How to Select the Ideal Men’s Wedding Band

How to Select the Ideal Men’s Wedding Band

Your engagement is such an exciting time! Although it may seem like one of the simpler tasks on your wedding planning checklist, selecting the perfect men's wedding band style may take a bit longer than you think. We know that you have a lot of things to take care of, so our best advice when it comes to choosing your men's wedding ring? Don't delay!

Triton Textured Tungsten Band

Finding your ideal men's wedding ring style takes time and patience and should be a priority on your list. Make sure you have enough time to pick the perfect lifelong band without the pressure of time constraints. We don't want you to feel rushed during this special process, so our men's wedding ring professionals have prepared a helpful guide to make your journey an enjoyable and successful one. We’ll share all you need to know to about how to select his band.

The Story Behind Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s rings have been a cherished part of cultures around the world for centuries. While it was quite some time before these jewelry pieces were worn to symbolize marriage, they soon became a representation of love and commitment. Various cultures adopted different men's wedding ring traditions while the bands themselves often held very similar meanings. One common symbol of a gold men's wedding band was that of attention and respect. 

Throughout most cultures, the gold men’s wedding ring was worn to symbolize:

  • power
  • victory
  • wealth
  • status
  • a milestone

Men’s Wedding Rings in Ancient Rome

7mm Black PVD Tungsten Flat Profile Wedding Band

Roman men often displayed rings on their fingers to command admiration. While Rome was well-known for its emperors gifting extravagant gold rings for distinguished soldiers to wear, it was typically the wealthiest who wore the beautiful gold men’s wedding bands. Although the lower class did wear rings, they were made of silver. Slaves were also made to wear rings, but theirs were made of iron.

Men’s Rings Throughout Ancient Egypt

Pharaohs and wealthy men across Ancient Egypt typically wore rings on their right hand. These rings symbolized their social class and various positions of authority. Egyptian men of lower classes wore rings made of inexpensive materials to symbolize their social status. 

Ecclesiastical Men’s Bands

Clergymen would often be seen wearing rings with extravagant designs. This ring style popularity began to grow throughout the 19th century, while the use of multiple rings took on the symbol of authoritative position and power within the church. 

How Did the Tradition of Men’s Wedding Bands Finally Take Off?

14K White Gold Round Diamond Textured Wedding Band

Gold men's wedding bands really began to take on wide-spread popularity around World War I. Men started to embrace wearing gold men's wedding bands as they were being shipped off to war. The classic men’s wedding band style became a symbol of hope, love, and connection, offering a way for them to keep their wives close to their hearts.

By World War II, the men’s wedding ring exploded as they embraced the significant meaning of men’s wedding bands, the wearing of which was becoming a widely practiced wedding tradition. Slight variations in men's wedding band styles spread, and soon, the rings were worn on ring fingers worldwide. 

Why Start Your Men’s Wedding Ring Shopping Early?

Many couples underestimate the importance of shopping for men’s wedding bands and assume it's a simple task on their wedding to-do list. However, finding the perfect fit and style can take time. It's wise to start the process several months before the ceremony.

Don't forget that the wedding band you choose may require minor adjustments or resizing, which your jeweler will need time to do. So, don't put this off until the last minute — start your search for his forever band early on. Our knowledgeable experts on men's wedding band styles and fit have put together a shopping guide to help you through this exciting time! 

Essential considerations for finding your ideal men's wedding ring include:

  • metal
  • durability
  • band width
  • profiles
  • style

Selecting the Metal of Your Men's Wedding Ring

8mm White Tungsten Satin Center Wedding Band

While a traditional gold men's wedding band remains a popular choice, many men have embraced the modern trend of men’s jewelry and choose to go bold or more unique with their metal choice. The rise of men's jewelry and the desire to accessorize has opened the door to men's wedding band styles beyond the classic gold wedding band.

Their attention to men’s jewelry trends includes a gravitation towards sleek men's wedding ring styles like stunning black men’s wedding bands. While a traditional gold men’s wedding band pairs easily with most men’s jewelry pieces, including bracelets and cufflinks, there’s always room for unique touches.

There are several considerations to make when it comes time to select your band metal. From coordinating with your current jewelry collection to durability that suits your lifestyle, you’ll want to review these helpful tips before committing to a men's wedding ring metal.

While the metal choice may simply come down to preference, there are many options to choose from, including multiple metal styles. Two-toned men's wedding rings make an incredible choice, like our finely crafted white and yellow gold men’s wedding band.

Top considerations for your men's wedding ring include:

  • weight
  • metal color
  • metal allergies 

Why Consider a Men’s Engagement Ring Metal Weight?

8mm 18K Rose Gold and Grey PVD Tungsten Step Edge Wedding Band

While many don’t consider metal weight as they shop for the perfect men's wedding band styles, it could be a necessary consideration for some. The weight of the band can be a factor if fingers are on the smaller or thinner side, you’re particularly active, you aren’t accustomed to wearing jewelry, or have a tight budget for your men's wedding ring purchase.

Understanding your options may help ensure your men’s engagement ring fits comfortably on your finger.   

Platinum vs. Gold Men’s Wedding Rings

Platinum is a much heavier metal than gold, so we encourage you to try on different styles, as the difference can be felt simply by holding the two bands in your hand, even if the size of the pieces is the same. While you may not notice the difference between a platinum and gold men's wedding band of the same design at first glance, we suggest taking the time to compare and consider the two metals and your needs.

Gold vs. Tungsten Black Men’s Wedding Rings

8mm 18K White Gold and Grey PVD Tungsten Step Edge Wedding Band

The weight and endurance of tungsten men’s wedding bands symbolize a couple’s commitment, security, and unbreakable bond. Tungsten offers the most wear-resistant ring available, as it is ten times harder than 18K gold, four times harder than steel and titanium, and has a Mohs hardness scale of 8-9. Selecting a stunning tungsten black men’s wedding band means it will never lose its shine, and it’s nearly impossible to scratch, making it the perfect choice for his forever ring.

Selecting the Color of Your Band’s Metal

The color of your men’s wedding ring metal is often left up to preference. However, if you’re shopping for your significant other, making this decision may feel a bit daunting. From silver to a cool black men’s wedding ring, our team of men’s jewelry experts has a few helpful tips. 

Our best tips for determining his preferred metal include:

  • Take note of any jewelry in his current collection.
  • Does he mix and match metals?
  • Reach out to his friends or family for help.

Metal Color and Diamond Size

Men's 14K White Gold Textured Wedding Band

If he’s into a bit of sparkle, we have a few hints to help you select a metal color that may enhance the appearance of his diamond. Diamonds are highly reflective, so your choice of band metal can make his stone appear larger than it is. And who wouldn’t love a bigger diamond?

Options for Men's Wedding Band Metals:

  • Yellow Gold
  • Platinum
  • White Gold
  • Black

Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Rings

Yellow gold is always a classic choice and adds more contrast to a diamond than platinum or white gold. Set within the rich golden tone, his center stone will draw the eye in and can help enhance the appearance of its size. You’ll always find an array of men's wedding band styles he’ll love with traditional gold metal.

Platinum and White Gold Men’s Wedding Rings

Selecting a diamond for his ring doesn’t need to be a financial strain. A platinum or white gold men’s wedding band can highlight the center stone, enlarging the look of its carat weight. Even a subtle accent stone will dazzle him when set in platinum or a white gold men’s wedding band.

Black Men’s Wedding Rings

We don’t have to tell you how radiant a diamond will look set in a striking black men’s wedding band. The stark contrast makes a diamond shine brilliantly, creating an attractive statement piece with a seemingly enlarged stone.

What Should I Know About Metal Allergies?

Unfortunately, some people experience skin irritations from precious metals. If your significant other has an allergy to metal, it’s important to keep it in mind as you search for the ideal ring.

Most metal allergies are due to various metals used in gold alloys, which include nickel and copper. Metal sensitivities are most commonly experienced with earrings and rings. Our experts have put together some helpful suggestions for selecting men’s wedding ring metals if he has a metal allergy or you are unsure of such sensitivities.  

Tips for shopping for metal-sensitive skin:

7mm Hammer Finish Flat edge Band

Avoid yellow, white, and rose gold men’s wedding bands if you’re aware of sensitivities to these or alloy metals. We highly recommend a men’s wedding band style set in platinum. The hypoallergenic precious metal is ideal for those with metal allergies.

Even if his sensitivity to rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold rings may be slight, platinum is known to reduce irritation and the risk of metal allergic reactions. 

Why is Durability of a Men's Wedding Band Important?

You’ll want to pay close attention to the metal’s durability when selecting a men's wedding band. We suggest you take into account his daily activities, overall lifestyle, and environment. Does he work with his hands in challenging conditions? Are any of his hobbies outdoor activities like rock climbing? If so, he may need a ring that can withstand various conditions and won't wear down easily.

As you look into the design and style of the ring, make sure the precious metal can take bumps and dings and keep any stones secure. If you're worried about his ring being damaged with his active lifestyle or daily activities, consider men’s wedding ring styles made of tungsten, stainless titanium, or steel. These three metals are durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear and all his outdoor adventures.  

Does the Width of a Men's Wedding Band Matter?

8mm Tungsten Carbine Black Sapphire Band with Satin Bright Finish

When selecting a wedding band for men, it’s important to pick a width that is both attractive and comfortable. After all, this is a ring that he’ll be wearing for the rest of his life, so you want to make sure that it feels natural on his finger.

Typically, men's wedding bands range from 4mm to 8mm in width. Thinner rings are lighter and usually more affordable, while medium and wide bands have a more classic look and are especially striking on longer and larger fingers. Remember, the width of your ring can impact its comfort and usability, so if you’re shopping together, be sure he tries on different sizes to find the right fit. Even if a ring catches your eye, it may not be comfortable in the long run. 

What is a Ring Profile?

While on your search, you may hear the term ring profile. A ring profile refers to the shape of the men's wedding band’s outer surface. When looking for a men's wedding ring style he’ll love, the design is not the only factor to consider. The profile of the ring can influence how comfortable the fit is.

There are four main profiles available, and if possible, we highly recommend trying them on to determine which one is the most comfortable fit.

The main ring profiles include:

  • The D-shaped ring – thin and round outside with a close, flat inner surface
  • The flat court – flat on the outside and rounded on the inside
  • The flat ring – flat on the inside and outside
  • The classic court – this profile is round inside and out, most traditional ring style 

Men's Wedding Band Style Options

8mm Cobalt Wedding Band with Cocobolo Wood Inlay

Men’s wedding ring styles have evolved into a way for men to make a statement. Embracing the trend of men’s jewelry, his ring can add a sense of fashion and express his personality, whether bold or subtle.

While he may appreciate the classic look of gold men's wedding band, he may also want to show off his forever men’s wedding ring style with a few high-quality diamonds. White and yellow gold men's wedding bands aren’t his only option now. Gemstones, etching, and cocobolo wood are just a few of the more modern and unique men’s wedding band styles. Any style will allow him the freedom to pair his men's wedding band with anything from a set of formal cufflinks or his casual men’s bracelets. 

Choosing Your Men's Wedding Band Styles

His wedding band style is the perfect way for him to express his personality, add a little sparkle, or accessorize with his current collection. He may enjoy the bold look of our eye-catching textured tungsten men’s black wedding band or prefer the subtle yet modern touch of our classy flat profile men’s black wedding band. Whichever men’s wedding ring style you select, he’s sure to love his forever ring. 

Unique Men’s Wedding Ring Styles vs. Traditional Bands

6mm 14K Yellow Gold Engraved Wedding Band

The solid metal gold men’s wedding band, like our 14K engraved gold band option is still a classic and loved by many grooms. You can never go wrong with the simple elegance of a shiny gold band. You'll both love the modern feel it adds to a traditional style.

Yet, over the years, men’s wedding ring styles have introduced more fashion and flair to better suit any man’s personal style. Our textured diamond band in 14K white gold is one of our favorite modern gold men’s wedding rings.

Men’s Wedding Ring Styles for Everyone’s Taste

Just like women’s engagement rings, you’ll find an incredible selection of men’s wedding ring styles at Fink’s. From step-edge to gemstones, the possibilities are limitless.

  • Two-Toned Bands
  • Step-Edge Bands
  • Contrasting Metal
  • Gemstone Bands 

Two-Toned Men's Wedding Bands

Two Tone Brushed and Polished Wedding Band with Diamonds

Two-toned bands are a versatile style that suit the look and personality of many men. The pairing of metal colors can complement his collection or allow him the freedom to expand his jewelry collection in the future.

A stunning diamond and two-toned metal band offers versatility with his casual and formal looks. This yellow gold and white gold men's wedding band style includes nine round diamonds offering just the right amount of radiance.

Step-Edge Men's Wedding Band Style

Many men gravitate towards the step-edge design. The subtle yet sophisticated design is ideal for any man who may prefer a modern twist on a traditional men's wedding ring style. The step-edge style offers a hint of detail by adding depth to the traditional band. It draws attention to the center of the band, adding textured design or a beautifully brushed metal finish.

Contrasting Metal Men's Wedding Ring Style

8mm 18K Yellow Gold and Grey PVD Tungsten Step Edge Wedding Band

Consider a tungsten band designed in grey and gold. The men's wedding ring is a finely crafted step-edge with brilliantly paired metals for a bold aesthetic. The handsome band will receive lots of attention with its uniquely contrasted grey and gold wedding band design. Perfectly paired, the gold and matte grey combination is the ideal duo for any man seeking to make a fashion statement. In addition, this beauty is designed with a step-edge cut for added appeal and depth. It’s also offered as a rose gold and white gold men’s wedding band.

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Another men’s wedding band style that continues to rise in popularity is for rings to be designed with gemstones. Our men’s wedding ring with black sapphires is quite possibly one of our most stunning choices, with an intriguing black sapphire design set flush through the center of the contrasting silver tungsten carbonite. The perfect combination of masculinity and elegance, it’s a must-see for any modern man.

Also known as a channel set men's wedding band, the setting features exquisite stones nestled within the band. This design keeps your gemstones secure, while they remain flush with your wedding band’s shank for optimal protection and light exposure. This beautiful setting creates a durable band design while highlighting the stones set in your band.

Should We Consider Matching Wedding Bands?

Yellow Gold Matching Wedding Band

Matching your wedding bands is still a time-honored tradition. From sleek, solid bands to embellished gemstone rings, there are no limitations to the style you select. Whether you’re shopping for his and hers or his and his bands, they’ll symbolize your eternal bond.

We have many couples who love the idea of selecting matching wedding rings. Just the experience and memories of shopping for matching bands bring you closer together. With an array of styles and metals to select from, you’re sure to agree on a matching set that suits both your tastes.  

Our Favorite Men’s Wedding Bands

While we admit we’re a bit biased, we have an incredible selection of bands for you to admire. We’re here to help you select the perfect forever ring for yourself or the special man in your life. We’ve put together some of our favorite choices and favorites of couples we’ve had the privilege to assist.

Our Favorite Gold Men’s Wedding Bands

There are many benefits to staying with the tradition of a beautiful yellow gold men's wedding band. While you have many metal options for his wedding ring, the gold men’s wedding band is a symbol of fidelity. Its clean, classic design is still a favorite of many men for its look, versatility, and meaning.

Gold bands have also evolved into bold men’s jewelry pieces with striking details and elaborate design. So, if your man is a traditional guy or accessorizes in style, we’ve selected a little of both to help start your search.  

14K Yellow Gold Flat Bevel Edge Engraved Band

Our step edge 14k yellow gold wedding band with engraved flat bevel edge takes the traditional gold band to new design heights. While keeping the essence of the classic gold men’s wedding band, the white gold center is refined for added luxury and appeal. While the bevel edge design may be subtle, it’s a modernized touch he’s sure to appreciate.

You’ll always find the traditional women's and gold men's wedding bands on our list of favorites. The thin silhouette of this time-honored look and matching wedding rings tradition reminds us of how love can make time stand still. We think you’ll agree that there's just something romantic about the simplicity and charm of these matching his and hers gold wedding rings that can turn anyone into a hopeless romantic. 

Our Favorite White Gold Men’s Wedding Bands

Always a huge fan of white gold men’s wedding bands, it’s difficult to narrow down a few. From creating the appearance of larger diamonds to the undeniably stunning appeal white gold offers, you may find it difficult, too. We offer a fine variety of white gold men’s wedding ring styles, including tastefully crafted men’s diamond wedding bands for you to consider.

6mm 14K White Gold Wire-Brushed Wedding Band

Our very own Fink's Wire-Brushed White Gold Men's Wedding Band is ideal for the man who enjoys his casual wardrobe one day and a black tie event the next. A client favorite, the wire-brushed texture makes this unique men’s wedding ring style a sought-after piece, and it’s not hard to see why. This striking band offers timeless simplicity and style.

The unique texture of our 14K white gold men’s wedding band is an eye-catching choice that offers sleek lines, engraved detail, and a single round center diamond. The classy yet subtle diamond ring is an excellent choice for the man who holds your heart. 

Our Favorite Men’s Black Wedding Bands

Where do we even begin with the luxurious black tungsten ring choices? Did you know tungsten is the only metal with an exotic, rare finish that can remain polished and flawless? While rings made of gold can lose their original luster and design after a few years, tungsten rings keep their stunning, shiny finish for eternity.

Our favorite men’s black wedding bands range from edgy to modern-chic. The wide range in the selection is enough reason to consider a black men’s wedding ring. Our extensive collection of sleek black men’s wedding rings offers the modern man stylish choices for his forever ring, making a subtle or bold statement to suit his style.

Triton Damascus band

The versatility of black men’s wedding bands extends to their varying hues and modern, unique designs. The Triton Damascus band offers a wild yet fashionable statement with a flamboyance your trend-setting man will love displaying on his ring finger.  

We also recommend a brilliant textured design with hammered finish and flat edge tungsten black men’s wedding band. The two-toned band with hammered espresso center brings an artistic flair to the masculine flat edge band.

For a stunning black men’s wedding band option, feast your eyes on the Triton tungsten and rose wedding band. With a brushed finish and fine rose center stripe, the two-tone contrast combines elegance, sophistication, and luxury in one. 

Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Men’s Wedding Ring

Properly caring for your jewelry pieces is essential if you want to keep them looking their best while maintaining their value. Proper storage and regular stone checkups will help ensure that your wedding band remains in excellent condition for many years.

Store your wedding band in a secure, dry place when it’s not being worn. Even if for a brief time, proper storage in a consistent place will help you avoid damage or accidental loss.

We also recommend bringing your wedding band in for routine inspections and complementary cleanings. Following your jeweler’s recommendations will keep your fine jewelry warranty intact and extend the life of your wedding band.

It’s also highly recommended that you perform regular at-home cleanings in between your scheduled jewelry maintenance checkups. Your men's wedding band can be soaked in a warm, mild soap solution for 30 minutes or less. Using a soft cloth can help remove dirt and buildup safely. A soft, dry cloth is ideal for drying your band and removing any leftover debris without causing surface scratches to the band's metal or gemstones. 

Set a Budget for Your Men’s Wedding Ring Before Shopping

Tungsten and Rose Flat Edge Brush Finish Wedding Band

Just as we recommend with a women’s engagement ring purchase or any large fine jewelry investment, setting your men’s wedding band budget prior to making a purchase is always best. You have a long list of wants and needs for your big day, as well as your future together. Create a budget without overextending yourselves. While this may mean you can’t afford an extravagant wedding band, we promise it will still symbolize the same amount of love and commitment the two of you share.

As you consider your men’s wedding band budget, there are a few factors that can affect price. Take these into consideration and prioritize them according to your wants and needs to help you stay within your allotted price range.   

Men’s wedding band prices may be affected by:

  1. the width and weight of the band
  2. types of metal
  3. custom work, such as engraving or custom designs
  4. gemstones and diamonds
  5. necessary sizing or adjustments

We hope these helpful tips make your search for the ideal men's wedding band a wonderful experience. We invite you to stop by your local Fink’s Jewelers for a personalized, memorable time. Our wedding ring experts are here to answer all your questions and help you select the men’s wedding band style that’s perfect for you! Visit us today and allow us to be a part of your search for your ideal men’s wedding band.