Diamond Bracelet Shopping Guide

Diamond Bracelet Shopping Guide

Diamond bracelet shopping should be a fun process. However, with so many options ranging from diamond bracelet watches to sparkly gold bands, how do you know which one is the best pick for you? Our guide to all things diamond bracelets will have you on your way to finding the perfect piece.

Why You Need a Diamond Bracelet

Every woman needs a classic diamond bracelet in her jewelry collection. They’re so versatile that we guarantee there’s a diamond bracelet to fit each person’s style. You can go for a dainty white tennis bracelet or a yellow gold diamond bracelet watch; however, you must first understand how to shop for diamonds.

Sabel Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Selecting a Diamond for Your Bracelet

The most crucial element of purchasing a diamond bracelet is understanding how to assess your stones. Knowing the ins and outs of the diamonds will help assure you can find the highest quality band for your style and wardrobe. The first step to knowing what to look for in a diamond is knowing the 4C’s.

What are the 4C’s?

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) rates the quality of a diamond based on a rating system we refer to as “The 4C’s.” 

4C’s of a Diamond

Each “C” will affect the type of diamond bracelet you choose, but the color and cut are most important to its quality. The color, in particular, can determine the style and value of your band. 

Choosing a Diamond Color

14K White Gold Three Prong Set Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Identifying your preferred diamond color will help you find the perfect diamond bracelet. Diamonds are graded on a color scale of D-Z, ranging from colorless to light. There are a few factors to consider when selecting the color grade of your diamond tennis bracelet.

First, decide what metal you want. If the bracelet is a warm tone like yellow or rose gold, it would be suitable to drop down the scale and choose diamonds with warm tones. However, if you select a platinum or white gold bracelet, yellow diamonds will potentially stand out in a less desirable way.

With a brighter bracelet, diamonds higher up on the scale will be the most flattering choice. Look for colorless or near-colorless stones, such as D-J. Keep in mind that each grade up will increase the price point of your diamond bracelet.

While traditional diamond tennis bracelets are usually set with white diamonds, people love adding colorful, striking gems to their bands. Mixing colorless diamonds with other precious gemstones like ruby or sapphire creates a stunning contrast on the wrist. As you consider the diamond color, you must also consider its clarity. 

What Diamond Cut Should You Choose?

There are a variety of different diamond cuts to choose from when looking for the perfect diamond bracelet. The cut will affect the look of your band and how the diamonds are placed. Round diamonds are the most traditional choice, while emerald and pear-shaped ones are currently trending and modern. 

Metals for Your Diamond Bracelet

As previously mentioned, the metal you choose will have a significant effect on your diamond bracelet. It will determine the type of diamond bracelet you purchase and its value. Keep in mind that metals like yellow gold and silver are softer and might wear down faster than others, but both are great choices if you’re not going to wear them daily.

More durable metal options like white gold and platinum might fall slightly higher on the budget, but their long-lasting material will be worth the investment. 

Popular Types of Metal for a Diamond Bracelet

  • yellow gold
    Yellow Gold Sabel Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • white gold
  • rose gold
  • silver
  • platinum

A bright metal will give you a modern look, while yellow gold is more traditional. The most important steps of choosing your diamond and metal are complete; now, you must ensure the bracelet’s quality.

Flexibility and Durability in Diamond Bracelets

If you plan on wearing your diamond bracelet for a lifetime, it’s vital to choose a high-quality product. The durability and elasticity are essential factors when selecting a staple piece for your jewelry collection, especially if you want your jewelry to last forever. You should know that low-quality bracelets can easily get torn apart or tangled.

You can quickly test the flexibility of a bracelet by holding it open and upside down. Make sure that the bracelet remains standing and doesn’t collapse into itself. When you shop at Fink’s, you can guarantee that all our products are made with high-quality assurance and care.

Finding the Right Diamond Bracelet Size

TAG Heuer Ladies' Grey Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial Watch

Your diamond bracelet watch or other style should fit your wrist like a glove. It shouldn’t be too loose or tight, so the line of diamonds looks graceful and endless across your skin. If you can’t make it to the jeweler for a measurement, measure your wrist size at home.

Simply wrap a flexible tape measure or a piece of string around your wrist and compare the length to a ruler. The length of a tennis bracelet or diamond bracelet watch is easy to adjust in-store, as a jeweler can add or remove a link to get a perfect size.

Select a bracelet that feels the most comfortable to you and complements the wrist size. Oversized and extra-bling bracelets tend to make the wrist appear a bit scrawny rather than dainty. If you’re going for a diamond bracelet watch, make sure the clasp is secure and tight but not suffocating. 

Type of Diamond Bracelet Clasps

The clasp on your diamond bracelet is an easy element to overlook, but the one you choose must be strong. Having a sturdy clasp will reduce the risk of it getting lost or snagging on bulky sweaters and fuzzy blankets. Finding the most comfortable and high-quality clasp for your bracelet is the key to keeping it in your collection forever.

Common Types of Clasps

  • hooks
  • toggles
  • lobster-claw

It’s best to consult a professional on what clasp to choose if are able to visit us in-store. Experienced jewelers will be able to quickly tell the difference between a perfectly fitting, high-quality clip as opposed to one that might soon fall apart. Once you pick the right clasp, you can wear your diamond bracelet or diamond bracelet watch anywhere.

How and When to Wear a Diamond Bracelet

Zig-Zag Sabel Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond chain bracelets are one of the most classic staple pieces everyone should have in their jewelry box. This accessory will make any outfit more elegant, from a simple t-shirt and jeans to your favorite little black dress. The simple yet striking design makes diamond bracelets perfect for pairing with other jewelry.

Grab your favorite diamond stud earrings to pair with your band or diamond bracelet watch. A simple chain or diamond necklace would also be perfect to pair with the piece. If you want to wear a diamond band on its own, it will still make a sophisticated and chic statement.

If you decide to pair a diamond bracelet with other jewelry, make sure you don’t wear it with plastic or casual jewelry. For example, maybe leave the Apple Watch or Fitbit at home next time you wear it. Keep in mind that you can also wear different types of diamond bracelets depending on the occasion.

Our Favorite Types of Diamond Bracelets

  1. diamond bracelet watches
  2. tennis bracelets
  3. colorful diamond bracelets
  4. bold diamond bracelets 

Stunning Diamond Bracelet Watches

    Longines Mother-of-Pearl Dial with Diamonds Ladies' Watch

    Everyone needs a watch, so why not add some sparkle and shine to yours? Wearing a watch with diamonds is a classic and elegant way to express your style every day. They’re functional and versatile so that you can wear them anywhere.

    Wearing a watch is the perfect way to accessorize in a more professional setting. You might not want to wear your ruby red band to a work meeting, but a diamond watch presents your style without being too over-the-top.

    Fink’s has a stunning collection of diamond bracelet watches. One of our favorites is the Longines Mother-of-Pearl diamond bracelet watch. For a colorful face option, check out the grey TAG Huer watch with diamonds.

    A Staple Tennis Bracelet

      Tennis bracelets are a staple that can work in any wardrobe. This type of diamond bracelet would make a precious gift to yourself or any of the women in your life. It’s a timeless piece, and if you take good care of it, it will remain in your jewelry collection for the rest of your life.

      Interestingly enough, the term “tennis bracelet” was coined by professional tennis player Chris Evert. During an intense match with her opponent, her diamond bracelet broke and fell off her wrist. Her notability made these stunning bracelets a much larger trend during her career in the 1970s and 80s. 

      Colorful Diamond Bracelets with Gemstones

      18K White Gold Diamond and Ruby Bracelet

      A classic tennis bracelet is perfect for everyday wear, but everyone needs some color in their jewelry box. Diamond bracelets with gems and bright stones make beautiful statement pieces. The combination of elegant diamonds and colorful gemstones creates a beautiful contrast on the wrist.

      Assess your wardrobe and the rest of your jewelry collection before making a purchase. Choose a gemstone that will complement your style and stand out on your wrist. The Sabel Collection ruby and diamond bracelet is an attractive choice if you’re a fan of the color red.

      Choosing a Bold Diamond Bracelet

        You can make a statement with your diamond bracelet while keeping the color palette neutral. Consider selecting larger diamonds or ones with a unique cut, like square or teardrop. One of our favorite bold designs that will still fit in every wardrobe is the Sabel collection multi-shape diamond bracelet

        How to Care for Your Diamond Bracelet

        Sabel Collection Yellow Gold Multi Shape Diamond Design Bracelet

        Once you’ve purchased a precious diamond bracelet, it’s crucial to take good care of it. Get your bands and diamond bracelet watches cleaned and touch them up at home between professional treatment. As previously mentioned, with proper care, these precious pieces could last a lifetime in your jewelry collection.

        It’s best to have your piece professionally serviced once every few years, just like the rest of your fine jewelry. Professional cleanings will be an ongoing cost, but they’re well worth the effort to ensure your diamond bracelet remains solid and clean.

        You may also be able to get a jewelry insurance policy on your piece, guaranteeing that you can have it professionally serviced and protect it if anything goes wrong. 

        Cleaning Your Diamond Bracelet at Home

        Cleaning your diamond bracelet at home is the best way to keep it looking shiny and beautiful. You will only need to dust the band with a simple cloth to wipe away debris in some cases. If your piece is a bit dirtier, use a jewelry-safe soap and warm water and rub gently with a cloth.

        It’s best to avoid using an ultrasonic cleaner with intense vibrations. Other products you should always avoid when it comes to cleaning jewelry are harsh detergents and soaps. They may cause the diamonds to fall out of their setting.

        The at-home cleaning process is a bit different for diamond bracelet watches. First, set up two bowls: one with clean water and one with soapy water. Carefully dip the strap of your watch into soapy water for ten to twenty seconds.

        Once you’ve submerged the diamond bracelet watch strap in the water, gently scrub with a clean, soft cloth. Then, dip in the clean water to rinse it off. Don’t forget to pat it dry once the cleaning process is over.

        How to Store Your Diamond Bracelet

        Wolf 1834 Medium Velvet Embroidered Jewelry Box in Indigo

        The best way to store any piece of jewelry is by keeping the box it came in. However, if you’re an avid accessory collector, keeping many boxes is likely an inconvenience. The critical thing to keep in mind about storing a band or diamond bracelet watch is that it should sit apart from your other jewelry.

        It might be tempting to toss your bracelet in a pile of jewelry on your nightstand, but this is an easy way to get your pieces all tangled up. Consider purchasing a jewelry box or storage case with several compartments. Having proper jewelry storage will keep your collection organized so you never misplace your favorite accessories again. 

        Now that you have the complete guide to all things diamond bracelets, finding a stunning piece will be a simple task. Hopefully, you identified your favorite styles and can head right to Fink’s to shop. We have confidence that you’ll find a breathtaking band or diamond bracelet watch in no time.