Modern and Stylish: Men’s Black Wedding Bands

Black Men's Wedding Band at Fink's Jewelers

While selecting a men’s wedding band used to be a fairly simple task on the wedding to-do list, we’ve long since graduated past the typical solid gold ring. Today’s modern man enjoys versatility and style, and the wedding band is the perfect way for him to accessorize.

If your husband-to-be is searching for a modern men’s wedding band style, we have the perfect recommendations! Allow us to share our favorite men’s black wedding bands, how to select his band, and why we think our modern men’s wedding rings in black may be the perfect fit.

What Should You Look for in a Men's Wedding Band?

Triton Men's 8mm Black Tungsten Carbide Comfort Fit Wedding Band

While shopping for an attractive band is exciting, it’s only part of the process. He’ll wear his forever ring every day, so you’ll want to ensure it’s comfortable and practical. As you browse through an array of men’s wedding band collections, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind.

Consider the following while shopping for your modern men's wedding band:

  • metal
  • band width
  • durability
  • profile
  • style

Is Men's Ring Metal Type Important?

With more men gravitating towards accessorizing with jewelry, metal is about much more than strength. While it’s still vital to consider a band’s durability and its compatibility with his work and lifestyle, we’ve seen a shift in what’s important to some men.

Yes, the traditional gold men’s wedding band is still a popular choice for men. But we now see many incorporating the sleek look of men’s black wedding rings into their wardrobes. Many have expanded their wedding ring search to include stylish black men’s wedding bands instead of platinum or white gold. In fact, men are enjoying the versatility in jewelry options that women have enjoyed for decades.

Fink's Men's 8mm Black Ceramic Wedding Band with Blood Wood Inlay

From our stunning Blood Wood and Ceramic Black Men’s Wedding Band to our sought-after tungsten modern men's wedding band collection, the edgy aesthetic is one worth considering for your modern husband-to-be. And if he already has an impressive accessory collection, any men’s black wedding ring metal will pair perfectly with the other men’s jewelry in his collection.

Is Men's Ring Metal Durability Important?

The durability of his ring coincides with the metal choice. Consider these two factors if your fiancé works with his hands, may be prone to scratches and dings, or lives for outdoor activities.

A durable choice for an active man would be a striking black men's wedding ring in tungsten. It will withstand his normal daily activities and wear and tear with minimal issues.

Should You Consider Band Width?

Triton Men's 6mm Black PVD Tungsten Step Edge Wedding Band

Selecting a band width that is both comfortable and appealing is also important. While our 8mm Triton Men's Black Wedding Ring in Tungsten Carbide is a favorite, providing a Comfort Fit many men love, some find it too wide for their taste. Some grooms prefer a slimmer width, like our 6mm Tungsten Step Edge Triton PVD Men's Black Wedding Band.

The typical modern men’s wedding band width ranges from 4mm to 8mm. The width of his wedding ring may affect his comfort and agility. For this reason, we highly recommend he tries on various widths and styles to compare.  

What is a Wedding Brand Profile?

The wedding band’s profile is the outer shape of the ring’s surface. Its profile may add to the appeal of a band’s design, but it’s best to try it on, as it may affect its comfort. Each profile offers a different look and feel, making it necessary to try them on and consider what feels most natural. The basic men’s wedding ring profiles include:

  • D-shaped ring profiles: thin, rounded outside with close, flat inner surface
  • Flat court profiles: flat surface on the outside, rounded on the inside
  • The classic court profile: rounded both inside and out – most traditional
  • The flat ring profile: flat design both inside and out

Men's Wedding Band Styles

Triton Textured Tungsten Band

The style of his wedding band is the perfect way to express his personality, add a hint of fashionable flair, or accessorize with other items in his collection. Whether he prefers the bold look of our Triton Textured Tungsten Men’s Black Wedding Band to the simple styling of our Triton RAW Flat Profile Modern Men’s Black Wedding Band, we offer a selection of styles that are sure to catch his eye and suit his taste.

Our Favorite Black Men’s Wedding Bands for Your Modern Man

Our extensive collection of sleek, black men’s wedding bands offers him a stylish forever ring he’s sure to love. From casual taste to edgy, bold statement rings, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite modern men’s wedding rings in black that make the ideal wedding band for your stylish fiancé. 

Our wedding band specialists love the versatility black men’s wedding bands offer. The eye-catching metal offers a variety of hues, making it modern and unique. 

Tungsten Black Men’s Wedding Rings

Triton Men's 8mm Black Tungsten & Meteorite Band

Our Triton Tungsten and Meteorite Band makes a stylish tungsten black men’s ring. He’s sure to love the textured contrast and sophistication, as well as the cool addition of meteorite.

We love the hammered look of this textured, black, modern men’s wedding ring. If he appreciates jewelry with an artistic flair, we suggest the Triton 7mm Hammer Finish Flat Edge Tungsten Black Men’s Wedding Band. The ring offers a masculine look and pairs well with any attire.

If you’re looking for a band full of intrigue, we suggest our Black Sapphire Men’s Wedding RingThis must-have twist on a black men’s wedding band is sure to be a conversation starter. Our grooms-to-be love the uniqueness while it complements both casual and dressy attire perfectly. Its beautiful white tungsten carbonite satin finish design with a row of beautiful black sapphires nestled within the center of his band. It’s a combination of style and elegance he’ll always cherish. 

When Should You Begin Your Men’s Wedding Band Shopping?

Triton Men's 8mm Tungsten Carbine Black Sapphire Band with Satin Bright Finish

Far too often, couples put off wedding band shopping. Many assume it’s one of the easier tasks on the wedding to-do list. But as you can see, there’s more to it than one realizes. Trust our wedding ring experts when they say you should start several months before the ceremony. 

Give yourself plenty of time to find the right fit and men’s wedding band style. Don’t forget; you may both require time for resizing as well. Besides, your ideal diamond engagement ring probably wasn’t as easy to find as you imagined! Just keep in mind there are many considerations to make when you’re shopping for his forever ring, so start sooner rather than later.

We invite you to come in and take a look at our stunning selection of modern men’s wedding bands. Our wedding band specialists are here to answer all your questions, from caring for and cleaning your wedding rings to helping you find his ideal forever ring.