4 Types of Jewelry for Men

Model Wears Men's Jewelry at Sunset

Do you have an amazing man in your life who deserves some nice jewelry? Are you an amazing man who deserves to treat ‘yo self? Regardless of why, if you’re looking for jewelry for men, Fink’s has tons of options. We’ve laid out a guide to all the best men’s jewelry brands, as well as our favorite types of mens’ accessories. With our advice, the men in your life will have an impressive collection of men’s bracelets, necklaces, rings, and watches.

Best Jewelry Brands for Men

At Finks, we understand how important it is to customers that the brands they purchase are high-quality and ethical. Our site features many brands of jewelry for men that you can feel good about buying.

    John Hardy Men's Jewelry

    Layered hill of grass in Bali

    Since Canadian jewelry artist John Hardy founded his brand of jewelry for men  in 1975, it has been a worldwide favorite. The designer gained his early inspiration from a trip to Bali, Indonesia, where he fell in love with the culture’s jewelry-making process. The company was founded in Bali, and that’s where all the jewelry is made to this day. When you shop for John Hardy, we guarantee you’ll find lots of unique pieces for your own collection — or gifts for the men in your life. They have plenty of types of jewelry for men , including necklaces, rings, and men’s bracelets.

    William Henry Men's Jewelry

    William Henry Spearpoint "High Desert" Pocket Knife

    If you want your jewelry for men to be from a luxurious, American brand, William Henry could be an excellent pick for you. The brand is known for its stylish yet functional jewelry that can double as tools. When you shop from William Henry, your necklaces and men’s bracelets  can be used like any other pocket knife. They love incorporating natural materials, gemstones, and alloys in their jewelry as well. This brand of jewelry for men strives to create a personal connection with their clients through their vast collection.

    David Yurman Men's Jewelry

    David Yurman Beveled Band Ring

    David Yurman founded his jewelry company in 1980. For over forty years now, people have been falling in love with the company’s sterling silver and gold collection. The brand is most known for its exquisite use of mixed metal designs in their men’s bracelets. In addition to his unique use of metal, Yurman was actually the first prominent jeweler to set diamonds in silver. You can trust that the jewelry for men you purchase from David Yurman is authentic and high-quality since they choose only untreated and natural diamonds when it comes to looking for wedding bands

    Hamilton Men's Watches

    X-Wind Chronograph Brown Strap Watch

    If you’re in the market for some incredible men’s watches, we recommend Hamilton. The company started in Pennsylvania in 1892, when they began creating pocket watches. As time progressed, the technology of their watches advanced and they were even able to help keep the coast to coast U.S. Airmail service on time. Although they originated in the United States, they’re currently a watch company based in Switzerland. Their top priorities when crafting watches are close attention to detail and creating quality products that will last over time. They have lots of modern watch designs, as well as ones with a more vintage look if that’s your vibe. 

    Top 4 Jewelry Types for Men

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect men’s gift or trying to expand your own jewelry collection, knowing what types of jewelry for men to look for can be tricky. There are tons of different options; how do you know which ones are the best match for you? We’ve picked out all of the most popular types of men’s jewelry on our site to make your decision a bit easier. 

      Men’s Bracelets

      If you or the men in your life want to accessorize but still keep it simple, a men’s bracelet would be a wonderful gift. You can throw them on effortlessly with almost any outfit. If you love sleek jewelry for men, we have lots of black, grey, and white men's bracelet options at Fink’s. We also have unique colors and bracelets with gemstones for those of you who want a little pop in your wardrobe. Some of our favorite men’s bracelets are:

      • John Hardy classic chain bracelet
      • John Hardy Alsi braided bracelet
      • David Yurman chevron woven gold cuff

      John Hardy Men’s Chain Bracelet

      John Hardy Classic Chain Bracelet

      Anyone who wants a classic and simple chain in their collection would love the John Hardy men’s bracelet. It’s sterling silver and yellow gold from the men’s classic chain collection. This bracelet has recently been remastered and draws inspiration from a 1980s design. This vintage design of this men’s bracelet  has divine connotations to the trinity of man, nature, and a higher being, as defined by the word “three” in Balinese. Together, people believed having these three things would form a powerful and unstoppable life force. If you’re looking for some divine guidance within your jewelry, you can call or email Fink’s or book an appointment with us in the store to purchase this men’s bracelet.

      John Hardy Alsi Braided Bracelet

      Alsi Braided Leather Station Bracelet

      Another one of our favorite John Hardy picks is the Alsi braided bracelet. It’s perfect for vacations and pool days or adding some tropical vibes to your sweatshirt and jeans in the winter. This men’s bracelet design gives the feel of traditional Bali jewelry. The braid is made of black leather, and it has a sterling silver link station from the John Hardy men’s classic chain collection. This men’s bracelet is available in size medium, and is super easy to take on and off since it has a clasp. If you think this would make a great gift for one of the guys in your life, gift wrapping is available for this men’s bracelet on our site! 

      David Yurman Chevron Woven Gold Cuff

      David Yurman Chevron Woven Cuff Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold

      Attention, readers who want your jewelry for men to scream “classy and elegant”! This David Yurman men’s bracelet is for you. The woven chevron detailing adds a distinctive touch to this piece of jewelry for men . The cuff makes it simple to fit onto your wrist and slide on and off between work, dinner parties, the club, or wherever else you want to sport your fancy new bracelet. You can trust the quality of this men’s bracelet since it’s made with eighteen karat yellow gold. Adding this cuff to your men’s bracelet collection will make all your friends jealous of your fantastic accessory game.

      Necklaces for Men

      If you’re more of a chain or necklace guy than a men’s bracelet  fan, we’ve got you covered. Necklaces are wonderful pieces of jewelry for men to add a simple or a more unique touch to their wardrobe depending on their style. Fink’s has everything from chains to necklaces with built-in pocket knives to make every man happy. Some of our top necklaces for men are:  

      • Sabel Men’s 14k gold chain
      • John Hardy sterling silver chain
      • William Henry Morpheus “Fire” pendant

      Sabel Men’s 14k Gold Chain

      14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Light Wheat Chain Necklace

      What outfit doesn’t look good with a chain? Adding a simple chain, like the Sabel Men’s 14k gold chain, to your collection of jewelry for men will elevate your look in no time. It’s effortless to throw on with any outfit, but we guarantee it will complete any look. This shiny light wheat chain necklace weighs 11.00 grams total. It measures 3.20mm wide and is 24” in length. It comes from the incredible Fink’s Sabel Men’s Collection, so you can trust it’s made with great care and attention to detail.

      John Hardy Sterling Silver Chain

      Silver Box Chain Necklace

      If you’ve fallen in love with John Hardy jewelry for men, you might need this sterling silver chain for your collection. This classic box chain necklace is excellent for everyday wear or for spicing up a dressier outfit. The lobster clasp makes it easy to take on and off; you won’t be running late for work because you couldn’t get your necklace to fasten. This necklace measures 4mm wide and 26” in length. We guarantee that you or your loved ones will love this chain!

      William Henry Morpheus “Fire” Pendant

      Morpheus "Fire" Pendant Knife

      Like we mentioned before, William Henry is known for their unique take on wearing knives in jewelry rather than keeping them in your pocket. Not only is this William Henry pendant a stylish accessory, but it’s also a little pocket knife! You or your dad, husband, brother, etc., won’t have to worry the next time they forget their pocket knife. When it doubles as their favorite necklace, they’ll never want to take it off! Opening packages, carving things, and cutting off pesky clothing tags just got a whole lot easier with this piece of jewelry for men. The “Fire” is a bold sterling silver pendant inlaid with a 10,000-year-old fossilized mammal tooth. A gorgeous diamond conceals the necklace’s button lock, ensuring that the blade is secure and safe. It also includes a key ring and a stainless steel chain. If you have questions about the diamond within this men’s necklace, check out our post about buying diamonds.

      Men’s Rings

      Classic Chain Sterling Silver 8mm Band Ring

      Whether you’re about to head down the aisle and get married or just want a simple accessory for your jewelry collection, Fink’s has some awesome men’s rings we think you’ll love. Men are even starting to embrace engagement rings as a commitment to their relationship. Rings are a great gift, and you can even find the perfect one to match your favorite men’s bracelets, necklaces, and watches. Some of the best men’s rings from Fink’s are: 

      • John Hardy sterling silver ring
      • Triton Men’s black sapphire ring

      John Hardy Sterling Silver Ring

      This sterling silver chain ring from John Hardy is an excellent pick for anyone who wants jewelry for men  that stands out from your average piece but isn’t too over-the-top. We guarantee this ring will go with every outfit in your wardrobe. It has a distinctive black chain design and measures 8mm wide. You can find it on our site in a men’s size ten, or you can make an appointment to try it on in the store first.

      Triton Men’s Black Sapphire Ring

      Trition 8mm Tungsten Black Sapphire

      The Triton Men’s black sapphire ring is the perfect mix of sleek and trendy. Since crystals are rising in popularity for their beauty and healing powers, it’s no wonder they’re even in jewelry for men. Black sapphire, in particular, is believed to assist with physical and emotional healing. Plus, it looks incredible in accessories for men. The sapphire band is carbon black and has a satin bright finish. This ring is made to be a comfortable fit, and you can always try it on first with us in the store.

      Men’s Watches

      Watches are probably the most popular and classic accessory for men. Who doesn’t love jewelry that serves a purpose in daily life? Fink’s has a wide variety of high-quality watches to match every man’s style. Are you a modern guy? Do you have more of a retro vibe? We’ve got you covered no matter what kind of watches you’re looking for. The top men’s watches are:

      • Tudor Black Bay Chrono
      • Breitling Navitimer B01 46mm

      Tudor Black Bay Chrono

      Tudor Black Bay Chrono Watch

      The Tudor Black Bay Chrono is an amazing everyday piece to add to your collection. The steel and black design make them perfect for any occasion. These watches come with a 41 mm steel case, with a polished and satin finish. They have a fixed steel bezel that features a matte black anodized aluminum disc with tachymetric scale and silver markings. The self-winding mechanical movement on these watches have a directional rotor system. You can even wear this style in the shower or during a swim, as it’s waterproof to 660 feet. 

      Breitling Navitimer B01

      Breitling Navitimer B01 46mm Watch with Blue Dial

      Anyone who loves the color blue needs this Breitling chronograph in their wardrobe. The classic Navitimer features a 46 mm diameter, which accentuates its presence on the wrist. The generous diameter also improves the readability of the dial and the circular aviation slide rule. Since these watches have a transparent caseback, the chronometer-certified, high-performance self-winding chronograph caliber is revealed. You can count on the quality and durability of these watches, since any manufacturing defects are covered by an international warranty that is valid for two years from the date you purchase it.

      We hope this guide to jewelry for men helped you figure out the perfect gift or perhaps the top pick for your own accessory collection. With our men’s bracelets, necklaces, rings, and watches, you’ll be the most stylish guy in town. Don’t forget; you can always call or email us with any questions about any of our jewelry pieces for men to get more help or information. Happy accessory shopping!