What to Look for When Selecting a Men’s Wedding Ring

What to Look for When Selecting a Men’s Wedding Ring

Selecting the ideal men’s wedding ring is more than just choosing a metal that catches your eye. Rings have always held symbolic meaning, and the wedding band exchange commemorates your love and commitment. From traditional solid gold bands to men’s unique rings, our engagement ring experts want to share what to look for as you search for your perfect forever band to add to your men's jewelry collection. We’ll also share some of our favorite men’s wedding rings you'll admire.

What to Consider in a Men’s Wedding Band

14K White Gold Round Diamond Textured Wedding Band

You've likely finished your search for the perfect women’s engagement ring, and now it's time to find a stunning men’s wedding band he'll love wearing 'til death do you part. From the band's width and style to how it coordinates with your current and future men's jewelry pieces, there are a few factors to consider before making your final decision. Our men’s jewelry experts want you to focus on five essential areas. 

As you try on various men's unique rings and classic band designs, consider the following:

  • width
  • profile
  • metal
  • durability
  • style 

Why is the Width of a Men's Wedding Ring Important?

The width of a men's wedding ring helps determine comfort as well as appeal. You'll typically find that men’s wedding rings range in width from 4mm to 8mm.

A slimmer ring will be lighter, offer more mobility, and generally be a less expensive men's jewelry piece. In addition, a medium to wide width ring band tends to look better on men with longer or larger fingers.

The width of your treasured daily men's jewelry piece will ultimately impact your overall comfort. Bandwidth can either provide room or restrict your movement and functionality.

What is a Ring Profile?

8mm White Tungsten Satin Center Wedding Band

The shape of a band's outer surface is known as its profile. There are four general profiles to consider as you try on bands and select your unique men's ring.

The 4 ring profiles include:
  1. Classic court: round inside and outside the band and the most traditional
  2. D-shaped: thin and round on the outside with a close, flat surface inside
  3. Flat ring: flat inside and outside
  4. Flat court: flat on the outside, rounded inside

Is Metal Type Important When Selecting a Band?

There are many metals to choose from for your forever band. The metal can create a unique men's ring or a sleek, traditional look. While some men’s wedding ring metals are chosen for appeal, other rings and men's jewelry pieces are chosen for their durability.

With more men gravitating towards accessorizing with men's jewelry and men’s unique rings, metal is about much more than durability. While it’s still vital to consider a band’s durability and its compatibility with his work and lifestyle, we’ve seen a shift in what’s important to men.

As the modern man continues to expand into designer cuffs, personalized chains, and men’s unique rings, metal durability becomes an important part of the decision-making process. The ideal men’s wedding ring metals for a man who is active outdoors or works with his hands will be tungsten, stainless steel, and titanium. These three metals can withstand a heavy beating and daily dings, scratches, and adventures and make stunning men’s unique rings.

Men’s Unique Rings vs. Traditional Rings

6mm Engraved 14k Yellow Gold Men's Wedding Band

Traditionally, men chose to wear a solid metal men’s wedding band, like our 8mm White Tungsten Satin Center Men's Wedding Band. However, over time, men’s wedding rings added more flair with diamonds and gemstones to fit their personal style, like our 14K White Gold and Diamond Textured Band, making them more unique men’s rings.

He may be strictly a classic-style kind of man. We recommend our 6mm Engraved Gold Men's Wedding Band for the traditional look and feel. This beautiful gold ring offers polished and brushed details with timeless appeal. He'll love the modern twist it brings to a traditional style for his forever ring.

Men’s jewelry, while classic and casual in the past, has become part of his wardrobe appeal. A classic gold ring or chain was usually chosen for its simplicity over dazzling diamonds or gemstones. Yet, over time, we've seen men’s jewelry and fashion become more important to the modern man. Men’s unique rings may include extravagant stones or intricate designs to represent their personal style.

You can find a variety of men’s unique rings in varying metal lusters and colors. In addition, men's wedding rings have become increasingly available with unique engraved designs, hammered finishes, and step cuts to enhance his fashion sense. 

How Do Men's Wedding Ring Styles Differ?

Triton Textured Tungsten Men’s Black Wedding Band

The ring style is the last on our list of recommended considerations while shopping. A wedding band’s style is an incredible way for him to show off his taste and personality. Accessorizing with other pieces in his men’s jewelry collection adds to the appeal of his wedding ring choice. Some choose to coordinate with bold and stylish rings like our Triton Textured Tungsten Men’s Black Wedding Band, while others prefer the modern simplicity of our Triton RAW Flat Profile Men’s Black Wedding Band. But no matter what ring style he has his eye on, we have an incredible selection for every man’s taste.

When Should You Plan to Buy His Wedding Ring?

Triton RAW Flat Profile Men’s Black Wedding Band

If your wedding date is quickly approaching, we recommend giving yourself plenty of time to select your ideal men's wedding ring. With many considerations to make while selecting the right forever ring, we want you to enjoy the ring shopping process and avoid the extra stress.

Giving yourself at least two to three months prior to the wedding day to choose the forever ring is essential. From finding a comfortable fit to a design that truly suits his taste, you also want to allow time for potential ring sizing or optional engraving. With a two- to three-month cushion, you’re sure to find exactly what he wants in a men’s wedding ring.

As the big day approaches, we invite you to come in and begin your search now. Our dedicated team of men's jewelry experts is always eager to help you find a men's wedding ring that suits your style and needs.