The Sabel Story

The Sabel name is one with great meaning in my family. As my Mother’s maiden name, it personifies an air of elegance and grace, as she was a woman of the same traits. As our family grew, my parents wanted to keep the name alive, and I was named Marc Sabel Fink. Continuing the tradition, my wife and I proudly named our first born daughter Sabel Rebecca Fink. For generations, the name has held a special place in my heart and one that serves as a constant reminder of the importance of family and trust – in both my business and in everyday life.

~Marc Fink

Sabel High Jewelry

True show-stoppers that catch the eye of royalty and celebrities alike, but are here for you.  Rare gems curated by the world’s leading gem and diamond suppliers, available exclusively at Fink’s Jewelers.  Private appointments to view these exquisite one-of-a-kind gems are available upon request.

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Exclusively at Fink's Jewelers

The Sabel Collection is our exclusive line of beautiful, high-quality creations that can only be found at Fink's Jewelers. From classic precious gemstone jewelry, to modern diamond fashion designs - every piece from the Sabel Collection exudes exceptional value that will last for generations.

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