Collection: William Henry

William Henry is an American luxury brand creating exclusive and award-winning pocket knives. Today’s collections include writing instruments, money clips, cufflinks, and men's jewelry.

American brand known for creating luxury, award-winning pocketknives as heirloom items and gifts for men. As William Henry has grown, the product line has expanded to include other exclusive gifts, including money clips, men’s jewelry, writing instruments, and cufflinks. William Henry makes fabulous gifts for yourself or someone special.

From Christmas and birthdays to anniversaries, weddings, and graduations, William Henry offers beautiful bracelets, necklaces and pendants, knives, and more. Its jewelry features elegant and bold designs to elevate his personal style. The pieces are designed to be a perfect mix of refined yet rugged, with timeless looks that will last a lifetime.

Beads, leather, engraved metals, and meteorite offer unique elements that make these styles even more luxurious, and every piece is crafted with integrity and honor. William Henry designs blend natural materials and gemstones with leather, hand-forged metals, and sterling silver in modern designs and expert carvings. You’ll also find styles for every price point, whether you’re looking to spend $200 or $2,000.

William Henry offers a seamless coupling of natural materials, gemstones, and metals that come together to transform what many think of as a pocket tool into magnificent and functional pieces of jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your father, brother, boyfriend, significant other, or yourself, these exclusive and unique designs are guaranteed to create an heirloom piece that’s more than memorable.

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