Understanding the Difference Between Bracelets and Bangle Jewelry

Woman Wearing Bracelets

Women have worn beautiful jewelry pieces on their wrists and arms for centuries. These elegant decorative items come in an array of colors, materials, and accent gems. While many may refer to them as bracelets, others use the term bangles. Yet, the two are not actually interchangeable.

So how do we decipher between a bangle jewelry piece and a bracelet, and does it genuinely make a difference in what one calls it? We’ll take you through a brief history of these two lovely jewelry items and how to differentiate them.

What is a Bracelet?

Silver All-Over Stone Bangle in Sabbia

A bracelet may be made from an array of materials and is a flexible jewelry piece typically closed by a clasp. Bracelets drape the wrist loosely and usually comprise a thin chain, beads, or links to help it flow freely. 

What is a Bangle?

In comparison, bangle jewelry is rigid, ring-shaped, and made of metal. The traditional bangle jewelry piece is a closed circular design, lacking a clasp closure. The bangle can be found in a variety of band widths and decorated with or without diamonds and precious gemstones.

Differences Between Bracelets and Bangles

While you may also hear the term bangle bracelet used often, they are ultimately two different jewelry pieces. While both are meant to adorn a woman’s wrist, bangle jewelry has also been worn on the upper arm and even leg throughout many cultures. In addition, there are other differences between the two jewelry pieces to take note of, including their history.

A Brief History of the Bracelet

Early versions of bracelets were uncovered from more than 7,000 years ago. The earliest versions were made of shells, blades of grass, and thin tree limbs. Artisans later used precious metals to create decorative bracelet pieces to symbolize one's wealth. As time passed, bracelets became more extravagant as they were linked to status. 

A Brief History of Bangle Jewelry

Roberto Coin Love in Verona 18K White Gold Bangle with Diamond Accents

The bangle has been found throughout history, worn by women of various cultures. As far back as 2600 BC, bangle jewelry has been worn in weddings and cultural dance ceremonies and is often given as gifts of protection for babies. They were commonly worn in stacked combinations rather than one individual bangle.

Modern Day Bracelets and Bangle Jewelry

Today, you’ll find a variety of bracelets and bangles adorning the wrists of women on any given occasion. As these pieces have become treasured fashion accessories, it is certainly not uncommon to see the styles of one’s bracelets and bangle jewelry change with the outfit or event. From subtle styles to luxury diamond bracelets and bangles, there are many stunning options to choose from that will fit well as an added piece to your jewelry collection.

How to Select the Perfect Bangle Jewelry

Roberto Coin Navarra Yellow Gold Slim Bangle with Diamonds

Even as bangles have been modernized through time, you will find many still carry on tribal accents in their design. In addition, many are delicately embellished with beautiful colored gemstones, while white diamond bangles, such as the Roberto Coin Navarra Yellow Gold Slim Bangle with Diamonds, have grown in popularity.

When choosing the style of bangle to purchase, consider these helpful questions:

  • What metal do you like?
  • Do you have a style in mind?
  • Are you looking for extra features?
  • Will you stack bangles? 

What precious metal do you prefer?

Roberto Coin Diamond Princess Flower Symphony Bangle with Flower Charm

As with all fine jewelry pieces, you will find many beautiful yellow, white, and rose gold options. Selecting the perfect metal may be as simple as preference. For example, consider the clothing you will most often wear with your diamond bangle jewelry or which metals complement your skin tone. Our Roberto Coin Diamond Bangles are beautifully designed in all three precious metals to suit everyone’s taste.

Are you searching for a minimalist style for everyday wear or a diamond bangle jewelry piece for special occasions?

Some bangle wearers adore the look of the Love in Verona, accented with diamonds in a white gold bangle setting. The 48 mm and 58 mm width options offer the traditional bold metal appeal, while the encrusted white stones add a beautiful yet subtle décor.

Some wearers prefer a bangle style with its enclosed, rigid design yet crave a more luxurious look. Roberto Coin has designed a magnificent White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bangle perfect for those fine dining occasions and black-tie events. With just under 2.0 cttw white diamonds, you’ll dazzle the crowd with this stunning ruby and white gold bangle’s brilliance.

Do you want a bangle that incorporates charms and extra embellishments? 

Roberto Coin Diamond Princess Flower Symphony Bangle with Flower Charm

If you’re hoping to add a diamond bangle to your collection with a bit more of an authentic design, consider those with petite floral charms. While one is beautiful on your arm by itself, our bangle jewelry experts highly recommend stacking them with your other favorite bangle and bracelet pieces for a modern twist to traditional styling.

Will you be wearing your bangle jewelry alone or as stacking bangles? 

The style you select should be comfortable and practical to wear if you plan to stack them. Depending on the design, the beautiful gold bangle with charms you have your eye on may not be as ideal as those without. Select several styles to try on together to get an idea of the look you wish to create and how they feel upon your wrist and arm.

How to Select the Ideal Bracelet for Your Collection 

Roberto Coin Love in Verona 18K White Gold Diamond and Ruby Bangle

From free-flowing bracelets to rigid bangle jewelry, there are many considerations to make when selecting your new fine jewelry piece. For instance, if you prefer a wrist accessory with diamonds, you'll find that they are typically more prominent on bracelets than the diamonds you will find on a bangle. If you are choosing a diamond piece, don’t forget to review and consider the 4Cs of a Diamond as you weigh your options.

We want to help make selecting any bracelet an easy and enjoyable experience. From examining clasps to determining length, as you search for the perfect fine jewelry that fits all your desires and needs, we hope our helpful tips will guide you through the process.

Selecting a Diamond Shape 

While diamond bracelets come in various beautifully shaped options, it can take time to narrow down your options. The princess cut and brilliant round diamonds remain the most sought-after shapes. While both make an attractive choice, selecting a diamond shape that pairs well with other pieces in your jewelry collection can also help you make the ideal decision.

Selecting Diamond Placement

18K White Gold Medium Partway Diamond Bracelet

While the tennis diamond bracelet offers a complete line of stones to encompass your wrist, you may prefer a little less sparkle. The White Gold Medium Partway Diamond Bracelet is ideal for casual, everyday wear as well as your formal dinner engagements. As it graces your wrist, the smaller row of stones will reflect the light brilliantly as they move and flow with your movement, showing off the intricate details of the bracelet’s chain.

We also invite you to take a peek at the Three Diamond Bezel Set Station Bracelet. Each round stone is a bezel set in white gold, enhancing the perceived size of each diamond. All three are precisely placed around the dainty chain in an accent style. 

Additional Considerations for Your Diamond Bracelet 

A high-quality bracelet will provide you with a secure clasp to ensure your investment is well protected. As you admire your options, look for bracelets with a sturdy claw clasp or a double-locking clasp to ensure it stays secured on your wrist.

It would help if you also considered selecting a bracelet length and durability that suits your lifestyle. For example, if you wish to purchase an everyday piece, will the length of your bracelet get caught as you perform your daily routine? Will a thin bracelet withstand accidental bumps and snags or rough outdoor activities? Be mindful of where you will wear it as you make your selection. 

Considering Gold Metal Options for Your Bracelet or Bangle Jewelry

18K White Gold Three Diamond Bezel Set Station Bracelet

You will also want to consider your gold metal options for your bracelet and bangle jewelry. While all are stunning, allow us to provide a few helpful tips as you make your selection.

What Gold Metal Options are Available?

Whether you’re searching for a dainty gold bangle bracelet or a dazzling diamond bracelet, choosing the color of your gold bangle bracelet may come down to personal preference. There are three beautiful gold colors for your consideration:

  • white gold
  • yellow gold
  • rose gold

What Determines the Coloring of 14K Gold?

Two factors determine 14K gold color variations; the various metals used in the alloy and their proportion. Pure gold has a bright yet deep yellow-orange tone, while you’ll notice lighter hues can be found more commonly in 14K and 18K jewelry items. In addition, the various combinations of metal alloys will create lighter yellow, white, and rose gold hues.

As you search for your ideal gold bangle bracelet, consider the pieces you currently have in your jewelry collection. Will you stack your bangle bracelets? How do the different gold hues look against your skin coloring? Asking yourself these simple questions and comparing the three 14K gold tones may help guide you in your search for your perfect gold bangle or bracelet.  

Our Favorite Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet

14K Gold Round Bezel Set Diamond Bangle

For those searching for a striking gold bangle bracelet to add to your collection or gift to your significant other, our jewelry experts highly recommend browsing our Sabel Collection 14K Gold Round Bezel Set Diamond Bangle. This piece is adored by many customers, offering a distinctive flair with the bezel set diamonds in its design. The 1.00 cttw diamonds' glow will be cherished by her and perfectly complement any yellow gold or two-tone gold jewelry collection.

Our Favorite White Gold Bangle Bracelet

Another Fink’s favorite is the Roberto Coin 14K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bangle. We love how the white gold enhances the brilliance of each diamond while creating a gorgeous contrast with each ruby. This stunning white gold bangle makes an incredible birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day gift, with just under 2.0 cttw of white diamonds. 

Our Favorite Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet 

Roberto Coin’s Princess Rose Gold Tassel Bangle

Feast your eyes on the unique design of Roberto Coin’s Princess Rose Gold Tassel Bangle. This breathtaking piece decorates the wrist with .45 cttw diamonds and flowing rose gold bead tassels. So stack your gold bangles or wear them alone and let them be the center of attention.  

Types of Bracelets and Bangle Jewelry

At Fink’s Jewelers, we carry an array of bracelet and bangle options to meet everyone’s style and taste. From casual, everyday simplicity to bold and brilliant statement jewelry, the perfect bracelet or bangle awaits you.

Our most sought-after bangle bracelets include:

  • Tennis bracelet
  • Monogrammed bracelet
  • Men’s bracelet

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

14K White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Since the 1920s, tennis bracelets have captured the eyes and hearts of many. While they were once referred to as eternity bracelets, by the late ‘70s, the world commonly knew them as “tennis bracelets” after professional tennis player Chris Evert’s infamous pause of a match in search of her unclasped jewelry. Chris’ wrist was known to be graced with a delicate diamond bracelet, and since that match, the term was forever linked to her.

Tennis bracelets are delicate, flexible bracelets that feature dainty, close-set diamonds or other precious stones. These stones are often mounted in a channel setting. In addition, the tennis bracelet is designed with side-by-side gemstones that encircle the wrist to create a stunning, elegant look.

Tennis bracelets can be found in various metals, including gold, platinum, and silver. The classic diamond tennis bracelet is perfect for adding sparkle to her wrist and is often worn as a statement piece. Tennis bracelets are the ideal luxury jewelry piece to give as a gift for a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or engagement.

The elegant design of a tennis bracelet makes it a timeless piece of jewelry that can be worn with a variety of outfits and styles. So whether you're dressing up for a fancy night on the town or wanting to add sparkle to your everyday look, a tennis bracelet is a classic and beautiful choice.

What is a Monogrammed Bracelet?

Classic Bordered Monogram Toggle Bracelet

The history of monogrammed jewelry dates back to ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome, where monogrammed coins and seals were created to signify ownership and authority. In the 18th century, monogramming became popular in Europe as a way of identifying the nobility, and it gradually became a trend in fashion and jewelry.

While charm bracelets are always a unique gift, a monogrammed bracelet offers an extra touch by allowing you to engrave the initials of a loved one. Personalized monogram jewelry offers a timeless gift filled with sentimental value, making each one a unique keepsake. Our selection of monogrammed bracelets can be found in various designs and metals to help you enhance any accessory collection in every possible way. 

For example, our Classic Bordered Monogram Toggle Bracelet is a traditional link-style keepsake bracelet mothers adore. Ideal as a push present or Mother’s Day gift, her child’s initials can be beautifully engraved and worn for any occasion. 

The Original Monogram Bracelet is one of our favorite monogram bracelet designs, offering 20mm lettering on a delicate chain in gold or silver. All love the modern twist on a traditional look.

Men’s Bracelets

David Yurman men’s Box Chain Bracelet

If you’re shopping for unique gift options for that special guy in your life, we invite you to browse our selection of men’s bracelets. From our sophisticated men’s Box Chain Bracelet to the everyday Chevron Black Rubber Bracelet. Here at Fink’s, we pride ourselves on offering an incredible selection of men’s accessories that fit his style, wardrobe, and needs.

Men aren’t strangers to the world of bracelets, cuffs, and other jewelry accessories. As far back as the Egyptians, men adorned themselves with an array of jewelry, believing that this practice was pleasing to their gods. Even soldiers layered men’s bracelets and cuffs as a part of the official uniform. These metal bracelets were thought to provide the men with protection and safe passage from battle. 

The Evolution of the Men’s Bracelet

Once menswear stepped out onto the runway and became more of a fashion trend, it opened the door for men’s jewelry and accessories. In fact, it was London’s Fall Fashion Week 2012 that piqued everyone's curiosity as the latest trends we revealed. Rings, chains, and bracelets were on display for all to take notice. 

Chevron Bracelet in Black, 8.5" Length

Men’s fashion was all the talk on New York runways by 2015. This new fascination created the opportunity for jewelers to collaborate with clothing designers, creating the next big thing. It was only a short time before jewelry designers around the world were vying for the chance to be known as the top men’s jewelry brands. From accessorizing with a luxury watch to the appeal of men’s leather bracelets and gold bangles, a little jewelry for the wrists was no longer just for women.  

At Fink’s, we recognize the significance of providing our customers with superior and ethical brands. As a result, our collection of men's bracelets and cuffs comprises a variety of exceptional designer jewelry brands and pieces that are ideal for any occasion, from a casual day to a night on the town.

For men who enjoy accessorizing to enhance their wardrobe, a great gift to surprise them with is a versatile men's bracelet. Available in various designs and styles such as gemstones, braided leather, and gold link bracelets, they’ll easily complement his attire in the office or out on the trails.

If your remarkable man is into fashion and keeping up with the latest trends, we have a wide selection of men's bracelets and cuffs to choose from. Let our team of experts in men's bracelets assist you in selecting the perfect gift for any occasion.

Some of our favorite men's bracelet designers include: 

  • David Yurman
  • William Henry
  • John Hardy

David Yurman Men’s Bracelets

Cable Classics Bracelet in Sterling Silver with 14K Yellow Gold Domes

Founded in 1980, David Yurman has been well-recognized for its unique gold and silver cable designs. For more than 40 years, the David Yurman brand has made a name for itself while being highly recognized for its fascinating use of mixed metal designs in its men's bracelets and wedding bands.

David Yurman’s Chevron Woven Gold Cuff is a remarkable piece and a staple in any man’s wardrobe. The intricately woven detailing of the 18K gold chevron adds a timeless feel. The men’s cuff design slides effortlessly on and off his wrist whether he’s on his way to a boardroom meeting or catching a game with friends.

William Henry Men’s Bracelets

William Henry’s Men’s Accessory Collection is known for its functional yet stylish jewelry collection that doubles as handy tools. Gift him a unique men’s bracelet that is sure to add to his look. The William Henry BB9 MT “Boots and Denim” Bracelet gives casual a new look and feel. The hand-strung beaded bracelet pairs hues of blue and brown to create the perfect pairing for any look he’s going for. Made of Wooly Mammoth molars, each unique bead adds intrigue to his wrist as no other men's bracelet can.

John Hardy Men’s Bracelets

Your man has fully accessorized once he's worn a men’s bracelet from the John Hardy Collection. John Hardy offers a series of classic chain bracelet designs that are ideal for gifting any remarkable man in your life. In addition, every John Hardy accessory is meticulously crafted for daily wear, utilizing captivating aesthetics to convey ancient techniques blended with contemporary designs. Suitable for both formal events and daily wear. 

One of our favorite John Hardy men’s bracelet pieces is the Men’s Classic Chain Braided Leather Station Bracelet. The masculine statement piece is the perfect men’s accessory for the casual man looking to add a hint of stylish jewelry to his wardrobe. The intriguing engraved sterling silver clasp and the centerpiece make a stunning contrast, pairing luxury with casual sophistication.

If your man has an eye for clean, classic, and modern accessories, he’ll appreciate the John Hardy Tiga Sterling Silver Men’s Classic Chain Bracelet. The recently updated piece from the men’s classic chain collection draws inspiration from its original 1980s design. The vintage design celebrates the trinity of man, nature, and a higher being, as defined by the word “three” in Balinese. 

Bracelets and Bangle Jewelry for Every Occasion 

Whether you’re treating yourself to a stylish new gold bangle bracelet or shopping for the ideal gifts, they truly are a brilliant choice. Whether stacking or wearing as a subtle accessory, there are plenty of occasions to add a beautifully designed bracelet or bangle jewelry piece to someone’s collection.

Why Consider Gifting a Bracelet or Bangle?

Fink's 20mm Original Monogram Bracelet

While many people tend to automatically choose the conventional giving of necklaces or diamond stud earrings to their loved ones on special occasions, we urge you to add a touch of luxury to their wrists. Gifting bracelets and bangle jewelry offers a world of versatility and appeal. The bracelets can be worn individually or layered, enabling the wearer to combine an array of designs, gemstones, and precious metals to personalize their unique style.

Gifting a lovely bracelet or bangle piece offers endless possibilities. The special man or woman in your life will be able to build upon their collection for years to come. From stacking various styles to incorporating different stones and precious metals, bangle bracelets enhance the look of any wearer and open the doors to creating their personal style. Our experts highly recommend gifting a bracelet or bangle jewelry piece for:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Push present or baby shower
  • Wedding or anniversary
  • Graduation

Bracelets and Bangles for Mom

14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Mother’s Day gifts are the perfect time to shower her with love, appreciation, and something sparkly for her wrist. But birthdays and Christmas are just as memorable! One of our jewelry experts’ favorites is the 14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Bangle Bracelet from our Fink’s Sabel Collection. This gorgeous gold bangle boasts 1.12 cttw diamonds, delicately set and ready to complement her look. Whether worn in multiples or adorning her wrist alone, it’s truly a jewelry gift fit for any mom.

Bracelets and Bangles for Valentine’s Day

What woman wouldn’t love to be surprised with a bit of jewelry around her wrist on Valentine's Day? So, surprise her with a unique bangle bracelet to remind her how much you care. From dainty to bold, we offer a selection of bracelets sure to complement her accessory collection.

One of our favorite Valentine’s gift ideas is the John Hardy Heart Charm Bracelet. This classic piece offers a dainty look and feels while delivering a powerful message of adoration. The beautiful design is perfect for everyday wear, whether she’s running to the store or meeting you for a romantic dinner. The classic chain and dangling heart design are set in sterling silver and will surely convey your feelings. 

Bracelets and Bangles for Her Birthday

Roberto Coin Love in Verona 18K Yellow Gold Bangle with Diamond Accents

We urge you to consider gifting the special birthday girl with a Roberto Coin classic. The beautiful gold bangle jewelry piece makes an amazing gift to help her celebrate her day. The Love in Verona Bangle offers .15 cttw diamond accents set in 18K yellow gold.

If your special lady prefers more subtle wrist décor, the Oro Classic Hinge Oval Bangle may be the way to go. Designed to bring a simplistic yet classy look, the beauty will bring endless possibilities to her accessory collection, ideal for all occasions. Choose the classic stylings of the Oval Bangle in:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Rose gold

Bracelets and Bangles for Milestone Anniversaries 

While a beautiful bracelet or bangle jewelry piece will make a wonderful gift for any anniversary, our jewelry experts have chosen a few very special bracelets for some of your milestone anniversaries. 

First Anniversary

Sabel Collection Yellow Gold Round Diamond Bezel Set Bracelet

Your first-year anniversary marks a cherished milestone and should be celebrated with a gorgeous gold accessory. While any gold jewelry gift makes for a timeless option, we highly recommend our stunning Sabel Collection Yellow Gold Round Diamond Bezel Set Bracelet. She’ll love the dazzling gold bracelet bangle, which makes an ideal accessory for her casual and formal attire.

10th Anniversary

Congratulations on your 10th year of marriage! We’d love to help you celebrate this milestone anniversary with a breathtaking gift any woman will swoon over. Her eyes are sure to light up when you grace her wrist with our 14K White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet. Featuring 10.00 cttw white diamonds, it’s a treasure she will cherish forever. 

35th Anniversary Gift

Roberto Coin Designer Gold 18K Yellow Gold Oval Link Paperclip Bracelet

While jade and coral are found on both the traditional and modern anniversary gift lists, we find that many of our clients adore pairing yellow gold with these gemstones. We suggest the modern and sophisticated Roberto Coin Designer Gold 18K Yellow Gold Oval Link Paperclip Bracelet for your 35th. Ideal as a statement piece or layered with her favorite gold bangle bracelets, this lovely link bracelet will never go out of style.

40th Anniversary Gift

You can mark four decades of bliss with a beautiful ruby jewelry present. This gemstone appears in both the traditional and modern anniversary gift lists, representing your never-ending affection. Our top recommendation for 40 amazing years is Sabel Collection Diamond and Ruby Bracelet. Its stunning design will leave her breathless, and we are confident that she will treasure it almost as much as she treasures you!

Whether you select a bangle or bracelet, we’re confident you’ll love the style of jewelry you choose to grace your wrist. We invite you to visit one of our many locations and allow our experts to assist you in finding the perfect bangle bracelet!