Celebrating Your Marriage with Anniversary Bands

Diamond wedding and anniversary bands from Fink's Jewelers

Celebrating your anniversary with a commemorative jewelry piece is always an excellent idea. So why not make this year extra special and gift your significant other with an anniversary band to mark the special milestone?

Whether you choose an eternity ring or a solid precious metal band, it's a meaningful piece of jewelry that symbolizes the love the two of you have shared, with many more years to come. If anniversary bands are new to you, our jewelry experts will help you explore your options, the difference between anniversary and wedding bands, how to wear them, and more. 

What is an Anniversary Band?

Fink's 14K White Gold Diamond Twist Band

An anniversary band is a symbolic ring given to your significant other to celebrate a wedding anniversary. An anniversary ring is a way to celebrate your growing bond, the love between you, and all that you have accomplished together. While you can certainly gift an anniversary band to commemorate any year of marital bliss, they are traditionally given to mark the milestones years, including the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th years.

A Brief History of Anniversary Bands

The exchange of rings has signified love and commitment for centuries. Western tradition traces the use of anniversary and wedding bands as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. While wedding bands were initially part of the marital dowry, they later became a symbol of fidelity.

As European traditions were introduced, the anniversary band became an extension of the wedding band tradition. It recognized, celebrated, and solidified another year of commitment to the marriage. The anniversary band became a token for working on and strengthening the relationship.

Anniversary Band Styles

Anniversary rings are typically quite versatile and are found in various styles. From beautiful diamond eternity ring styles to rings adorned with gemstones, there’s an anniversary band to suit everyone’s taste. Select a band that pairs diamonds with her birthstone or choose an engraved precious metal with no stones at all. The best thing about an anniversary band is there are no set rules to follow!  

Anniversary Eternity Rings

Stack of White Gold and Diamond Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are one of our favorite recommendations for your milestone celebrations. You can opt for diamonds or gemstones, as an eternity ring boasts a full, dazzling band of precious stones. Couples love the symbolism of the eternity ring, representing their commitment and eternal love for one another. Whether you prefer the half or full eternity ring style, it signifies celebrating a lasting bond you have created together. 

Anniversary Stacking Rings

Your significant other may love the look of stacking their engagement ring, wedding band, and anniversary band. While this look is most ideal with a style that complements the wedding set, it can certainly be a stunning look with any style. The best way to make sure that she’s happy with the look of her stack is by working with the same jeweler that created the wedding and engagement rings for a seamless fit and cohesive look.

How is an Anniversary Band Different from a Wedding Band?

To some, an anniversary band is simply a wedding band gifted on an anniversary rather than the wedding day. However, there are notable differences between the two. Let’s take a look at some of these defining factors that show the difference between an anniversary band and a wedding band.

The most apparent difference between the anniversary and wedding bands is the traditional placement of the ring. While your wedding band is worn on your left-hand ring finger, an anniversary band may be worn at your discretion.

You will often find a woman who prefers a thinner, lower profile, or less ornate wedding band, not to overpower her engagement ring. After all the time and effort that went into finding the ideal engagement ring, selecting a wedding band that complements it just makes sense.

On the other hand, an anniversary band can be a lavish piece of jewelry. Whether you're celebrating your first year of marriage or your 20th, most couples celebrate with a gorgeous eternity ring or bold gemstone anniversary band that is an exquisite statement piece.

Does an Anniversary Band Replace a Wedding Band?

14K White Gold Oval Sapphire and Diamond Multi-Row Ring

Eternity rings and anniversary bands are certainly not meant to be a replacement unless you choose for them to be. Instead, most prefer to add them as an extension to their jewelry collection and wear their rings proudly in unison.

More recently, it has become a popular trend to replace a wedding band with an eternity ring or buy a second, matching anniversary band. This may be attributed to the fact that tastes and preferences change over time. For example, the stunning Blue Sapphire Multi-Row Ring that caught your eye may be more your style today than the wedding band you selected 10 years ago. 

What Finger Is an Anniversary Band Worn On?

There truly is no right or wrong way to wear your anniversary band. While some prefer the look of wearing an anniversary, wedding, and engagement ring stacked together, others prefer to let it stand out on its own.

We find that many of our clients tend to wear their anniversary band on the ring finger of the opposite hand. It allows the freedom to select a ring that may differ from their wedding set. Be it a different precious metal, colored gemstones, or diamonds of a different shape, displaying their eternity ring or band on the opposite hand gives it the space to be bold and unique without feeling it clashes or competes with their wedding rigs.

On Which Anniversary Years Do You Give an Eternity Ring or Anniversary Band?

While there are no eternity ring rules set in stone, we do find that many couples choose to celebrate milestone anniversaries with an anniversary band. But don't let that stop you from gifting your significant other with a gorgeous eternity ring to commemorate any year of marriage, as they are all worthy of such a gift!

What are the Gemstones for Anniversary Bands by Year?

Triton Men's 7mm Espresso Tungsten Carbide Step Edge Wedding Band with Hammered Center

For those of you who are traditional by nature, you'll want to gift your spouse an eternity ring with the anniversary year's designated gemstone. We've compiled the list for you to make your shopping easier.

Anniversary bands by year include:

  • 1st Anniversary – Gold
  • 2nd Anniversary – Garnet
  • 3rd Anniversary – Pearl
  • 4th Anniversary – Blue Topaz
  • 5th Anniversary – Sapphire
  • 6th Anniversary – Amethyst
  • 7th Anniversary – Onyx
  • 8th Anniversary – Tourmaline
  • 9th Anniversary – Lapis Lazuli
  • 10th Anniversary – Diamond
  • 11th Anniversary – Turquoise
  • 12th Anniversary – Jade
  • 13th Anniversary – Citrine
  • 14th Anniversary – Opal
  • 15th Anniversary – Ruby
  • 16th Anniversary – Peridot
  • 17th Anniversary – Amethyst
  • 18th Anniversary – Cat’s Eye
  • 19th Anniversary – Aquamarine
  • 20th Anniversary – Emerald
  • 21st Anniversary – Iolite
  • 22nd Anniversary – Spinel
  • 23rd Anniversary – Sapphire
  • 24th Anniversary – Sapphire
  • 25th Anniversary – Sapphire

Our Best Tips for Selecting the Ideal Anniversary Band

There are a variety of things you may want to consider as you search for the ideal eternity ring or band to celebrate your upcoming anniversary. Our jewelry experts have put together a few helpful tips to help you select the anniversary band that suits you best. 

Considerations When Shopping for Your Anniversary Band

SUWA Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Prong Set Diamond Band

If your jewelry style has changed over the years, replacing or adding an eternity ring is the perfect opportunity to choose one that reflects your taste today. 

How do you envision wearing your eternity ring or band? Will it replace your existing wedding band? Will you wear it stacked with your wedding rings? Do you prefer to wear it on a different finger or hand? Your answer may help you narrow down the size, style, and prominence of your eternity ring. Do you prefer to complement your wedding rings with matching precious metal or venture out and select something different?

Are you envisioning an anniversary band with stones? If so, there are many things to consider. Eternity rings offer beautiful styles with your favorite gemstones or diamonds encompassing half or all of the band.

Do you have jewelry in your collection that you wish to complement? Perhaps you want your precious metal or stone shapes to match your diamond stud earrings or favorite bangles and bracelets.

Our Favorite Anniversary Bands

If you’re shopping for an eternity ring or upgrading a wedding band as a surprise, we’d love to help! Our anniversary specialists have put together some of our favorite pieces that are perfect for celebrating your upcoming anniversary!

Eternity rings in any gemstone are always an exquisite choice! They boast a full band of stunning sparkle that is sure to make her smile. Whether she plans to replace her wedding band or display it on a different finger, the eternity ring’s symbolic statement of your everlasting bond is truly a remarkable gift.

Fink's Diamond Shared Prong Band in Platinum

Or surprise her with a traditional Diamond Eternity Ring that is ideal for its versatility. This beautiful style can be worn in a variety of ways:

  • stacked with her wedding rings
  • layered with other rings in her collection
  • by itself

If you do choose to upgrade your significant other's wedding band, we have the largest selection for you to choose from. From a stunning Diamond Twist Wedding Band to textured, multi-metal bands, we have an array to show you!

Why Should You Consider a Custom Anniversary Band?

If you haven't found the anniversary band that quite captures the essence of your upcoming milestone, you may wish to consider a custom design. Custom jewelry gives you the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind anniversary band that represents your style and symbolizes the bond you have built. Designing a custom eternity ring or band is ideal when:

  • You can't seem to find "the one"
  • You wish to incorporate a family heirloom
  • You'd like to replicate a design

Choosing to create a custom design eternity ring or band for your anniversary provides the unique opportunity to express what your marriage means to you. You can design a ring that represents the life you have built together over the years and the many more years ahead. And no one will have the anniversary band you do!

One of our favorite custom ideas is creating an anniversary band for couples who are renewing their wedding vows. While some choose to upgrade their wedding bands, others design a band with a diamond or gemstone representing each year of marriage. It's genuinely a beautiful keepsake.

Fink's Custom Anniversary Bands

Fink's Platinum Bar Diamond Wedding Band

Customizing an eternity ring or band may sound a bit intimidating, but we promise to make it a memorable experience you'll enjoy! The design process involves several steps that you will be involved in along with our certified jeweler and design team. They'll guide you through the entire process and answer all your questions on selecting the right diamond and choosing the ideal precious metal for your band.

At Fink’s, we take pride in our custom anniversary design work. We are honored when we have couples ask us to help them commemorate such a cherished moment in their lives. We believe in working closely with you to ensure your custom-designed eternity ring or band vision comes to life. Our team of experts knows the importance of providing you with guidance, suggestions, and jewelry education from the very start of the process. We're here to help you create your unique keepsake!

While your anniversary may be just around the corner, the process does take some time. We suggest giving yourself a couple of weeks to work with our designers and ensure we create the perfect ring.

Why is a Qualified Custom Design Jeweler Essential?

Fink's Jewelers at Birkdale Village

Selecting a qualified custom jeweler is vital. You want a team you can trust and that will let your ideas lead the process. You should always feel comfortable expressing your visions or concerns and asking questions along the way. A highly qualified jeweler and the team will help you develop your ideas from concept to creation and guarantee their craftsmanship.

We highly recommend you inquire about their experience and ask to see their professional certification. National standards are in place to ensure you feel confident with the jeweler you select. In addition, your jeweler’s design and repair team should have examples of custom work to show you, as well as a Bench Professional Certification.

As your anniversary approaches, we invite you to stop by one of our locations. We'd love to help you commemorate your special milestone by finding the ideal anniversary band that truly represents the love you share!