The Ultimate Guide to Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

When it comes to selecting the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings, there's more to consider than what catches your eye. While searching for your forever solitaire studs, walk through a mental checklist before purchasing on a whim. We know - it's hard to resist when you stroll by a window with a stunning pair of diamond earrings calling your name. But, if you do a little research and plan your purchase responsibly, you'll be showing off those brilliant solitaire studs before you know it! Whether you're treating yourself or purchasing diamond earrings as a gift, you can't go wrong with our ultimate guide to buying the ideal diamond earring studs! 

An Occasion for Diamond Earrings

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Baguette and Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Do you have your eye on a pair of diamond earrings for an upcoming event or special celebration? Perhaps you've had your heart set on gifting yourself your first pair of solitaire studs. Or you may be searching for the perfect birthday, Christmas, or anniversary present for your special someone and can't wait to gift diamond stud earrings to grace her lobes. Whatever your reasons may be, diamond earrings are the ideal addition to any jewelry collection. Worn with daily, casual, or an evening out on the town, their versatility and classic style are timeless. 

A Bit of Diamond Stud Earring History

Most people are not aware of how ancient earrings genuinely are. For over five millennia, both women and men have been wearing various types of ornaments on their ears, whether lobes or cartilage. One of the earliest forms of a stud earring was incredibly popular in ancient Egypt. 

Sabel Collection 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings with Milgrain Accents

Modern diamond stud earrings did not make their appearance until the latter part of the 19th century. The popularity of diamond stud earrings continued to rise through the 1970s. They remain an iconic staple in fashion thanks to their ability to pair with anything. 

Over the last couple of decades, diamond stud earrings have surged in crossover appeal. An ever-growing group of athletes, musicians, and celebrities alike wear them as singles, in pairs, or multiples, and often adorn more than an earlobe with diamond earrings. 

There's no question solitaire studs are a historical extension of who we are. Let's dive into your ultimate guide to finding the diamond earrings that suit your every need. 

The 4Cs to Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

While you may be familiar with the GIA 4Cs of diamonds, we pride ourselves on offering the fifth C - but we'll share that a bit later. The color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of a diamond is the standard in evaluating a diamond's quality. In turn, each stone's quality helps establish its value and price, so carefully considering the 4Cs will help you select the diamond that suits all your wishes. 

Selecting diamonds for your solitaire studs works a bit differently than selecting a solitaire for an engagement ring. While you certainly want the best quality for your money, we have a few helpful tip that may help you select your diamond stud earrings. Let's take a look at the 4Cs and where you may have a bit of room to reconsider some of your top priorities. 

  • Diamond Color

Sabel Collection 14K Rose Gold Mocha and White Diamond Stud Earrings

The facets you see on a diamond act as tiny mirrors, reflecting objects close to them. This new is great for diamond earring shoppers since your diamonds will pick up the color of the metal setting you select, enhancing the solitaire stud's color perception. So, if you're watching your budget, you'll be happy to learn you can save a bit of money by selecting diamond earrings slightly lower on the diamond color rating scale

  • The Diamond's Cut

Sabel Collection 18K Yellow and White Gold Diamond Cable Stud Earrings

If you want your diamond stud earrings to sparkle and shine - and who wouldn't- the cut of your diamond may be a higher priority. Selecting stones with a brilliant-cut and facet arrangement will yield incredible sparkle. We highly recommend choosing an Excellent or Very Good cut grade stone if you have your eye on round solitaire studs. The two grades will provide your diamond stud earrings with ideal symmetry, proportions, and high-quality craftsmanship. 

  • Diamond Clarity 

Sabel Collection Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings

While clarity is essential to most engagement ring shoppers, you have more room for imperfections when selecting stones for your diamond studs. Your diamond stud earrings are less likely to show off your stone's blemishes and inclusions from your ear lobes, whether hidden behind a cascade of hair or not. You'll be able to save some additional money if you choose to select stones on the lower end of the diamond clarity scale. Consider examining Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2) and Included (I1 and I2) stones, allowing you more options when selecting your carat weight. 

  • Diamond Carat Weight

Sabel Collection 18K White Gold Round Diamond Clover Shape Stud Earrings

If you'd like your diamond stud earrings to make a real statement, start your search with 0.50 carat stones. While carat weight is typically what catches the eye and makes a lasting impression, consider all 4Cs and not merely size alone. Your 1.00 carat diamond earrings won't make nearly the impression if they lack brilliance from improper cut, clarity, and color. 

Selecting the Shape and Cut of Your Diamond Earrings

Diamond stud earrings come in an array of cuts and shapes. We all have our preferences, which is ultimately what selecting a diamond cut and shape is all about. So, let's take a look at the two most popular solitaire stud cuts:

Round Diamond Stud Earrings

The brilliant round cut is, by far, the most popular choice for diamond jewelry, and solitaire studs are no exception. The round cut of the stone enhances its sparkle, brightness, and fire. It's also an ideal choice if you happen to have a gorgeous round solitaire diamond engagement ring to pair with it.

Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

Many love the appeal of a square diamond, making the princess cut an easy choice for their diamond stud earrings. The princess cut offers exceptional shine and sparkle due to its modified-brilliant facet arrangement. 

Selecting the Color & Clarity of Your Diamond Stud Earrings

Choosing the color of your stone is yet another personal preference to consider. Diamonds come in many breathtaking hues, including blues, blacks, pinks, browns, and yellows. While the colorless diamonds are the purest and typically the most expensive, a colored stone catches the eye of many. 

Clarity, referring to the condition of any gemstone, is far less noticeable within colored diamonds. If you prefer a colored diamond, you will allow yourself more room to prioritize other areas, including carat weight. 

Selecting the Metal for your Diamond Stud Earring Setting

Sabel Collection 14K Yellow Gold Fancy Color Diamond Stud Earrings

Choosing the ideal setting for your solitaire studs may be an easy task for some, while others need a bit more guidance. There are three considerations to make when selecting the ideal metal to pair your diamond solitaire studs with: 

  • Weight
  • Color
  • Possible Metal Allergies

Diamond Solitaire Stud Setting Weight

Weight is not a typical factor when selecting your solitaire stud setting, but still one worth educating yourself on before you begin your shopping. 

Platinum is denser than gold, accounting for the feel of a heavier setting that appears to be the same size. While the differences may be slight, take a moment to hold and examine the metal options and decide what suits your solitaire stud needs best. 

Many settings will combine precious metals, such as gold and platinum. Alloyed metals help give them additional strength and durability. Since more precious metal is present in the platinum alloy setting, it has a slightly heavier feel than a white gold alloy setting. 

Metal Color for Your Diamond Solitaire Stud Setting

Sabel Collection 14K Yellow Gold Fancy Color Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamonds are highly reflective gems, making the metal's color encasing them an essential consideration in your selection. While some prefer their solitaire studs to reflect contrast, others prefer the look of a more subtle appearance.  

Metal Allergies

If you have an allergy to specific metals, you are not alone. Unfortunately, many people struggle with metal sensitivities due to metals used in gold alloys, including nickel and copper. If this describes you, here are a few helpful tips for selecting your ideal diamond earring metal setting. 

  • Avoid yellow, white, and rose gold if you know you are extremely sensitive to these or other alloy metals. Instead, choose a platinum metal setting
  • Platinum is hypoallergenic and ideal for lobes with metal allergies. Platinum reduces irritation and allergic reactions. 

Additional Tips for Choosing Your Diamond Stud Earring Setting

Settings are critical to the security of your solitaire studs. While your setting's appearance is undoubtedly a significant consideration, don't neglect its role in securing your stone and peace of mind. 

  • Setting Selection of Optimal Security

The security of your solitaire studs relies on the protection your setting offers them. Keep in mind, a minimal coverage setting may maximize the appearance of your stone's size, but it also provides the least amount of protection. Lack of a secure setting can lead to the loss of a stone, particularly with larger carat weight stones. Bezel settings tend to offer your solitaire studs the most protection but cover more stone areas to secure their position. 
  • Earring Backings for Additional Diamond Earring Security 

Roberto Coin Perfect Diamond Hoops 18K White Gold Small Diamond Inside-Out Hoop Earrings

While many don't consider the backings upon initial purchase, this is an essential step in securing your precious stones' safety. Examine the backing of the diamond earrings you have your eye on. High-quality diamond earrings should offer you locking earring backs or screw backs for optimal security. Additional safety backings for your diamond earrings include friction backs in a variety of sizes. 

Budgeting for Your Diamond Stud Earring Purchase

While it's easy to spend upward of $30,000 for diamond stud earrings, setting a realistic budget is critical before venturing out to make a purchase. Otherwise, your eyes may become larger than your wallet, and you'll fall in love with a pair that is financially out of your reach. While it's certainly your prerogative, we suggest taking a quick mental inventory of your finances and diamond priorities. Establish a budget and be diligent. While your budget ultimately helps determine your diamond stud earring purchasing power, you are now more than ready and equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to prioritize and make a sound decision. Reflect on the 4Cs because once you choose which are most important to you, you're sure to make a decision you can feel fantastic about. 

Don't Forget to Accessorize: Pairing Your Diamond Earrings

Sabel Collection 18K White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Your diamond stud earrings may be the first of your fine jewelry collection or just your latest addition. Whichever the case may be, there's one more consideration while shopping for your perfect diamond earrings. Ask yourself how you will accessorize your current and future jewelry pieces with the solitaire studs you choose today. While diamond stud earrings are incredibly versatile, it's still helpful to envision how you will pair them with additional jewelry pieces. Perhaps you own or are dreaming of a sparkling princess cut tennis bracelet set in white gold. Envisioning your future pairing may help you select the diamond earrings that are perfect for your collection. 

The Fifth C of Fink's Diamonds

You'll recall we mentioned a fifth C we rely on for every diamond we select. For more than two decades, our family-owned jewelry stores have relied on the expertise of Clif, our fifth C. Clif hand-selects every single Fink's diamond you see in our stores and on our website. While typical jewelers buy in large groups of diamonds - all within one grading range - Clif individually inspects each stone in its entirety. Clif ensures each diamond meets his high stands by offering optimal cut, light performance, brilliance, and durability. His meticulous methods lead him to reject nearly 99% of the diamonds he inspects every year, regardless of its grading report. Now that's quality you can trust in a jeweler. In fact, Clif's motto is, "If I wouldn't place it on my wife's finger, it's not good enough to be a Fink's diamond". 


With the holidays right around the corner, you're more than ready to start your diamond earring shopping for yourself or a loved one. Our fine jewelry experts hope to assist you with your diamond stud earring purchase and all your fine jewelry and watch needs soon!