Guide to Selecting the Right Metal for Your Diamond Earrings

Woman Wearing Diamond Hoop Earring

When it comes to finding the most stunning earrings to add to your jewelry collection, it can be challenging to decide what type of metal is the best setting for your diamond stud earrings. There’s a lot to consider when you’re picking out metal for your earrings, including appearance, quality of the metal, durability, and more. We’ve laid out a guide to selecting the best metal option for your diamond earring setting so you can be sure your accessory game is on point.

Most Popular Diamond Earring Settings

Yellow Gold Cluster Diamond Climber Earrings

Before deciding what metal is right for your earring setting, you have to choose what diamond earring style you want to go for first. Are you a simple studs lover, or do you want statement earrings to make your outfit pop? The most popular styles for diamond earrings at Fink’s are:

  • stud
  • dangles
  • drops
  • hoops
  • climbers

Knowing your preferred style will help you decide which type of metal to look for when selecting your diamond earring setting. Besides knowing what style you like, you should understand the types of diamonds you’re looking for. Keep the 4C’s; cut, color, carat weight, and clarity in mind when you’re shopping. You might even prefer a particular type of metal for diamond studs and another for hoops. The possibilities are endless at Fink’s.

Top 5 Types of Metal for Diamond Earrings

Now that you know what type of diamond earring you want, you can start deciding what metal you should go for in your earring setting. If you’re still unsure about the diamonds or earring style you want, check out our top questions to ask when you’re purchasing a diamond.

Diamond Sterling Silver Earrings

John Hardy Diamond Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a great metal for earring settings and other types of jewelry. The added metals in sterling silver make it an extremely durable material; it’s even stronger than gold! 

Even though this metal is solid and stable, it’s lightweight, so you can wear your silver earrings daily. It’s not prone to scratches, dents, or rust, and tends to remain untarnished for a long time. You can keep these sterling silver diamond earrings for your entire lifetime as long as you maintain them and keep them clean.

Are you convinced you need some sterling silver earrings in your jewelry collection yet? If you’re not, the diamond and chain sterling silver earrings by John Hardy are sure to change your mind. The silver diamond earrings feature white diamonds that are surrounded by a chain design. These diamond and silver earring studs are simple, but the added chain detailing gives them a unique touch.

White Gold Earrings with Diamonds

Roberto Coin Diamond Hoop Earrings

If you want a beautiful and precious metal to adorn your ears, a white gold earring setting is the best choice for you. It looks the same as platinum, but you can find it at a more affordable price. It’s perfect for people who prefer a white, silvery appearance in their diamond studs and earrings over a yellowy gold. 

White gold earring settings will accentuate the sparkle of the diamonds in your earrings and make them pop. It’s a durable metal that will withstand time.

If you need something a little bolder than diamond studs, we’ve got you covered. These Roberto Coin diamond hoops are an exquisite white gold earring option. They’re baby hoops, so they make a statement that you can still wear to work and other day-to-day events. The white gold hoops are covered in white diamonds, and they measure 10mm wide. Add these gorgeous hoops to your collection, or get them gift-wrapped for a friend or loved one on our site.

Diamond and Yellow Gold Earrings

.32cttw Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings

Yellow gold is a beautiful metal for people who love the classic gold look. It’s complementary on any skin tone, but especially those with darker or olive skin.

The hardiness of yellow gold makes it more resistant to wear and tear from everyday use. Keeping up with maintenance on your yellow gold diamond studs will keep them in good condition for an extended time. The higher the karat number on yellow gold, the more high-quality and valuable it is.

If you want some simple, gold diamond studs to go with every outfit, we’ve got the ones for you. Our Sabel Collection bezel set diamond earrings with gold are simply beautiful. They feature white diamonds in yellow gold earring settings. If you love the style of diamond studs but don’t love yellow gold, they’re also available in white gold earring settings.

Rose Gold Earrings with Diamonds

Rose Gold Fancy Diamond Stud Earrings

Rose gold is one of the most unique-looking metals you can choose for your diamond stud earrings. In addition to its stunning color and distinctive look, rose gold is actually the most durable type of gold you can purchase. The copper in this type of diamond earring makes them more robust than other types of metal. 

Even though it can be hard to find, rose gold can be surprisingly affordable, considering the quality. It’s also considered the most romantic color for jewelry due to its pinkish tint. Plus, rose gold metal is complementary to any skin tone.

If you want some of the romantic vibes of rose gold earring settings in your life, the Sabel Collection rose gold earring studs are perfect for you. They feature a fancy diamond in the center, as well as round diamonds surrounding the center stone.

Platinum and Diamond Earrings

Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Three Diamond Drop Dangle Earrings

Platinum is the most high-quality metal you can buy for your jewelry. It is much denser than gold; therefore, it lasts longer. Platinum is also much rarer than gold, making it more valuable.

Platinum has become the premier choice for most jewelry. It’s perfect for sentimental pieces that you wish to keep for a lifetime. Platinum doesn’t rust, fade, discolor, or lose shape over time since it’s one of the hardest metals you can find. The strength of this metal makes it an ideal diamond earring setting.

One of our favorite pairs of drop earrings from Fink’s is our Sabel Collection platinum and yellow gold drop earrings. They have two round diamonds set in platinum, and a marquise diamond set in 18K yellow gold providing lovely contrast. The drop earring setting makes these earrings stand out but won’t weigh your ears down or get in your way. These earrings will make you sparkle and shine in every setting.

We hope that this guide to all things metal for diamond earring settings helped set you on the path to finding the perfect pair for you. Regardless of your style, we’re confident you’ll find something you love on our site. Soon, everyone in your life will be begging to know where you buy your diamond stud earrings.