Top 4 Types of Men’s Jewelry

Top 4 Types of Men’s Jewelry

Are you searching for the best jewelry gift options for the remarkable man in your life? Perhaps you’re shopping for men’s chain bracelets and other accessories to spoil your man? Regardless of the reason, if you’re looking for the best men’s jewelry brands and options, Fink’s Jewelers offers an incredible selection to meet all your needs.

Our men’s jewelry experts have compiled a guide of their favorite men’s jewelry brands and the best jewelry pieces to add to any man’s collection. With their knowledge and experience, you’ll find invaluable advice to help you shop for all the extraordinary men in your life. From men’s chain bracelets to gold cufflinks, he’ll have an impressive collection that’s sure to turn heads.

When Did the Men’s Jewelry Trend Begin?

John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Multi-Gemstone and Leather Wrap Bracelet

Men have never been blind to the appeal of wearing jewelry. From men’s gemstone bracelets and cuffs to rings, accessorizing with the best jewelry dates back more than 130,000 years. The first pieces of men’s jewelry were crafted from animal teeth, shells, and bone segments. Through time, the best jewelry pieces were made from silver and gold, boasting wealth and stature.

From casual attire to black-tie appearances, men's jewelry options remain a growing staple in fashion. So whether the man in your life is new to wearing men’s jewelry or has hinted at a growing intrigue for gemstone jewelry, there are plenty of options to suit his taste.

What Were the First Men’s Jewelry Pieces?

Men's jewelry was prominently worn as rings and cuffs throughout various cultures. As a result, it was not uncommon to see men dripping in the best jewelry, even surpassing women's collections, from metals to leather.

Amongst British royalty, thick gold chains were a popular display of wealth and status. Even single dangle and stud earrings were popular men’s jewelry items.

Egyptians drenched themselves with their best jewelry with the belief they pleased their gods. Even soldiers wore men’s bracelets or cuffs as part of their official uniform, believing in their powers of protection and safe deliverance from battle.

Multi-gemstone accessories were also quite popular amongst the first and best jewelry pieces. It was common for the highest-ranking church officials to be seen dripping in precious stones set in brooches and collars.

How Did the Men’s Jewelry Trends Evolve?

As menswear became more fashionable, the need for men’s jewelry and accessories was apparent. As a result, London's 2012 fall fashion week created buzz and curiosity around the future of men’s fashion trends.

David Yurman Chevron Bracelet in Black, 8.5" LengthBy 2015, men’s fashion was taking New York runways by storm, creating the need for men’s jewelry brands and collaboration with clothing designers. So naturally, jewelry designers jumped at the opportunity to become the next top men’s jewelry brand.

Men were demanding to be included in the rise of fashion trends. Celebrities were being photographed in their favorite trends, flashing the latest men’s jewelry brand names. Finally, the world was taking notice of them, from gold statement rings to men’s chain bracelets. Once deemed complete with a luxury watch, men's fashion accessories now are about the latest David Yurman leather bracelets and silver-link chains around the neck.

Best Men’s Jewelry Brands

At Fink’s, we understand how important it is to our customers that the brands they purchase are high-quality and ethical. As a result, we feature many men’s jewelry brands that you can feel good about buying. From casual wear to fine dining, we strive to offer an array of exceptional men’s jewelry brands and pieces for all occasions that can easily be added to your collection.

Some of our favorite men's jewelry brands include:

  • John Hardy
  • William Henry
  • David Yurman
  • Hamilton

John Hardy Men’s Jewelry

John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Braided Leather Station Bracelet

Since Canadian jewelry artist John Hardy founded his men’s jewelry brand in 1975, it has been a worldwide favorite. The designer gained his early inspiration from a trip to Bali, Indonesia, where he fell in love with the culture’s jewelry-making process. In fact, John Hardy’s company was founded in Bali, where all his incredible jewelry continues to be made to this day.

When you shop John Hardy’s irresistible men’s jewelry brand, we guarantee you’ll find an array of unique pieces for your own collection — or gifts for the special men in your life. Hardy offers some of the best jewelry for men, including necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

William Henry Men’s Jewelry

If you’ve been searching for a luxury men’s jewelry brand designer, William Henry could be an excellent pick for you. The American luxury designer loves incorporating natural materials, gemstones, and alloys into their jewelry designs. In addition, this unique men’s jewelry brand strives to create a personal connection with its clients through its vast collection.

William Henry Morpheus "Vine" Pendant Knife

William Henry’s men’s jewelry brand is known for its stylish yet functional collection that can double as tools. For instance, when you shop from William Henry, your necklaces and men’s bracelets can be used as a traditional pocketknife. We're confident this is the best jewelry line for even the most demanding man to shop for.

David Yurman Men’s Jewelry

In 1980, David Yurman founded his jewelry company. For over 40 years now, people have been falling in love with the company’s sterling silver and gold collection. The David Yurman brand is most known for its exquisite use of mixed metal designs in their men’s bracelets and wedding bands.

In addition to his unique use of metal, Yurman was actually the first prominent jeweler to set diamonds in silver. As a result, you can trust that the men’s jewelry you purchase from David Yurman is of the highest quality. Yurman also chooses to create using only untreated and natural diamonds. 

Hamilton Men’s Jewelry

Hamilton Khaki Avaition Converter Auto Watch with Blue Dial

If you’re in the market for incredible men’s watches, we recommend Hamilton. The company started in Pennsylvania in 1892, where it began creating pocket watches. As time progressed, the technology of the watches advanced, even being used to help keep the coast-to-coast U.S. Airmail service on time.

Although Hamilton originated in the United States, the brand is currently based in Switzerland. Its top priorities when crafting watches include close attention to detail and creating quality products that will last over time. As a result, they have an array of modern watch designs, with an excellent selection of watches with a vintage look and feel.

Top 4 Types of Men’s Jewelry to Consider

Whether you're looking for the perfect men's gift or expanding your own jewelry collection, knowing the best type of men’s jewelry to search for is helpful. So, how do you know which type may be the best jewelry option for the man in your life? Our men’s jewelry experts have picked out all of the most popular types of men’s jewelry on our site to make your decision a bit easier.

The best types of men's jewelry include:

  • men’s bracelets
  • necklaces for men
  • men’s rings
  • men’s watches

Best Men’s Bracelets

Model Wearing John Hardy Classic Chain Yellow Gold & Silver Chain Bracelet

If you or the extraordinary man in your life want to accessorize while keeping it simple, a men’s bracelet makes a wonderful gift. You can throw them on effortlessly with almost any outfit, from gemstones and colored woven leather to men's chain bracelets. If you love keeping up with fashion, we have many modern men’s bracelets to select from.

Some of our favorite men’s bracelets are:

  • John Hardy Men’s Classic Chain Braided Leather Station Bracelet
  • John Hardy Tiga Men’s Bracelet
  • John Hardy Alsi Braided Bracelet
  • David Yurman Chevron Woven Gold Cuff

John Hardy Blue Leather Braided Link Station Asli Classic Men’s Chain Bracelet

This masculine piece is the perfect men’s chain bracelet for the casual guy who wants a hint of jewelry in his wardrobe collection. The braided blue leather bracelet also makes the ideal accent accessory as a starter men’s bracelet. The engraved sterling silver clasp is a brilliant contrast and adds a hint of luxury to the perfect accessory for daily wear.

John Hardy Tiga Sterling Silver Men’s Chain Bracelet

John Hardy Men's Tiga Classic Chain Sterling Silver Bracelet

Any man who has an eye for classic and simple will love the John Hardy Tiga Sterling Silver Men’s Chain Bracelet. This men’s bracelet has recently been remastered from John Hardy’s men's classic chain collection, drawing inspiration from a 1980s design.

The vintage design of this men’s chain bracelet has divine connotations to the trinity of man, nature, and a higher being, as defined by the word "three" in Balinese. People believed having these three things together would form a powerful and unstoppable life force. So, if you or the man you’re shopping for are looking for divine guidance within your jewelry collection, this may be the piece for you!

John Hardy Alsi Braided Leather Link Station Men’s Chain Bracelet

John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Alsi Braided Leather Link Station Bracelet

Another one of our favorite John Hardy picks is the Alsi Braided Leather Link Station Men's Chain Bracelet. It’s perfect for vacations and pool days or adding some tropical vibes to your sweatshirt and jeans in the winter.

This stunning men’s bracelet design gives the feel of traditional Bali jewelry. The braid is made of high-quality black leather and has a sterling silver link station from the John Hardy classic chain collection.

David Yurman Chevron Woven Gold Cuff

This David Yurman men’s bracelet offers a woven chevron detailing that adds a distinctive touch, making it one of the best jewelry pieces for any man’s collection. The cuff design makes it simple to slide on and off between work, dinner parties, the club, or wherever else you want to sport your fancy new bracelet.

Chevron Woven Cuff Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold

You can trust the quality of this men’s bracelet since it's made with 18k yellow gold. Adding this cuff to your collection will make all your friends jealous of your fantastic accessory taste.

Best Necklaces for Men

We've got you covered if you're more of a chain or necklace guy than a men’s bracelet fan. Necklaces are wonderful jewelry pieces for men and add a simple or a more unique touch to any wardrobe or style. We offer our clients everything from chains to necklaces with built-in pocketknives to make every man happy.

Some of our top necklaces for men include:  

  • Sabel Men’s 14k Gold Chain
  • John Hardy Sterling Silver Chain
  • William Henry Morpheus “Fire” Pendant
  • David Yurman Men’s Charm Necklace

Sabel Men’s 14k Gold Chain

What outfit doesn’t look good with a chain? Adding a simple chain, like the Sabel Men’s 14k Gold Chain, to your collection of men’s jewelry will elevate your look in no time. A chain of any metal or style is effortless to throw on with any outfit, but we guarantee it will complete any look.

John Hardy Sterling Silver Box Chain Necklace

John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Sterling Silver Box Chain Necklace

If you’ve fallen in love with John Hardy men’s jewelry, you might need to add this sterling silver chain to your collection. The classic box chain necklace is excellent for everyday wear or for spicing up a dressier outfit.

The lobster clasp makes it easy to take off and put on; you won’t be running late for work because you couldn’t get your necklace to fasten. This necklace measures 4mm wide and 26” in length. We guarantee that you or your loved one will be impressed.

William Henry Morpheus “Fire” Pendant Knife

William Henry Morpheus "Fire" Pendant Knife

Like we mentioned before, William Henry is known for its unique take on wearing knives in jewelry rather than keeping them in your pocket. Not only is this William Henry “Fire” Pendant Knife a stylish accessory, but it’s also a functional little pocket knife! The men in your life will never want to take it off when it doubles as their favorite men’s necklace!

The "Fire" is a bold sterling silver pendant inlaid with a 10,000-year-old fossilized mammal tooth. A gorgeous diamond conceals the necklace’s button lock, ensuring that the blade is secure and safe. It also includes a key ring and stainless-steel chain.

David Yurman Men’s Charm Necklace

The David Yurman Men’s Charm Necklace makes a fantastic gift thanks to its stunning design and versatility. This darkened stainless-steel chain is brilliantly designed for men who want a chain that will seamlessly take them from casual days to cocktails at night.

David Yurman Charm Necklace

In addition, this modern box chain design in dark metal stands out against the contrasting circular silver charm. There simply isn’t a better men’s jewelry piece for the fashion-forward man.

Best Men’s Rings

Whether you’re about to head down the aisle and get married or just want a simple accessory for your jewelry collection, we have an endless selection of men’s rings we think you’ll love. Rings are a great gift, and you can even find the perfect one to match your favorite men’s bracelets, necklaces, and watches. 

Some of the best men’s rings from Fink’s are: 

John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Sterling Silver 8mm Band Ring
  • John Hardy Sterling Silver Ring
  • John Hardy Classic Chain Band Ring
  • Triton Men’s Black Sapphire Ring
  • John Hardy Sterling Silver Ring

John Hardy Sterling Silver Ring

This sterling silver chain ring from John Hardy is an excellent pick for anyone who wants men’s jewelry that stands out from your average piece but isn't too over-the-top. We guarantee this ring will go with every outfit in your wardrobe. It has a distinctive black chain design and measures 8mm wide.

John Hardy Classic Chain Band Ring

John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Sterling Silver 6.5mm Band Ring

We couldn’t resist including another classic and timeless jewelry piece for men from John Hardy. This incredible band ring is simple enough to wear every day, but its unique shape will make it stand out from other rings.

The chain design is featured inside the ring and out, so it will look great sitting in your men's jewelry case. It's made of sterling silver and measures 6.5mm wide.

Triton Men’s Black Sapphire Ring

The Triton Men’s black sapphire ring is the perfect mix of sleek and trendy. Since crystals are rising in popularity for their beauty and healing powers, it’s no wonder they’re thought of as one of the best jewelry options for men.

Triton Men's 8mm Tungsten Carbine Black Sapphire Band with Satin Bright Finish

Black sapphire, in particular, is believed to assist with physical and emotional healing. Plus, it looks incredible in accessories for men. The sapphire band is carbon black and has a satin finish. This ring is made to have a comfortable fit with fashionable appeal.

Selecting the Best Men’s Wedding Bands

We certainly can't talk about men's rings without sharing our expertise in selecting a men's wedding band! From metal to fit, there are a few factors to take into account before committing to your forever band.

Considerations for the perfect men’s wedding band includes:

  • style
  • width
  • metal
  • profile

Why Consider Style Options of Men’s Wedding Bands?

Women aren’t the only ones who appreciate diamonds gracing their wedding ring fingers. While men traditionally chose to wear solid metal bands, the men’s wedding band has changed over time.

Men’s wedding rings vary significantly in style. From metal and gemstones to engravings, there are many considerations to make. While most may be a preference, there are still important choices to make as you search for the ideal men's wedding ring.

Men’s wedding band styles also offer step cuts, engraved hammered finishes, and brushed metal to enhance the appeal as the wedding ring has become part of a fashion statement for men. 

Why Consider the Width of the Band?

Triton RAW Men's 9mm Grey PVD Tungsten Smooth Edge Wedding Band

Choosing the ideal men’s wedding band also includes selecting a width that is appealing and comfortable. Generally, men’s bands can be found in sizes ranging from 4mm to 8mm.

Thin bands will offer a lighter feel and typically offer more range of motion. Medium to wide width bands complement larger fingers better but come with a bulkier feel for some.

Why Consider the Ideal Metal of the Band?

The best jewelry for men is no longer limited to traditional gold and silver metals. Instead, many men embrace fashion and men’s jewelry, opting for two-toned gold or dark-colored metals.

Metal selection should not be based on appeal alone. Consideration of his lifestyle should be a factor. Adventurous men or those who work with their hands often find more durable metals suit their needs best.

The ideal men’s wedding band metal choices for your active man may be tungsten, stainless steel, or titanium. These incredibly durable metals can withstand a rough day of dings and scratches.

What is the Profile of a Men's Ring?

The profile of a ring refers to the shape of its outer surface. For some men, the ring's profile also adds to the appearance of the overall design. However, comfort should be the main factor when choosing the ideal ring profile. There are four general ring profiles to consider.

The most common ring profiles include:

  • classic court
  • flat ring
  • D-shaped
  • flat court
Classic Court

This is the most traditional profile, offering a rounded design, both inside and out.

Flat Ring

Flat profiles have a flat surface both inside and out.

D-Shaped Ring

This profile has a thin, rounded exterior with a close, flat inner surface.

Flat Court

A flat-court profile will have a flat exterior with a rounded interior.

Men’s Watches

Watches are probably the most popular and classic accessory for men. Who doesn’t love jewelry that serves a purpose in daily life? Fink’s has a wide variety of high-quality watches to match every man’s style. Are you a modern guy? Do you have more of a retro vibe? We’ve got you covered no matter what kind of watches you’re looking for.

The best men’s watches include:

Black Bay Chrono
  • Tudor Black Bay Chrono
  • Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 46 

Tudor Black Bay Chrono

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono is a fantastic everyday timepiece to add to your collection. The steel and black design makes it perfect for any occasion. The watch comes with a 41mm steel case with a polished satin finish. The timepiece has a fixed steel bezel that features a matte black anodized aluminum disc with a tachymetric scale and silver markings.

The self-winding mechanical movement on these watches has a directional rotor system. You can even wear this style in the shower or during a swim, as it's waterproof to 660 feet.

Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 46

Men love the Breitling Chronograph, especially since it pairs with almost everything in their wardrobe. The classic Navitimer 1 features a 46mm diameter, which accentuates its presence on the wrist. The generous diameter also improves the readability of the dial and the circular aviation slide rule. 

Since these watches have a transparent case back, the chronometer-certified, high-performance, self-winding chronograph caliber is revealed. In addition, you can customize these watches to fit your personal style, as the model is available in steel, steel and gold, and red gold.

The aura blue dial and blue leather strap make this style the perfect combination of classy and unique. In addition, you can count on the quality and durability of these watches since any manufacturing defects are covered by an international warranty that is valid for two years from the date of purchase.

How to Select Men’s Luxury Watches for a Gift

Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph 44 Watch with Green Dial

Shopping for a men’s watch requires consideration of many components. A watch is a timeless accessory to add to his wardrobe. Your natural instinct may be to purchase a luxury timepiece that catches your eye. Still, we urge you to take a few minutes to learn about the essential features and inner workings of a high-quality watch to ensure you make a wise investment.

Essential considerations to make when choosing a luxury men’s watch include:

  • watch movement
  • case and caseback
  • complications 

What is a Watch Movement?

The movement of a watch refers to the heart of what makes your timepiece tick. Also known as the caliber, the watch’s movement is the mechanism in your designer timepiece that functions similarly to an engine.

When considering a watch for that remarkable man in your life, there are two types of movements to select from.   

The types of watch movements include:

  • quartz
  • mechanical

What Should I Know About Timepiece Cases and Casebacks?

While some watch options, such as their shape, band material, and casing size, can undoubtedly be chosen by preference, they also play essential roles in the overall comfort of a timepiece.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Men's Luxury Watch

Careful consideration of the overall aesthetics of any designer watch will help you select one that complements anything you may pair it with. Ensuring the quality and integrity of these components will also ensure your watch stands the test of time. 

Essential elements to consider when selecting a men’s luxury watch include:

  • shape
  • size

The shape of a timepiece enhances its appearance but may also play a role in comfort. The shape of a luxury watch can be found in various options, including oval, octagonal, rectangle, and more.

The size of the case refers to the diameter of a luxury watch and can also affect its appearance and comfort. Consider your or your special man's hobbies, job, and overall daily routine when selecting a case size. A more significant diameter case may feel restrictive or uncomfortable to the movement of your wrist.

Even the thickness of the case can cause slight discomfort, so it's essential to consider all sizes and lifestyle needs.

What Luxury Watch Complications Should I Consider?

Complications, or features, are found on most luxury timepieces to enhance the wearer’s experience. In addition, you'll find an array of complications that add to the overall aesthetic, quality, and functionality.

Our men’s jewelry and watch experts have compiled a list of the most common designer timepiece complications. As you browse through them, we suggest prioritizing the designer watch features according to wants and needs, as they can impact the overall price of the watch.

The most popular complications for a designer men’s watch include:

Longines Master Collection 40mm Moon Phase Chronograph Gent's Watch
  • power reserve indicator 
  • perpetual calendar
  • date
  • alarm 
  • time zones 
  • GMT complication
  • tachymeter 
  • chronometer
  • moon phases

Does Fink’s Offer Luxury Watch Services?

Here at Fink's Jewelers, we proudly offer exceptional repairs and services for all your luxury timepiece needs, whether it was purchased from us or not. We have a highly skilled watch repair specialist and maintenance team on-site at many of our store locations.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional service and knowledgeable, certified, luxury watch repair teams. Our timepiece experts will provide you with routine and preventative repairs and services for any designer watch, including your luxury Swiss-made timepieces.

Luxury men’s watches are a treasured investment and should receive the best care and services. We are honored to care for the upkeep of your timepiece and offer inspections, cleanings, and repairs, and we will guide you along the way on what to expect from your watch repair service.

Our men’s designer watch services include:

  • replacement of battery
  • polish, clean, and lubricate all applicable parts        
  • add, remove, and inspect timepiece hinges and links
  • repair and replace worn or faulty clasps
  • certified manufacturer's warranty repairs for your luxury brand men’s designer watch 

Why Consider Custom Men’s Jewelry Services?

Men's 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Light Wheat Chain Necklace

Custom jewelry services may be ideal whether you're shopping for a man who seems to have everything or wish to incorporate a family heirloom. Designing a custom men’s jewelry piece allows you complete control over your gift's look, feel, and sentimental value.

As you search for a custom design jeweler, it is vital to research your choices. Custom men’s jewelry design can be a significant investment. Therefore, ensure you entrust your vision with a skilled, reputable jeweler.

You should feel comfortable asking questions, making changes, and voicing your ideas to the entire design team. A high-quality custom design team such as ours will be more than willing to assist you through the entire process. This process should be memorable and help you transform your vision for him into a reality.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality, affordable custom design services at Fink’s. We offer impeccable service, the best jewelry and design team, and state-of-the-art technology software to streamline our Custom Design Studio. Our custom jewelry is also covered under the same expert care and maintenance services each of our jewelry pieces receives.

You now have a wealth of knowledge to help you select the best men’s jewelry to add to his collection!