Difference Between Bangles and Bracelets

Difference Between Bangles and Bracelets

For centuries, women have worn beautiful jewelry pieces upon their wrists and arms. These elegant decorative items come in an array of colors, materials, and accent gems. While many may refer to them as bracelets, others use the term bangle. Yet, the two are not interchangeable. How do we decipher between a diamond bangle and a bracelet, and does it truly make a difference in what one calls it? We’ll take you through a brief history of these two lovely jewelry items and how to differentiate them.

Bangle vs. Bracelet

Sabel Collection Yellow Gold Bangle

A bangle is a jewelry item that is rigid, ring-shaped, and made of metal. The traditional bangle is a closed circular design, lacking a clasp closure. In comparison, a bracelet may be made from an array of materials and is a flexible piece typically closed by a clasp. While both are meant to adorn a woman’s wrist, the bangle has also been known to be worn on the upper arm and even leg throughout many cultures. There are other differences between the two jewelry pieces to take note of, including their history.

A Brief History of the Bangle

The bangle has been found throughout history, worn by women of various cultures. As far back as 2600 BC, bangles have been worn in weddings, cultural dance ceremonies and often given as gifts of protection for babies. They were often worn in stacked combinations rather than one individual bangle.

A Brief History of the Bracelet

Sapphire and diamond white gold bracelet
Early versions of bracelets have been uncovered from over 7,000 years ago. The earliest versions were made of shells, blades of grass, and thin tree limbs. Artisans later used precious metals to create decorative bracelet pieces to symbolize one’s wealth. As time passed, bracelets became more extravagant as they were linked to status.


Modern Day Bracelets and Bangles

Today, you’ll find a variety of bracelets and bangles adorning the wrists of women on any given occasion. As these pieces have become a treasured fashion accessory, it is certainly not uncommon to see the styles of one’s bracelets and bangles change with the outfit or event. From subtle styles to luxury diamond bracelets and bangles, there are many stunning options to add to your jewelry collection.

Selecting the Perfect Diamond Bangle

Sabel Collection white gold diamond bangle

Even as bangles have been modernized through time, you will find many still carry on tribal accents in their design. Many are delicately embellished with beautiful colored gemstones, while white diamond bangles have grown in popularity.

When choosing the style of diamond bangle to purchase, consider these helpful questions

  • Which metal?
  • What style?
  • Do you want charms?
  • Will you wear alone or as a stacking bangle?

What precious metal do you prefer?

Roberto Coin Diamond Princess Flower Symphony Bangle with Flower Charm

As with all fine jewelry pieces, you will find many beautiful yellow, white, and rose gold options. Selecting the perfect metal may be as simple as preference. You may also consider the clothing you will most often wear with your bangle or which metals compliment your skin tone. Our Robert Coin Diamond Bangles are beautifully designed in all three precious metals to suit everyone’s taste.

Are you searching for a minimalist style for everyday wear or a diamond bangle for special occasions?

Roberto Coin Love in Verona 18K White Gold Bangle with Diamond Accents

Some bangle wearers adore the look of the Love in Verona accented diamond bangle. The 48 mm and 58 mm width options offer the traditional bold metal appeal, while the encrusted white stones add a beautiful yet subtle décor.

Some prefer a bangle style with its enclosed, rigid design yet crave a more luxurious look. Robert Coin has designed a magnificent White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bangle perfect for those fine dining occasions and black-tie events. With just under 2.0 cttw white diamonds, you’ll dazzle the crowd with this diamond bangle’s brilliance.

Do you want a bangle that incorporates charms and extra embellishments?

If you’re hoping to add a diamond bangle to your collection with a bit more of an authentic design, consider those with petite floral charms. 

Will you be wearing your diamond bangle alone or as stacking bangles?

Roberto Coin Diamond Princess Flower Symphony Bangle with Flower Charm

The style you select should be comfortable if you plan to stack them. Depending on the design, diamond bangles with charms may not be as ideal as those without. Select several styles to try on together to get an idea of the look you wish to create and how they feel upon your wrist and arm.

Selecting the Perfect Diamond Bracelet

The free-flowing form of a bracelet will open up the amount of styles and designs you may choose from. It will also come with more considerations to make. Stones on your diamond bracelet will likely be larger than those found on a bangle, so remember to consider the 4C’s of a Diamond when comparing your options. Selecting the diamond bracelet that fits your wants and needs will be a breeze with our helpful tips from clasp to length.

  • diamond shape
  • diamond placement

Selecting the Diamond Shape

Your traditional diamond bracelet will come in several beautifully shaped options, from round to emerald. Ultimately, the princess cut and round brilliant are the most popular. Each makes a stunning choice, while selecting a shape that pairs well with other pieces in your collection may be a helpful consideration.

Selecting Diamond Placement

Sabel Collection 18K White Gold Medium Partway Diamond Bracelet

While the tennis diamond bracelet offers a full line of stones to encompass your wrist, you may prefer a little less sparkle. The White Gold Medium Partway Diamond Bracelet is ideal for casual, everyday wear as well as your formal dinner engagements. As it graces your wrist, the smaller row of stones will reflect the light brilliantly as they move and flow with your movement, showing off the intricate details of the bracelet’s chain.

We also invite you to take a peek at the Three Diamond Bezel Set Station Bracelet. Each round stone is bezel set in white gold, enhancing the perceived size of each diamond. All three are precisely placed around the dainty chain in an accent style.

Additional Considerations for Your Diamond Bracelet

Sabel Collection 18K White Gold Three Diamond Bezel Set Station Bracelet

A high-quality bracelet will provide you with a secure clasp to ensure your investment is well protected. As you admire your options, look for bracelets with a sturdy claw clasp or double locking clasp to ensure it stays secured on your wrist.

It would help if you also considered selecting a bracelet length and durability that suits your lifestyle. If you wish to purchase an everyday piece, will the length of your bracelet get caught as you perform your daily routine? Will a thin bracelet withstand accidental bumps and snags or rough outdoor activities? Be mindful of where you will wear it as you make your selection. 

Whether you select a bangle or bracelet, we’re confident you’ll love the style of jewelry you choose to grace your wrist.