Fink's Superior Quality Diamonds

What Makes A Fink's Diamond Superior?

Not just any diamond meets our exacting and elevated standards for a Superior Quality® and Superior Cut®. At Fink’s Jewelers, we have a secret weapon…
and his name is Clif.

For over 23 years, Clif has single-handedly inspected tens of thousands of diamonds, and he only chooses the best of the best to become a Fink’s Diamond. Though most all our diamonds are initially graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), or Forevermark, Clif takes it one step further. He individually inspects every part of the diamond to ensure optimal cut, light performance, brilliance, and even durability – something other retailers don't typically consider. Even if the diamond looks good according to the grading report, if it doesn’t meet his strict criteria, it will not become a Fink’s Diamond.

It's A Difference You Can See.

No two diamonds are the same.  Each stone is made up of various characteristics that make it unique. At Fink’s Jewelers, we encourage you to view every diamond under the microscope to help you understand these unique characteristics. Though two diamonds may be graded the same, when viewing under magnification, the difference is clear. 

This is where Clif comes in…

For example, each of these stones below are graded by the GIA as H color, and SI 2 clarity. When viewed under high powered magnification, you can see the clarity difference. The image on the right has many inclusions and an overall cloudier appearance, while the image on the left is free of noticeable inclusions and shines brighter. Though these two stones received the same GIA grading report, only the one on the left will meet Clif’s approval to be a Fink’s Diamond. This will help you understand why buying from an established and reputable jeweler is so important.

Fink's Superior Quality® H color, SI2
Not Fink's Quality H color, SI2


Diamonds come in many colors, and even the slightest variance can make all the difference in quality and price. Fink’s Jewelers only offers stones in our Superior Quality® color range, which are the highest grades as determined by the Gemological Institute of America and our Certified Gemologist, Clif.


Very few things in nature are perfect, and diamonds are no exception. Most every diamond has tiny interior characteristics called inclusions. Some may have exterior characteristics on the surface called blemishes. Many of these exterior characteristics can be detrimental to the durability of the diamond and these will be rejected by Fink’s. Most other jewelers will sell these as “value-priced” diamonds. Using the GIA clarity grading scale below, you’ll see we only offer diamonds that have no inclusions obviously visible to the naked eye (SI2 or better for engagement rings and I1 or better for diamond stud earrings). This ensures every Fink’s Diamond meets our Superior Quality® standards.


The cut of a diamond is a true artform and one that skilled craftsmen take years to prefect. Not to be confused with the shape of the diamond, the cut is extremely important and makes all the difference in how much it performs and sparkles. A well-cut stone captures and reflects light brilliantly, while a poorly cut stone can look flat and lifeless. Every Fink’s Diamond is examined closely for perfectly cut proportions and symmetry to meet our Superior Cut® standards. It’s why our diamonds sparkle brighter than any others.


When buying a Fink’s Diamond, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for value. With a range of prices that fit any budget coupled with our long-term financing options, you’re sure to find the highest quality ring at a price you can afford. It doesn’t stop there; our Lifetime Diamond Guarantee is our promise that we will be here long after the purchase. From start to finish, Fink’s Jewelers is here every step of the way.

The Fink’s Difference

In 1930, Nathan Fink founded Fink's Jewelers. Today, our company is owned and operated by the third and fourth generation of the founding family, with customer service remaining the cornerstone of our philosophy.

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