweler who created or sold you the rings will help you find the ideal options for her set. 

    If revisiting your jeweler isn’t an option for you, we suggest keeping a photograph of the rings while you shop. A knowledgeable jewelry team can work with you to find an anniversary band to create a cohesive look and feel. 

    How are Anniversary Bands Different from Wedding Bands?

    SUWA Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Prong Set Sapphire and Diamond Ring

    For some couples, anniversary bands are wedding bands given to celebrate an anniversary. While they may indeed be used interchangeably, there are a few differences to note. 

    Perhaps the most apparent difference between wedding bands and anniversary bands is the traditional way to wear them. The wedding band is worn on the left-hand ring finger and paired with the engagement ring. An anniversary band can be worn on any finger, in any fashion you wish

    Some women prefer a wedding band that offers a thinner, lower profile than their engagement ring. Others prefer a subtle, solid metal band. These preferences ensure the engagement ring remains the center focus in the set. And we can't blame them. Finding the ideal engagement ring can be quite a task, and she may want its beauty to remain center stage. 

    On the other hand, an anniversary band can be as dainty or extravagant as you'd like. From multiple rows of dazzling diamonds to lavish-colored gemstone embellishments, the anniversary band can be an exquisite reminder of the beautiful years you've shared.

    Does the Anniversary Band Replace the Wedding Band?

    26 Diamond Double Row Wedding Band

    An anniversary band is not intended to replace a wedding band. Although most couples prefer to add them in addition to their wedding rings, others may take the opportunity to upgrade their wedding band and replace their original.

    Replacing a wedding band with an eternity anniversary band has become increasingly popular. Many couples also choose to return for another milestone anniversary and purchase a second, matching band. These changes in tradition often account for their taste in jewelry evolving.

    Custom Anniversary Bands by Fink’s Jewelers

    There are various reasons couples choose to have a custom anniversary band created by Fink's. While customizing a band may sound a bit overwhelming, the feeling you’ll both have when you see your unique dream ring is incredible. We guarantee it will be a memorable experience from vision to finished piece!

    Our certified jeweler and team will work with you through every step of the design process. They'll guide you through every stage, from answering your diamond questions to selecting the ideal metal for your anniversary band.

    At Fink’s Jewelers, we take pride in our custom design services and love helping couples commemorate their milestones with custom anniversary jewelry. From bands and bracelets to a personalized necklace, we’d be honored to help you create a special anniversary gift this year.

    Choosing a Highly Qualified Custom Jeweler 

    14K White Gold Oval Emerald and Diamond Cluster Pendant

    Selecting a highly qualified custom jeweler is essential. To ensure your special anniversary gift is a piece you'll always cherish, finding a team that will answer your questions, provide jewelry education, and listen to your ideas and concerns is essential. Ask to view their custom work and inquire about the experience of their team before selecting your jeweler.

    Our custom jewelry team believes in working closely with you to ensure your vision comes to life. If your anniversary is right around the corner, stop by and share your ideas with us. We suggest allowing a couple of weeks to work with our design team, as the custom process does take some time. We want to ensure we create the anniversary ring that captures the bond you two share.

    Our vast selection of fine jewelry provides stunning choices to help you celebrate your anniversary. From tennis bracelets to timepieces, we have a commemorative keepsake that fits everyone’s style. If you need help deciding what to gift your significant other for the special day, our team of experts is here to assist. As you venture out to search for an anniversary gift worthy of the love of your life, we invite you to stop by and see us for all your anniversary gift needs.