How to Select His Wedding Band

Three Men's Wedding Bands in Black or Rose Gold

Your engagement is an exciting time. While you want to savor each moment, we understand there are hundreds of tasks on your list to take care of before your big day. Shopping for your bridal bands should be near the top of your list.

We want to help make the search for his wedding band enjoyable and memorable. Our knowledgeable men's diamond wedding band experts have put together their best advice to help you select the ideal band with an array of their favorites for you to browse.

Why Should You Start Shopping Early for a Men’s Wedding Band?

Triton 14K Rose Gold Raw Step Edge Band

We see too many couples put off their wedding band shopping, assuming it will be one of the more manageable tasks on their to-do list. Trust us when we say this isn't usually the case! Think back to how long it took to select the ideal diamond engagement ring. Most couples don't realize that there are many considerations to make when shopping for his wedding ring, such as the desired metal and the band's profile.

It's also essential to remember that the band you choose may require resizing or minor adjustments, or you may wish to add engraving. For these reasons alone, you shouldn't put off his wedding band purchase.

What Should You Consider When Shopping for a Men's Wedding Band?

As you browse through wedding bands, there are several essential considerations you’ll want to make. Whether you're selecting a ring for your groom-to-be or shopping together, keep each of these in mind. Considerations while shopping for your ideal men's wedding ring include:

  • metal
  • durability
  • band width
  • profiles
  • style

Does Your Men's Wedding Band Metal Matter?

Fink's 14K White and Yellow Gold Beveled Edge with Satin Center Band

While the traditional gold men's wedding band is still a popular choice, many men have branched out with their metal selection. Men's jewelry has embraced as vast a metal selection as women's jewelry, with various fashion-forward jewelry pieces to add to their modern wardrobe.

More men are moving beyond the traditional gold men's wedding band and opting for tungsten men's wedding bands or Beveled Edge Yellow and White Gold Men's Wedding Bands that add a bit more to the overall esthetic. Men's diamond wedding bands are also in the spotlight in various precious metals.

However, there are a few considerations when choosing your band's metal. For instance, pairing a metal with his wardrobe, other men’s jewelry in his collection, and his lifestyle are all things to consider.

If your fiancé is an adventure-seeking man, you may want to consider a tungsten men’s wedding band for the metal’s extreme durability. You could also consider stainless steel and titanium if durability is a significant factor. These fine metals can withstand rugged outdoor adventures, rough days on the job, and typical dings and scratches throughout his daily routine. Yet, his choice of wedding band metal may just come down to preference.

Is a Wedding Band's Durability Important?

Fink's Men's 7.5mm Filigree Engraved Gold Wedding Band

Your metal choice and the durability of your band coincide. As you consider your wedding band, we suggest examining its durability. This is particularly important for men who work with their hands, are prone to bumps and dings, or enjoy outdoor activities that may affect their ring. Considering all aspects of your lifestyle will help you select the best durable metal to suit your needs.

If you have your eye on a men's diamond wedding band, the durability of your band also includes a high-quality design that will secure your stones. A durable men's diamond wedding band can withstand normal daily wear and tear without cause for concern.

Suppose your lifestyle may cause worry over the durability of your men's diamond wedding band. In that case, you may want to consider selecting a men's gold wedding band with detailed engravings rather than one with stones. However, your diamonds could still become loose or chipped even if your chosen metal is up for a bit of wear.

Rose Gold and Tantalum Wedding Band with Diamonds

If you still prefer a men's diamond wedding band, we suggest considering a channel set band for men with more active hands. A channel set men's diamond wedding band features its stones nestled within the band itself. This design style helps keep your diamonds secure, as they remain flush with the band’s shank for optimal light exposure. In addition, the setting creates a durable design, and if you select platinum, white tungsten, or white gold men's wedding band, you'll enhance the sparkle of your diamonds. 

Does the Width of Your Men's Wedding Band Affect Comfort?

Selecting the ideal band includes choosing a band width that is both appealing and comfortable. Since it’s your forever ring, you want the fit to feel natural on your finger.

Consider your lifestyle as you try on bands. Do you work with your hands a lot? Are you prone to dings and bumps? The width of your wedding band could affect your comfort and agility, so we highly suggest trying on various sizes. The band that looks most appealing may not meet your comfort expectations.

A typical men’s wedding band width ranges between 4mm to 8mm. Thinner bands will offer a light feel and allow more movement of your finger. Thin bands are also most ideal for men with shorter or more slender fingers.

A medium to wide band offers the most traditional look of the men's wedding band. These widths encompass more of the finger and may take more getting used to for some men. They are most comfortable on men with long fingers. 

What is a Ring's Profile?

Fink's Men's 6mm 14K White Gold Wire-Brushed Wedding Band

You'll want to consider the ring's profile as you search for his wedding band. A wedding band’s profile refers to the outer shape of its surface. While the profile of a band may add to the overall appeal of its design, keep in mind that it can also affect its comfort.

We want you to be aware of four basic ring profiles. You'll want to consider each of these as you're browsing for your perfect wedding band for him. If you're shopping together, we highly recommend trying on each of the four profiles to test the differences and comfort levels, so you can confidently select the profile that feels best on your finger. 

The 4 basic ring profiles to consider include:

Classic court: The classic court profile is the most traditional design. This ring profile is rounded both inside and out.

Flat ring: The flat ring profile is designed with a flat design both inside and out.

D-shaped ring: D-shaped ring profiles have a thin, rounded outside with a close, flat inner surface.

Flat court: Flat court profiles will have a flat surface on the outside while they are rounded on the inside.

Men's Wedding Band Style Options

Flat Edge Brush Finish Two Tone Band

Men’s wedding band styles are a great way to express a sense of fashion and personality, no matter how subtle or bold the ring style. Whether he prefers a clean, classic gold men's wedding band or a band adorned with the highest quality diamonds, we have a vast selection of styles available to suit any man's taste. We offer more than the average silver or gold men's wedding bands at Fink's. We combine diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals to create band styles that fit today's modern man.

We encourage you to consider a variety of styles. You never know what look may surprise you once you slip it onto your finger. From a black tungsten and rose gold men's wedding band to a wire brushed white gold men's wedding band, we're confident you'll find your ideal band.

One of our favorite styles of men's bands is the two-toned diamond men's wedding band. The versatile style of the two-toned metal band pairs perfectly with your wardrobe, accessories, and men's jewelry in your collection. This magnificent silver and gold men's wedding band shows off princess-cut diamonds with class.

A men's wedding band with a step-edge design offers a subtle style for those who may prefer the look of a traditional men's wedding ring style with a hint of detail. The step-edge-styled band instantly adds depth to a classic white or yellow gold men's wedding band. This style tends to draw the eye to the center of the band, where some men select a hammered style finish, and others prefer a delicately brushed metal finish.

Our Recommended Men’s Wedding Bands

At Fink’s, we have an extensive collection of stunning men’s wedding bands for you to choose from. From men with casual taste to those with an eye for bold statement rings, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites in various styles to suit everyone's desires. Our favorite men's bands include:

  • Tungsten Men’s Wedding Bands
  • White Gold Men’s Wedding Bands
  • Yellow gold Men’s Wedding Bands

Our Favorite Tungsten Men’s Wedding Bands

Triton Men's 8mm Flat edge Hammer Finish Band

We love tungsten men’s wedding bands for their versatility. The metal is eye-catching in various shades, making it both modern and unique. From copper tones to black men’s wedding bands, you’ll have a variety of styles and colors to select from.

Our Triton Men’s 8mm Flat Edge Hammer Finish is a stunning espresso and tungsten men’s wedding band. The textured contrast and hue give it a sophisticated, modern look he’s sure to love.

If he likes the hammered texture but prefers the look of a black men’s wedding band, we suggest the Triton 7mm Hammer Finish Flat Edge Tungsten Men’s Wedding Band in black, espresso, and tungsten. The sleek look pairs well with casual and dressy attire, with an edgy, modern appeal.

Perhaps one of our most intriguing tungsten and black men’s wedding bands is the Black Sapphire Men’s Wedding Ring. Its bright satin finish design with white tungsten carbonite boasts beautiful black sapphires nestled throughout the center of the band. Its unique style is the perfect combination of masculinity and elegance. 

Our Favorite White Gold Men’s Wedding Bands

Fink's Men's 14K White Gold Textured Wedding Band

We invite you to view our white gold men’s wedding bands, which are always a favorite. You’ll find a variety of styles, including men’s diamond wedding band options, in our collection of our favorite white gold bands.

Our own Textured Fink’s 14K White Gold Men’s Wedding Band features sleek lines and a single round diamond. At approximately .10 ct, this subtle yet classy men’s diamond wedding band makes an excellent choice for his forever ring.

Our Favorite Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Bands

Fink's Men's 6mm 14K Yellow Gold Engraved Wedding Band

Yellow gold men's wedding bands will always remain a classic choice. With an array of styles to choose from, the stunning band has evolved into a fine men’s jewelry piece over time. So, whether he's a traditional guy at heart or likes a bit of design, we can help you find the ideal gold ring to suit his taste.

The Engraved 6mm 14k Yellow Gold Wedding Band takes the traditional gold band to the next level. While still classic and refined, the subtle details are just enough to modernize the timeless gold ring.

Since many of our couples still love the time-honored tradition of matching wedding rings, the traditional women's and gold men's wedding bands remain on our list of favorites to recommend. There's just something about matching his-and-hers gold forever bands that make us hopeless romantics.

How to Care for and Maintain Your Wedding Band

Triton Men's 8mm White Tungsten Satin Center Wedding Band

As with any fine jewelry piece in your collection, it's essential to provide proper care and maintenance. Its value, longevity, and overall appearance depend on receiving proper care. From daily wear and exposure to storage and regular diamond checkups and cleanings, preventative care can ensure your men's wedding band stays timeless.

We highly recommend keeping your wedding band stored in a dry, secure place whenever it's not on your finger. Proper storage of your band will help you avoid accidental loss or damage, even if you think it will only be removed for a brief time.

Cleaning your Wedding Band

We also highly recommend gentle cleanings of your band in between your regularly scheduled jewelry maintenance checkups. You can soak your men's wedding band in a warm, mild soap solution for up to 30 minutes. Then, use a soft cloth to remove dirt and buildup safely. Using a soft cloth is also ideal for drying your band and removing any leftover debris without causing minor scratches to the stones or metal.

As you begin your search for the perfect men’s wedding band, we hope you keep these helpful considerations in mind. We invite you to visit our knowledgeable wedding band experts and allow us to answer your questions and help you find your forever band!