Collection: Triton

Triton, an American men’s jewelry brand, is built on technological and design innovation.Triton goes “beyond the wedding band” to create high-tech, high-style yet accessible collections.

Say goodbye to the days of boring men’s wedding bands. Triton is the future. This American men’s jewelry brand is built on innovation, and these rings use modern materials to help you declare your individuality. Whether you’re celebrating an upcoming wedding, renewing your vows, or want something to commemorate a special anniversary, these rugged yet stylish men’s wedding rings are guaranteed to stand out.

Triton men’s wedding bands offer a wide variety of materials for its custom wedding rings, including Damascus steel, tungsten carbide, wood, diamonds and gemstones, meteorite, and tantalum. Triton believes that each men’s wedding ring is an extension of its wearer and is designed and produced to last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for something stylish enough for the best-dressed man, cool enough that it comes from another planet – literally, or rugged enough for the man who does everything, Triton rings are a must-have. Triton is also offering the best technology to keep its rings looking pristine, including a clear coating for its yellow and rose-gold rings that is also used in electronics, performance cars, and aeronautics.

With more than 30 years in the business, Triton was born to accommodate the desires of men looking for something different. The men’s wedding band brand offers the largest selection of rings made from contemporary metals and offers designs that are bold, creative, innovative, and strong. Whether you want something classic yet modern, rugged yet stylish, or unique yet subtle, Triton and Fink’s Jewelers have come together to help you find the perfect men’s wedding ring.

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