Your Guide to Purchasing a Men’s Luxury Watch

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Selecting your first or next designer watch is always a thrilling experience. There are an array of features and styles to consider before investing in a luxury watch, and it can get a bit overwhelming. So we've put together a helpful guide to assist you as you browse through a multitude of men’s luxury watches. With a bit of helpful advice from our team of luxury watch experts, you’ll learn how to narrow down a long list of things to consider so you can feel great about your designer watch purchase. 

Selecting a Men’s Luxury Watch

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Whether you’re one to purchase luxury men's jewelry and watches on impulse or take time to weigh all your options, we’d love to offer a bit of advice when it comes to your designer watch. Your watch is a timeless addition to your wardrobe. So while your first instinct may be to select a luxury watch based on its appeal, there are many watch features you may want to consider first.

A luxury-crafted watch can be a significant investment, so taking the time to consider all your options when buying a watch shouldn't be taken lightly. We want to take a moment to share some of our favorite luxury watch features and help you understand the intricate details available. After all, you’ll want to ensure you’re selecting a designer watch that can suit all your needs.

Top items on our men's designer watch checklist include:

  • watch movement
  • case and case back
  • luxury complications 

Watch Movement

The movement of your timepiece refers to what actually makes your watch tick. Also known as the caliber, the movement is the mechanism in your designer watch that functions similarly to an engine. When considering a watch, there are two types of movements you will select from.   

Two types of watch movements include:

Quartz Watch Movements

Quartz movements are battery-powered and known for their impeccable time-keeping accuracy. These mass-produced movements utilize a tiny piece of quartz to do so. As a result, a luxury watch made of quartz will generally be less expensive than a mechanical designer watch and easier to maintain.

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A quartz designer watch is powered by a lithium battery and may last roughly three years before it requires battery replacement.

A more advanced quartz luxury watch utilizes the sun to recharge its battery. While this is an incredible feature, note that wrist movement or rotor-power fuel their time-keeping in most models. 

Mechanical Watch Movements

Some mechanical watch movements need to be manually wound, while others are designed as automatic movements. Kinetic energy is harnessed by automatic movements to run without the need to wind manually. The sole movement of your arm provides the power the movement of your luxury watch requires to keep it ticking.

While mechanical movements tend to be preferable in a luxury watch, there are a few things to consider when making your watch selection. First, consider how each will meet your needs as you decide between quartz and mechanical movements for your designer watch. The mainspring of mechanical movements will provide power to your timepiece for a few days. This type of luxury watch will typically be more expensive and slightly less accurate in its time-keeping ability. However, they are just as stunning and sought-after.

A mechanical designer watch will also be more expensive to maintain than a quartz movement. However, when you consider the timespan between necessary maintenance for this style, the additional expense may not be such an added consideration after all.

Designer Watch Checklist for Cases and Casebacks

We also encourage you to consider watch options like shape, material, and the size of your luxury watch’s casing. These are essential elements to consider when buying a watch.

Careful consideration of the aesthetics of your designer watch will help you select a piece that will compliment everything you pair with it and truly stand the test of time. You’ll be glad you took the time to evaluate everything on your handy watch checklist before making your investment.

The Shape 

Most people envision a round case when purchasing their timepieces, but there are many attractive alternatives to consider before making your watch selection. 

An array of beautifully crafted luxury watches can be found in shapes, including:

  • oval
  • octagonal
  • square

The Size

As you move down your luxury watch checklist, don’t forget to try on each piece that catches your eye. Sizes will vary, and each designer watch will provide a different appeal upon your wrist. The lug-to-lug measurement will assist you in determining if the face of the watch will hang over your wrist, but there’s nothing that compares to trying it on for size. We strongly encourage you to try out a variety of face diameters before committing to your luxury watch, as size may affect aspects you had not yet considered.

The diameter of each luxury watch can affect:
  • appearance
  • fit
  • comfort 

A larger diameter may feel uncomfortable or restrict the  movement of your wrist. The thickness of the case may even be uncomfortable. Therefore, take the time to try on various options when possible. 

The Material

The material of your designer watch may be an easy item to mark off on your designer watch checklist. For example, you may wish to match your wedding band or a favorite cuff or bracelet. While stainless steel is the most-used metal for luxury watches due to its exceptional quality, durability, and value, additional materials are available for consideration.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Men's Quartz Movement Stainless Steel and Gold-Plated Blue Dial Watch

Additional watch materials to consider during your purchase include:

  • ceramic
  • titanium
  • gold
  • platinum 

Open vs. Closed Designer Watch Casebacks

A quartz timepiece is not typically designed to include a case back with a viewing window. Instead, this luxury watch style tends to be made within a closed case back since you would be unable to see inside anyway.

However, the movement of mechanical timepieces is mysterious and a shame to hide. Because of this, you’ll find many mechanical designer watches with transparent case backs for viewing.

Luxury Watch Complications

You’ll find an array of complications or features on most luxury watches. As you browse the checklist of designer watch features, it’s helpful to prioritize those you'd like included with your chosen timepiece.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common designer watch complications. Have a look at our watch complications checklist and decide which you desire before committing to your timepiece.  

The most popular complications for a designer watch checklist include:

  • date
  • alarm 
  • perpetual calendar
  • time zones 
  • GMT complication
  • chronometer
  • tachymeter 
  • moon phases
  • power reserve indicator 

Select Your Luxury Watch Band

As you browse for your ideal luxury watch, you’ll also want to consider the band style you prefer. For some men, this may come down to personal preference. For others, selecting a watch band that can withstand a rugged, outdoor lifestyle or pair elegantly with daily boardroom attire is important.

If you haven’t decided on the type of band you prefer for your designer watch, there are several factors to keep in mind as you make your way down your ideal watch checklist.

Strap vs. Bracelet Band Styles

man sliding watch on his wrist wearing white button down shirt

Luxury watches are stunning whether you choose a leather band or bracelet link style. As with any option, go through your mental watch checklist to determine which style may better suit all your needs.

While bracelet watch bands may be more appealing to some watch shoppers, keep in mind, they also add to the weight of your designer watch. However, they are resilient and hold up well against accidental bumps and scratches and outdoor adventures.

It would be best to consider how often you plan to wear your new luxury watch. For example, do you plan to wear your timepiece outdoors, near water, or in humid conditions? All of these considerations will help steer you towards the watch band that can best serve your needs and lifestyle.

Leather and other material watch band options can offer incredible durability while adding a classic appeal to your luxury watch. They are perfect for business, casual, and black-tie wardrobe pairings. In addition, these designer watch bands come in various materials and colors, adding to the look and feel of any watch.

Luxury watch band materials may include:

  • vintage leather
  • alligator
  • suede
  • calfskin
  • rubber

Determining a Budget for Your Designer Watch

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Men's Black Dial and Black Bezel WatchWhile we know how tempting it is to purchase the first gorgeous timepiece that catches your eye, there’s one other consideration to keep in mind. It’s wise to be mindful of the price ranges of luxury watches and where your finances align with your future investment. Take note of your taste in things like band styles and diamond accents, brands you admire, and complication priorities, then consider your finances and how they meet your tastes and desires.

Make your budgeting checklist for your watch and consider your priorities. Take note of your metal preferences, complications you can and can’t live without, and your watch movement preference. Once you’ve mapped out the options that are most appealing to you, have a look at our pricing guide. We’ve put together some helpful information so you can easily narrow down the category of designer watches that best suit your financial needs. Besides, you’ll enjoy your luxury watch much more if you’re not fretting over its price tag. 

Budget-Friendly Designer Watches

The least expensive luxury watch options will typically offer a quartz movement. These timepieces will likely offer your basic features, provide a comfortable fit, and meet several of your wants and needs. This group of designer watches can be priced anywhere between $100 and $250. 

Reasonably Priced Designer Men's Watches

Man adjusts the band of his luxury watch

Increasing your spending up to the $500-$2,000 range broadens your choices a bit more. In addition, this price range will expand your complication options, metal options, and weight and boost the overall quality of the luxury watch.

Investing in a higher-end designer watch will open up additional complication choices, more luxurious band and casing materials, and added durability and appeal. You’ll find several breathtaking TAG Heuer, Hamilton, and Longines wristwatches within this price range, offering incredible features and eye-catching designs.

High-End Luxury Men's Watches

If your budget allows for higher-end luxury watches, the luxury category will encompass timepieces that include legends such as Cartier. Sky’s the limit with these breathtaking beauties that are known to last generations. A luxury timepiece of such caliber can even increase in value over time when treated with impeccable care.

Fink's Luxury Watch Services

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At Fink's Jewelers, we proudly offer exceptional repairs and services for all your luxury watch needs. In fact, we have a highly-skilled watch repair specialist on-site in several of our stores. Our knowledgeable and certified luxury watch repair teams provide routine and preventative repairs and services for all designer watches, including Swiss-made timepieces.

We know you’ve made quite an investment in your luxury watch. That’s why we are happy to provide you with cleanings, inspections, and repairs, regardless of where you purchased your watch. Our team of dedicated watch experts will assist you with any type of watch repair or cleaning services necessary.

Our designer watch services include:

  • battery replacement
  • add, remove, and inspect watch hinges and links
  • polish, clean, and lubricate applicable parts        
  • repair and replace worn or faulty clasps
  • certified manufacturer's warranty repairs for your luxury brand designer watches
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Our highly trained team of on-site watch experts will tend to your luxury watch as if it were their own. In fact, we stand behind our impeccable work and guarantee all of our watch repair services. However, if, in the unlikely event, you are not 100% satisfied with your designer watch cleaning or repairs, we urge you to return with your concerns so we can make them right. In addition, we invite you back with any issues within one year of your watch service visit so we may address issues you are still experiencing with your timepiece.

You’re ready to embark on your search for your ideal luxury timepiece. We invite you to visit a Fink’s Jeweler near you and allow us to show you our vast selection of luxury men’s watches today.