Your Guide to Men’s Gemstone Bracelets

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Whether you’re shopping for a unique gift for the man in your life or searching for an accessory to add to your own wardrobe, men’s jewelry has a lot to offer these days. From casual wear to black-tie events, men's jewelry accessories continue to be a growing staple in men’s fashion. If you’re ready to dive into the latest fashion accessory trends, we’ll share some of our favorite pieces that will suit your style. We'll also share the top reasons men incorporate gemstone jewelry into their wardrobe from past to present. 

­Men’s Jewelry: A Brief Look Through History

Chevron Bracelet in Black, 8.5" Length

While it may seem like women have always been the dominant wearers of jewelry, men are certainly not strangers to the concept of accessorizing. Historians have found new evidence of men’s jewelry dating back over 130,000 years. Let’s take a quick look through history.

The History of Men’s Jewelry

Throughout early history, men’s jewelry included necklaces and bracelets made of various materials, like shells, animal teeth, and bones.

As gold and silver gained popularity, Egyptian men were seen dripping in jewelry, stemming from the belief it pleased their gods.

For soldiers, leather cuffs became a part of the uniform worn in battle. The cuffs were believed to provide protection from evil spirits and guide the men home.

British royalty accessorized with heavy gold chains and collars. The men’s single earring was a popular trend, with a preference for dangling styles rather than studs.

Among the aristocrats, it was not uncommon to see men’s gemstones set in lavish diamond-studded designs and multi-stoned brooches. Men’s gemstones were originally to be worn only by higher-ranking church officials and the wealthy.

What Sparked the Latest Men’s Jewelry Trend?

William Henry Black Onyx and Skulls "La Paz" Men's Bracelet

As menswear began to make its mark on the world, jewelry designers took notice. The introduction of a men’s fall fashion week in London piqued the interest of many in 2012. By 2015, men’s fall fashion week hit the runways of New York, accessories and all.

As menswear began to rise in popularity, the internet began buzzing with images of celebrities in their latest nod to their favorite trends. Images of the icons spotted in traffic-stopping chains, leather cuffs, and other men’s jewelry pieces encouraged this hot trend. 

The Desire to Accessorize with Men’s Jewelry

The modern man’s outlook on fashion was changing, and it was demanding a closet overhaul. Not only did men start to embrace the new menswear trends, but also the bold accessories that came with the new grooming norms for modern men.

Men’s accessories were no longer just about the watch. Social media images drew attention to stylish leather bracelets and silver-link chains worn with any and all attire. Men were owning their personal appearance and making a statement with their unique twists on styling trends.

Blending Casual & Luxury

Classic Chain Sodalite and Hematite Asli Bead Bracelet

As the fashion-savvy Instagram era evolved, so did the role of men’s jewelry. In addition, demographic and societal shifts made room for an “anything goes” appearance in the workplace for many. As a result, it was common and acceptable for men and women to toss on a casual pair of joggers and transform the look with a stunning pendant necklace or sterling silver and sodalite beaded men’s bracelet.

Modern Men’s Bracelet Designs by David Yurman

Designers like David Yurman understand the needs of the modern man. His men’s jewelry line includes bold statement accessories, like the Large Box Chain Bracelet in sterling silver brilliance. His collection of box chain bracelets woven in various colored nylon cords make the piece accessible to men with varying color palette needs. 

Men’s Gemstone Accessories

John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Mixed Turquoise Bead Bracelet

Men’s gemstone jewelry can be found in various styles to suit all the demands of today’s fashion-conscious man. In addition, the design of each piece can set the tone of the outfit. From office to evening wear, the an ID bracelet makes a powerful statement. For casual attire or a weekend outdoors, the colorful blend of mixed turquoise beads brings a fun, laid-back pop of personality. 

Men’s Gemstone Bracelet Designs by John Hardy

John Hardy’s collection of men’s gemstone bracelets sets the stage for accessorizing with flare. His Legends Naga Eagle Eye bracelets boast deep blue sapphire eyes against sterling silver. The subtle stones can be worn on a braided leather or a strand of black volcanic rock beads. 

Men’s Gemstone Jewelry with Meaning

One of the top accessory trends in men’s jewelry is still beaded gem bracelets and necklaces. Men’s gemstone bracelets can be seen both off and on the runway, paired with any attire. Yes, even men are on board with stacking and layering them, although some have different reasons for doing so.

For some men, the return of meaningful gemstones drew them to the accessory trend in the first place. Accessorizing men’s gemstone jewelry allows them to express their personal style while soaking in their powers of good health and happiness.

Black Onyx Men's Jewelry

Each stone is believed to offer unique energies and precious healing properties that wearers gravitate towards. For instance, while some men may select William Henry's Men's “La Paz” Bracelet for its intricately detailed skulls and bold fashion appeal, others are captivated by the frosted black onyx itself.

Black onyx is best known as a stone of protection, guarding against the presence of negative energy. The gemstone is also known as a beneficial grounding stone.

Grounding Benefits of Black Onyx:

  • Stabilizing your emotions
  • Centering your energy
  • Calming your spirit

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Jewelry

Legends Naga Stainless Steel Double Wrap Link Bracelet in Tiger's Eye

Other sought-after men’s gemstone pieces include the stunning tiger’s eye. Historically, this stone was carried for protection against curses and evil doings from others.

Tiger’s eye became known as a stone that could provide great inner strength, willpower, and improved self-confidence. The luxurious shades of red and brown with golden bands and specks can be found on many striking men’s jewelry items that exude power and fearlessness. One such piece is the Stainless Steel Double Wrap Link Bracelet with Hardy’s distinct Naga design.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry for Men

The intensity of lapis lazuli’s rich blue coloring with flecks of gold makes it a stunning choice for men’s jewelry. Yet, the stone holds meaning far beyond its beauty for some wearers. Lapis lazuli brings harmony and positive vibes to your relationships while strengthening the lines of communication.

The gemstone is also known to boost cognitive stimulation. Some wear it for the promises of enhanced memory, while others seek the heightened creativity it can provide.  

The stone is said to bring healing to your emotions through its flow of positive energy, courage, and hope. Many wear the stone to help improve mental wellness.

Mental Wellness Benefits of Men’s Gemstones May Help You To:

  • Battle grief
  • Overcome trauma
  • Lessen Anxiety
  • Conquer depression
  • Increase positive energy

Whether your wardrobe says casual or suit up, make a statement with your selection of men’s gemstone jewelry. ­­