Best Ways to Store Jewelry

Strand of Pearls in Jewelry Box

Fine jewelry is one of the most valuable items you will own. If given proper care, it could last a lifetime. One of the most critical factors in preserving accessories is the jewelry organization method.  

Why is Jewelry Organization and Storage Important?

Box with separators and jewelry in each one

Any jewelry lover knows the struggle of trying to throw on a necklace in the morning, only to be late to work after untangling the mess. Jewelry organization will not only make your routine a bit easier, but it will also preserve your jewelry. Finding different ideas for organizing jewelry that work for you is the best way to get the most out of your jewelry collection.

Each piece of jewelry is different, so we recommend asking your jeweler about ideas for jewelry organization tips when shopping for a new piece. Believe it or not, most damages to jewelry are a result of improper storage.

Just like our environment affects our body and mood, it can impact our jewelry, too. Some of the significant things that might be hurting your accessories are: 

  • sunlight
  • humidity and moisture 
  • other jewelry items

The Effect of Sunlight on Jewelry

Exposing your jewelry to direct sunlight can lead to discoloration and dullness over time. Unfortunately, the same goes for any UV light like nail lamps or sunbeds. Of course, you shouldn’t leave your favorite necklace at home on a bright sunny day, but if you do, use your jewelry organization techniques to preserve it on days you’re not wearing it.

How Humidity and Moisture Hurt Jewelry

Necklace, pearls, and rings next to each other

We’re not suggesting you remove all your accessories every time you do the dishes or step out on a rainy day, but your jewelry organization shouldn’t be wet or humid. Moisture is the main factor that can speed up an item’s tarnishing process.

So, if you have a habit of leaving your jewelry out in the open on the nightstand or bathroom counter, try to lower the humidity in your home.

Storing Jewelry Items Together

Even the biggest, most beautiful jewelry boxes won’t be helpful if all your accessories are touching. Different metals can cause one another to tarnish upon contact. If a textured gemstone ends up near a dainty piece, your item could get scratched as well. 

Where not to Store Your Jewelry

Before we tell you the best ideas for jewelry organization, you need to know where not to put them.

Most common bad places to store your jewelry are:

  • hot or cold rooms
  • plastic bags
  • on a windowsill

If humidity can harm jewelry, it makes sense that extreme temperatures can, too. For example, a hot, stuffy attic might cause your piece to acquire dust and debris. On the other hand, forcing your piece into the cold could make gems like opals and emeralds contract. The rapid contraction can result in a gem fracture or a pop.

Watch jewelry box filled with two rows of watchesA plastic bag might seem like a smart way to store your jewelry on vacation, but plastic is not suitable for your delicate pieces. Some plastics emit vapors that can pit and discolor metal and corrode the surface of pearls and other gems. Plus, a plastic bag could leave it exposed to the humidity and sunlight if you leave it out in the open.

As previously mentioned, sunlight can be extremely harmful to your accessories. It’s easy to toss your jewelry on the windowsill and believe it’s safe since it’s out of reach from pets and tiny hands, but that idea for jewelry organization could leave your stones looking dark, dull, and damaged.

Best Ideas for Organizing Jewelry 

Don’t stress if you’ve been breaking some jewelry organization rules. The most important thing you need to know is that as long as your jewelry is in a dark, dry location, it will be safe. Some of our favorite ideas for storing jewelry are:

  • jewelry boxes
  • clear jewelry trays
  • DIY storage methods
  • the original box the piece came in

Organizing Jewelry in Jewelry Boxes

Wolf 1834 Large Quilted Leather Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are one of the smartest and most traditional ways to store your jewelry. From music boxes as a child to a sleek wooden case, they’ve always guaranteed a safe place for accessories. Since there is such a wide variety, you can find one with the perfect size and compartments for your collection.

If you have many earrings, a box with designated stud storage is an excellent idea for jewelry organization. You’ll never have to worry about losing your left earring or accidentally throwing on a mismatched pair. More importantly, it will prevent your accessories from touching each other.

Jewelry fanatics with a vast collection need a large box with many different compartments to store their pieces. One of our favorites is the Wolf 1834 quilted leather jewelry box. It has a total of nineteen compartments, four ring rolls, and a travel case to fit all your jewelry organization needs. 

Clear Jewelry Trays for Storage

We know that the best way to preserve jewelry is by keeping it stored away in a drawer. But, instead of simply tossing everything in there, try a clear jewelry tray. It will keep your jewelry organized yet easily visible and accessible to you.

Having jewelry organization with a clear lid will keep dust and dirt away while still keeping your pieces in sight. Finding the perfect watch or bracelet to pair with your outfit has never been easier because this way, you can see everything at once. 

DIY Methods for Jewelry Organization

You can create some of the most excellent ideas for jewelry organization right at home. It’s easy to get creative and find things around your house that would work for storing accessories. Something as simple as a hook or closet rod could become a necklace hanger.

Craft lovers can use ideas for jewelry organization as a way to get creative. For example, many people love adding hooks and rods to picture frames to create a vintage look. In addition, you can find beautiful jewelry storage without breaking the bank. 

Why You Should Keep Your Jewelry’s Original Box

Mikimoto Necklace, Bracelet, and Earring Set in case

Of course, it’s not realistic to keep a hundred different earring boxes. However, your most valuable items, like wedding rings or a diamond necklace, should stay in their original box in between wear and cleanings. Keeping the box will guarantee that it always has a safe place to be preserved.

With a quick online purchase or a DIY project, your jewelry will be safer than ever. But, regardless of how you choose to store your jewelry, always remember to keep it dark and dry.