Custom Design Services

Custom jewelry is a deeply personal and unique investment for anyone’s jewelry box. Are you looking to update or restyle your current wedding set? Or maybe you have a precious heirloom that you want to give a fresh new look? Would you just like to own a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that reflects your personality? We'd love to make that dream a reality.

Find your nearest Fink’s Jewelers location, and we'll begin the process. Whether you know you'd love a custom design or you already have the whole concept planned out, we'll guide you through the process of designing and creating exactly what you’re looking for—together.


Creating a Unique Jewelry Piece

While there will always be a time and place for a high-end designer set or wearing the family jewels as is, customized jewelry allows your creativity to soar. When you choose to go the custom jewelry path, you make the decisions every step of the way, from debating timeless diamonds or modern gemstones to the type of setting. Whether you’re searching for a meaningful present or feel the urge to treat yourself, anything is possible when you work with a trusted jeweler to create the piece of your dreams. 


Custom Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would someone customize jewelry?

There are plenty of reasons to consider investing in a customized piece:

  • Update a family heirloom
  • Design a unique engagement ring
  • Reimagine a well-loved set
  • Create a one-of-a-kind piece
  • Unleash your creativity


What elements can be customized?

Just about any element of jewelry can be customized to fulfill your vision. The shape, cut, and type of gemstones, metals, settings, and personalized engravings are up to you when customizing your piece.


How long does it take to design and receive customized jewelry?

Depending on the complexity of the design, it usually takes from 4 to 7 weeks to create your unique design with Fink’s Jewelers. Inquire at your nearest location for the expected timeline, from the first design to the finished product. If you need a piece by a certain date, whether it be your wedding or a special anniversary, this can help you plan ahead of time.


Can this happen at any location or only certain stores?

All of our stores are able to create custom items for clients. Many people come in with specific ideas in mind, while others show us a pre-existing piece they would like updated—and we’re happy to oblige and create a memorable, new jewelry design every time! Anything, from matching a diamond to a side stone to creating a brilliant piece from scratch, is within our realm.


What are the steps to creating a customized piece of jewelry?

The first step will always be brainstorming design ideas, which are either brought in by clients or created during consultations with our experts. We then work with our design studio to come up with a quote for the piece. After approval, we move on to computer rendering to scale and make adjustments where needed and requested. From there, we are able to show a life-size wax model with 3D printing before proceeding to the final metal casting steps. After the design is sent off, it takes around 3 weeks to complete, give or take a few, depending on the complexity of the piece.