A Guide to Yellow Diamonds

A Guide to Yellow Diamonds

Colored diamonds are a rare find, and those lucky enough to admire their beauty are captivated by their brilliance, shine, and unique looks. Yellow diamonds are especially desirable because of their rarity and stunning luminosity. A favorite amongst celebrities, yellow diamonds are a hot commodity worth keeping an eye on.

Why Are Diamonds Desirable?

Fancy Light Yellow Oval and Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds are the hardest and most enduring gemstones available, so it’s very difficult to scratch or damage them. Because of this, diamonds last generations, and pieces with these gorgeous stones become family heirlooms. Additionally, their hardness makes them reflect light more effectively than other gemstones, so they sparkle with an intensity like no other.

Aside from their supreme quality and durability, diamonds are a statement of enduring love and promise. Diamonds are precious treasures that transcend time and culture. Whether you choose yellow diamond earrings, a necklace, or bracelet, it will be a perfect gift to show a loved one you care. 

Fancy-Colored Diamonds

Atypical diamond colors, known as fancy-colored diamonds, are rare and highly coveted. Colored diamonds are formed when small amounts of other elements are present with the carbon during the creation of the stone. Diamond colors are on a scale ranging from D to Z - colorless to very intense, respectively.

Diamonds graded a D are the clear, sparkly diamonds most people are accustomed to. As the scale moves closer to Z, you begin to find some of the rarest and most beautiful fancy-colored diamonds, such as:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow 

Yellow Diamonds – The Ultimate Sunny Stone

Platinum Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds, are a type of fancy-colored diamond that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of fine jewelry. The first yellow diamond was discovered in India in the 17th century, starting a trend of royalty and elite members of society wearing the golden gem. With their warm, sunny hue ranging from a delicate yellow to a vivid, rich golden color, canary diamonds are sure to please any jewelry lover.

Yellow diamonds are formed when trace amounts of nitrogen are present in the crystal structure, which absorbs blue light and allows the diamond to give off its distinctive glow. This unique feature makes yellow diamond engagement rings a rare and highly sought-after piece of jewelry, prized for their distinctive beauty and natural warmth.

Many people value yellow diamonds for the meaning and representation they can offer to a loved one. Yellow diamonds are known for their sunny disposition, which is said to encourage a happy life and marriage. Most importantly, and perhaps most romantically, yellow diamonds symbolize optimism, making them the perfect unique engagement ring or anniversary gift to celebrate a long, loving life together.

How To Buy a Colored Diamond

If you find a retailer with a large array of fancy-colored diamonds, there are a few things to keep in mind once you start searching for your perfect yellow diamond ring or other pieces.

The 3 most important things that will affect the price and quality of a fancy-colored diamond are:

  1. Strength of color
  2. Rarity of color
  3. Size of diamond

Color Strength of Fancy Diamonds

Yellow and White Diamond Pear Shape Pendant Necklace

Just like hardness or color, the strength of a diamond’s color also falls on a scale. The strength of color scale ranges from Fancy Light to Fancy Vivid, which is the highest and boldest color strength. As color intensity increases, so does value. This is why our gorgeous yellow diamonds are worth more because they come with a beautiful splash of vibrant color, perfect for standing out among other jewelry. 

Rare vs. Common Colors

The more common the color, the less expensive the jewelry. Hues like pink, red, and blue diamonds are extremely rare and are, therefore, the most expensive diamonds on the market. Yellow diamonds are slightly less rare, but the brilliance and color strength of our fancy yellow diamonds make their quality and sparkle unmatched. 

Diamond Size

The size of the diamond is the most basic factor in deciding the value of a fancy diamond. Fancy-colored diamonds rarely come in large sizes, so they are extremely valuable in bigger sizes. Combined with other diamonds and premium metals like platinum, our yellow diamonds make some of the most gorgeous jewelry pieces on the market. A yellow diamond ring or earrings may be an investment, but one that’s worth it. 

Where Can I Find Yellow Diamonds?

Multi-Shape Yellow and White Diamond Bracelet

Fink’s Jewelers is the premium retailer of all things fine jewelry, including a collection of beautiful yellow diamonds. Yellow diamond jewelry can be worn for a variety of occasions. For a bold statement piece, we love this Multi-Shape Yellow and White Diamond Bracelet.

Another beautiful way to show off your bling is with a yellow diamond engagement ring that will stop your new fiancée in her tracks, like this Yellow Oval and Pear Diamond Engagement Ring or this Radiant Yellow Diamond Ring. 

Wearing Your Yellow Diamonds

When it comes to wearing your stunning yellow diamond piece, there are a few options. We love yellow diamonds as a statement gemstone; fancy vivid yellow diamonds look great with classic clothing and neutral colors. If you are sporting a more everyday look with a lighter yellow diamond, create a cohesive aesthetic that includes other fine jewelry pieces.

How to Care for Your Yellow Diamonds

Person cleans diamond ring with cloth

Fortunately, caring for yellow diamonds is as simple as caring for clear diamonds and other fine jewelry. We recommend using a lint-free cloth for quick polishes or a gently commercial jewelry cleaner with a soft toothbrush for more in-depth cleaning. Additionally, you can restore the shine of your diamonds by soaking them in a bit of white vinegar.

Cleaning your yellow diamond rings at home is important for upkeep, but we recommend a professional cleaning once or twice per year. This will help keep your band and diamonds shiny, smooth, and free of dirt or bacteria. Fortunately, Fink’s Jewelers offers professional cleaning services at all locations.

Your Yellow Diamond

From yellow diamond engagement rings to fine jewelry, vintage designs for the old soul, and modern pieces for the red carpet, yellow diamonds are a prized possession among many. Whether you’re drawn to their hypnotic sparkle or their symbolism, yellow diamonds are an investment that will last a lifetime and are sure to make anyone swoon.