60th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Strong-As-Diamond Love

60th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Strong-As-Diamond Love

A love that has lasted for 60 years is like the precious diamond that represents this anniversary — forged through pressure, multi-faceted, and one that lasts forever. If you are coming up on celebrating your 60th wedding anniversary, then you are probably looking for the perfect gift to celebrate this momentous occasion. The 60th anniversary is also called the “diamond jubilee,” as diamonds are the traditional and modern anniversary gift for the occasion.

With this being the case, we suggest getting your love a dazzling diamond 60th anniversary gift to celebrate your six decades together. Let’s take a journey to learn more about the diamond anniversary as well as some great gift options for you to consider — from diamond anniversary bands to anniversary necklaces to diamond bracelets and more.

History of Anniversary Gift Guides

Men's 14K White Gold Round Diamond Textured Wedding Band

Each wedding anniversary includes a traditional and a modern gift to represent it, in addition to associated flowers, colors, and gemstones. This tradition of giving themed anniversary gifts goes back to medieval times when these gifts were chosen to symbolize the marriage’s good luck and prosperity. It was in the Victorian era, though, when the tradition really took off in popularity.

In contemporary times, people started to give anniversary gifts that gradually became more valuable over the years of the marriage (differing from the traditional gift guide). This was to recognize the success of the marriage and also to praise the wife for her contribution to the relationship. The American National Retail Jewelers Association published its modern gift interpretations guide in 1937. 

60th Anniversary Gifts and Symbols

After 60 years of marriage, most couples will be in their 80s or even perhaps older. Since you have weathered so many of life’s storms together, it is only fitting that you give each other a worthy gift of six decades of life spent together. The diamond is a fitting representation of 60 years of marriage: a diamond is a mineral made of pure carbon and is the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world (and its most popular gemstone). 

14K White Gold Round and Baguette Diamond Drop Necklace

There are several 60th anniversary gifts and symbols. Although previously the 75th anniversary was the diamond anniversary, the 60th anniversary became associated with diamonds when Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th Diamond Jubilee. The word diamond originated from the Greek “adamas,” meaning “unconquerable” and “enduring.” 

All of the gifts and symbols of the 60th anniversary are related to diamonds: both the traditional and modern 60th anniversary gifts are diamonds, as well as the anniversary’s gemstone. The 60th anniversary color is, befittingly, diamond white. Although there are no flowers typically associated with the 60th anniversary, you could easily order a bouquet of all-white flowers.

Diamond 60th Anniversary Gifts

Since diamonds are the pervasive theme of the 60th wedding anniversary, a gift of diamond jewelry, from stunning diamond anniversary bands to sparkling diamond bracelets, is an obvious choice. A quality diamond gift is not only beautiful but enduring — and a testament to the 60 years of your marriage. 

Types of Diamond 60th Anniversary Gifts:

  • Diamond anniversary rings
  • Diamond anniversary necklaces
  • Diamond anniversary bracelets
  • Diamond anniversary earrings

How to Choose a Diamond Anniversary Band

18K Yellow Gold Diamond Prong Set Wedding Band

An anniversary band is a symbolic ring given to your spouse to celebrate and commemorate your wedding anniversary. Typically, anniversary rings are given on milestone anniversaries (which occur every five years until the 30th anniversary and then are celebrated every 10 years), such as the 60th.

Although an anniversary band can certainly be worn along with your wedding ring stack on the left-hand ring finger, it can also be worn on any finger that you choose. A stunningly beautiful option for an anniversary ring for her is the sleek half-eternity diamond anniversary band. A simple gold band encrusted with diamonds is always a classic look. A great anniversary ring for him is a classy white gold band with diamonds.

60th Anniversary Diamond Necklace

A diamond necklace makes a breathtaking and truly special 60th anniversary gift. Some people believe that the fire and glow in a diamond symbolize the never-ending flame of love, making a necklace dripping with diamonds an extremely romantic and memorable gift. You can choose the sleek, sophisticated look of a straight-row diamond necklace or go with a dramatic drop-diamond anniversary necklace — she is sure to love whatever sparkling diamond necklace you choose.

Diamond Bracelets for Your 60th Anniversary

14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond 4 Prong Tennis Bracelet

A gorgeous diamond bracelet, like a classic tennis bracelet, is an essential addition to any woman’s jewelry box. A delicate gold and diamond bangle also makes a stunning 60th anniversary gift that showcases diamonds. Although commonly used interchangeably, bracelets and bangles are not, in fact, the same thing — a bracelet drapes the wrist, while a bangle is a solid ring of metal.

Diamond Earrings for a 60th Anniversary Gift

Like a little black dress, diamond earrings are an essential item in any stylish woman’s wardrobe. Now, what kind of diamond anniversary earrings you choose to give your wife is up to you — from classic diamond studs to elegant diamond drop earrings, diamond earrings will be a 60th anniversary gift that she can cherish and enjoy.

How Many Marriages Make it to the 60th Anniversary?

14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Drop Earrings

Considering the fact that less than five percent of all marriages endure for 50 years and just one percent of all marriages make it to the diamond 60 years — this anniversary is truly an incredible feat. Since you have done what 99 percent of other marriages have not, be sure to celebrate this anniversary accordingly by giving each other sparkling, lasting diamond 60th anniversary gifts. Go ahead, pick a striking diamond anniversary band for him, or spoil her with a pair of diamond earrings — you both certainly deserve it!