Store and Organize Your Jewelry Like a Pro

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If you're looking for the perfect gift for the jewelry lover in your life or your collection is overflowing, understanding the options for storing jewelry is key to organizing your accessories. Everyone has an idea of what jewelry storage means, and whether it's the memory of dancing to the music of a twirling ballerina jewelry box or admiring the put-together look of sapphire jewelry displayed on your friend's dresser, keeping your jewelry organized is more attainable than you think. It's just about finding the right method for you and your collection.  

Between avoiding necklace knots and finding the best way to categorize your jewelry, we've gathered expert jewelry organizing suggestions in this helpful guide. Read on to find the most popular storage methods to keep your special pieces safe and find the method that works for you. 

Caring for Your Jewelry

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A woman's jewelry collection is extremely personal. From heirloom jewelry passed down through generations to the treat-yourself pieces bought for celebrating milestones, every item in that collection represents who you are. Buying jewelry is about more than finding beautiful pieces you love to wear—it’s about creating an organized system to get the most use out of your collection.

With meaningful jewelry, how you store and organize jewelry at home matters. From white gold huggie earrings to colored gemstone wedding bands, every item deserves the same care and attention as your favorite pair of jeans or a designer handbag. Whether you show them off or keep them tucked away is up to you—but finding a jewelry storage method that works for you will keep your precious pieces safe and beautiful for years to come. 

The Importance of Keeping Jewelry Organized

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Storing jewelry is more than the aesthetic—organizing jewelry prevents damage to the pieces you love. There's nothing more disappointing than pulling out your favorite sterling silver chain necklace and finding a tangled knot or lost bracelet and rings scattered around your room. With the proper jewelry storage, you can avoid this mess entirely, keeping your necklaces, rings, and bracelets safe and tucked away from harm. 

Instead of scrambling to find your favorite necklace at the last minute, organize jewelry to keep it accessible. From finding the perfect box for your vanity or a classic earrings mesh holder for the closet, proper jewelry storage helps you keep your collection where you can see it, streamlining your everyday accessorizing. When you wake up in the morning, you can go to your jewelry storage and find the perfect piece for your outfit that day without the last-minute rush.  

Items to Put In Jewelry Organizers:

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Watches 

3 Clever Ways to Organize Jewelry

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The first step to successfully storing jewelry is determining how to organize your collection. Everyone owns a different variety of pieces, whether you wear a necklace and bracelet set or collect the best gemstone jewelry. To find your individual way to store jewelry, consider these three ways to categorize your collection: 

Organize Jewelry By Category

Group your jewelry by category to take stock of what you have and judge what storage type will work best for you. Separate rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings into different groups to see which category will need more space in your jewelry storage. Create subcategories for stud, hoop, and dangle earrings and separate groups for bangles versus bracelets for even more jewelry organization. 

Consider These Jewelry Subcategories:

  • Bracelets—bangles, cuffs, tennis, chain

  • Necklaces—pendants, chains, different lengths

  • Earrings—dangles, hoops, huggies, studs, climbers

  • Rings—wedding bands, anniversary rings, everyday

Organize Jewelry By Style

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Separate your collection into different styles. Everyone's styles are different, and whether you have half of your collection reserved for professional work attire and the other for everyday wear, understanding which pieces should be stored for which occasion is key. Many women wear a few staples daily, choosing to store their special occasion pieces separately. 

You can also divide your collection into statement pieces and everyday wear. Dainty, delicate chains and smaller pendants give a different look to your outfit than a larger emerald and diamond necklace. If you have a love for both of these styles, separating them can determine your jewelry storage method. 

Organize Jewelry By Metal

With endless metal settings in rings and chains to choose from, grouping your collection by types of metals helps you style and store your pieces. Whether you're a devout gold jewelry wearer or like to dabble in the mixed-metal trend, organizing jewelry by metal type will help you find the right accessory for your outfit and help display your favorite pieces in an organized fashion. 

Popular Jewelry Metal Choices:

  • Sterling silver
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • Platinum
  • Mixed metals 

What Are the Best Conditions for Jewelry Storage?

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Organizing your jewelry is only the first step to keeping your pieces safe. To protect your favorite diamond jewelry and gold tennis bracelets, you’ll want to learn the best storage conditions. Humidity and light exposure are two factors you must consider when determining the best place for your collection.

Too much humidity can cause tarnishing and discoloration on jewelry. Store jewelry in low-humidity room temperature spots in your home. If you live somewhere with high humidity, consider running a dehumidifier in the jewelry storage area or adding silica packets to your jewelry box for extra preservation. Avoid storing your collection in the bathroom unless you have a humidity-controlled, sealed drawer.  

Sun exposure can soften the adhesives used to hold gemstones in their settings and lead to discoloration in jewelry. After a while, direct light exposure can cause the metals and stones to fade and lose sparkle. To avoid sun damage, hide your pieces in areas with indirect or no sunlight, whether that's an organized jewelry box or a stackable tray tucked away.  

5 Ways to Store Jewelry

After determining the best way to group your jewelry collection, it's time to decide on a functional and stylish jewelry storage method. From finding drawer inserts to keeping your pieces out of sight to choosing display options for your bedroom vanity, these are five options to consider as you organize jewelry:  

1. Timeless Jewelry Boxes

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When one thinks of storage options for jewelry, a classic jewelry box is likely the first to pop into mind. Jewelry boxes are easily transportable, have a minimalist look, and are one of the best jewelry storing choices to keep your pieces safe. High-quality jewelry boxes are made with soft lining materials to keep rings and necklaces safe from abrasion and damage. 

When choosing a size for your jewelry box, consider the size of your collection and the space you intend to put it. This is one of the best minimalist jewelry organization options for desktops and vanities, keeping your pieces easily accessible and hidden in plain sight. With countless styles available, anyone can find one to blend into their room décor. 

2. Minimalist Stackers

Stackers are a customizable jewelry organization option that can suit a variety of collection sizes. Each tray layer is designed to stack securely on top of the other, allowing you to add more the larger your collection grows. When all the layers slide together, the jewelry box can be shut. Stackers prevent accidental wear and tear by keeping jewelry organized and compact with plush velvet lining and separate compartments for each piece.

Just like there's no one-size-fits-all for the size options, there's no one right place in your home for stackers. If you prefer a clutter-free look, keep your trays in dresser drawers or wardrobe shelves. But, with high-quality materials and a sophisticated look, they can also be set out in plain sight on your countertop. 

3. Narrow Drawer Trays

Dresser Drawer with Jewelry Tray Organization

For those who prefer to keep their jewelry out of sight but still want to be able to easily see the entire collection, drawer trays are the best jewelry organization method. Designed to be compact and discrete, drawer trays come in a wide variety of sizes to fit snuggly into any drawer. Rather than storing your collection in a closed box, a narrow draw tray is an open-faced storage, with individual felt compartments to keep each item in place as you open and close the drawer, allowing a clear view of your assorted jewelry as you dress in the morning. 

The best part of these trays? They can be used just about everywhere. An organized jewelry tray can fit in any drawer and is perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, and small storage spaces. Keep them in your closet, desk drawers, vanities, and sealed bathroom storage.  

4. Grab-and-Go Ring Dish

Whether you have a daily ring collection or are searching for a safe storage option for your custom-designed engagement ring, a ring dish is the perfect solution. Rings are one of the easiest pieces to misplace, whether they get knocked off the counter or down the drain—protect your stunning rings by setting out ring dishes wherever possible. When you put your rings in one place, you always know where to find them. Ring dishes can be made from any material, from wood to ceramic, and feature a lip to contain jewelry, in addition to the occasional spire in the center for easy stacking. 

Grab-and-go ring dishes can be placed anywhere, from the entryway table to next to the kitchen sink. As you should never shower in high-quality rings, like your engagement jewelry, many people place a ring dish on their bathroom counters for easy storage where you need it. Find matching ring dishes for your bedside tables to house your husband's black wedding band and your own dazzling wedding set for convenient storage while you sleep. 

5. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

If you've run out of horizontal options in your room, think vertical. Maximize your storage space with hanging jewelry organizers. Jewelry boxes have their time and place, but hanging organizers are perfect if you're looking for a slim yet visible method for storing jewelry. Every item is displayed and easy to find, whether you choose one with see-through pockets or a back-of-the-door option with hooks. When it comes time to dress in the morning, take a look at your complete collection to find the right accessory. 

Jewelry armoires are a popular choice that hangs on the back of the door, with pegs for necklaces, holes for earrings, and slots for rings. A pocketed closet divider slips between your clothes hangers, with different pockets to organize jewelry by type and pair. Choose one made with high-quality fabrics to protect your jewelry. 

Storing Jewelry for Travel

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When you go on vacation, taking your entire collection with you may not be realistic—but that doesn't mean everything needs to be left behind. There's nothing worse than unpacking your luggage and finding a tangled mess of necklace chains, and with small rings and pairs of earrings, keeping everything together and in shape can feel impossible.

From DIY storage options to leather travel cases, smaller jewelry boxes are designed with pockets and slits to hold all your essential pieces. Slip them into your carry-on to keep your prized collection by your side on your travels, and arrive at your destination with your jewelry unscathed. 

What is the Easiest Way to Untangle a Necklace?

Sometimes, a tangled necklace is unavoidable, even in an organized jewelry system. When those pesky knots occur, soak the chain in warm water with non-scented dish soap and rub the kink between your fingertips to loosen the tangle. Lay it on a flat surface and use a thin tool, like a sewing needle, to pick at the knot until it comes undone. Look into the care instructions for your piece before attempting this trick, as pendants with certain gemstones, such as pearl jewelry, should not be submerged in water.

Find Quality Jewelry Repair

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With proper jewelry storage, you can keep your fashionable pieces out of harm's way. But, when damage does occur, whether it be a gemstone falling off or the clasp on a vintage necklace breaking, don't panic. Trustworthy jewelry repair specialists are trained in examining the piece and providing an estimate for services, from restringing pearls to replacing stones. If your favorite necklace does break, visit Fink's repair service and give your jewelry a second life.

Leave behind the days of trying to remember where you took off your wedding band and having to hunt for the piece you’re looking for in a mess of jewelry when you invest in proper jewelry storage. From boxes to drawer inserts, there's a way to organize jewelry that’s right for everyone. Keep your favorite pendants and diamond necklaces safe and find the best way to store your jewelry so you can skip the frantic search and disappointment of tangled or damaged jewelry.