Collection: John Hardy

Artisan crafted to look and feel like to no other

Enjoy the beauty of jewelry shaped by rituals – of Bali, craftsmanship, and those who wear them. John Hardy offers a collection perfect for gifting to yourself or those special to you. Each John Hardy jewelry design is made to be worn, using dramatic and powerful design to tell the story of ancient techniques paired with modern designs for looks that are perfect for special occasions and everyday wear.

With hundreds of stylish options, John Hardy jewelry from Fink’s Jewelers offers a mix of classic and modern designs, including wrap bracelets, chunky chain necklaces, and jewelry woven delicately into unique patterns and styles. John Hardy works with over 500 multi-generational craftspeople in Bali, including metalsmiths and watercolor artists.

John Hardy jewelry is known for its signature Classic Chain and for its dedication to handcrafted design and sustainability. Since its founding in 1975, John Hardy has honored Balinese culture, using reclaimed metals and ethically sourced gemstones to craft meaningful jewelry you can wear every day. Its iconic chain is woven by hand using sustainably sourced materials and involves a designer’s intuition, technical precision, and knowledge passed down for decades to create the looks that we know and love.

John Hardy fine jewelry includes sterling silver, mixed metals, yellow gold, and bronze, as well as sparkling gemstones in every color imaginable. These handmade pieces are truly beautiful, with hearts, intricate carvings, and more, adding a shimmering touch to any day.

Find purpose in your style with men’s and women’s designer jewelry from John Hardy at Fink’s Jewelers.