Collection: Watch Accessories

Watch accessories are sometimes forgotten, but if you care about your beloved watches as much as we do, they are crucial to the upkeep and care. From protective cases to gadgets that will improve the wear of the watch, watch accessories are here to stay.

A necessary watch accessory for any watch lover is a traditional watch winder. Watch winder accessories are electric tools designed to keep an automatic watch wound while it is not being worn. This prevents the power reserve from depleting while the watch isn’t in use. These useful contraptions can be a decorative piece for your bedside table or drawers while also helping to keep the time and date functions set correctly. We have designed watch boxes to store and charge anywhere from one prized watch to ten at a time.

Look into watch boxes to store watches when they are not being worn. Protect them from scratches and keep them safe in one place for easy accessorizing and safety. Our Blonde Wood watch box has multiple drawers for storage of watch bands, clock faces, and your most precious timepieces. Watch boxes are one of our favorite watch accessories to recommend at Fink’s.

If you care about protecting your favorite watches, watch accessories are a necessary part of watch upkeep. Wind each watch while they aren’t being used and store them in one secure place with our Wolf 1834 line of watch accessories. Come into Fink’s Jewelers or shop online for all your watch accessory needs.