Collection: WOLF

WOLF is a five-generation family-owned company that has been protecting legacies for 190 years. Since 1834, the WOLF mark has been a symbol of decades of innovation and the pursuit of the perfect design. WOLF knows for a legacy to endure it must be nourished and upheld. They are dedicated to honoring people’s stories and the priceless jewelry and timepieces entrusted to them.

Wearing your jewelry isn’t enough. Knowing how to store it properly to keep it looking its best is just as important. That’s where WOLF comes in. For over 180 years, WOLF has designed automatic watch winders, handcrafted jewelry boxes, and fine leather goods made to keep your accessories in pristine condition and ready at a moment’s notice.

WOLF makes intricate and stylish storage accessories for everyone in your life. The jewelry and watch box company was founded in 1834 by German silversmith Philip Wolf I who learned that his silver jewelry sold better when showcased in attractive boxes. These beautiful accessories store your jewelry or watches to protect them from damage, dust, and more. With styles for men and women for any occasion as well as everyday use, these incredible jewelry boxes are a must-have. Choose from multiple sizes, styles, patterns, and designs, including options with embroidered art, leather, watch winders, velvet, and more. WOLF has grown into a global brand thanks to our commitment to honoring the stories people share through the priceless watches and jewelry we safeguard for them.

There are dozens of options from WOLF for storing singular watches or your entire collection of jewelry. WOLF’s watch winders and jewelry boxes make fantastic bridesmaid or groomsman gifts, wedding presents, and gifts for family. We have boxes for keeping your rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets safe in one place, small bags for traveling with jewelry, and watch boxes that hold nearly a dozen watches with room for storing bands and extension pieces.

No matter what type of jewelry you need to store, Fink’s Jewelers has the WOLF jewelry storage boxes that are both beautiful and practical.