The Groom’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Men's Wedding Ring Width

The Groom’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Men's Wedding Ring Width

After an engagement, the wedding preparation timeline begins immediately. One of the most important tasks is selecting your wedding day jewelry. When choosing a men’s wedding band, you must consider every detail—starting with the width.

If a gold men’s wedding band will be your first piece of men’s jewelry, you’ll soon learn that deciding on a comfortable and stylish width is the first step to finding your perfect ring. We’ve collected our professional expertise to help guide you through the different types of widths and qualities to consider as you search for a memorable and sentimental men’s wedding band you love.

When Did Men Start Wearing Wedding Bands?

14K White Gold Round Diamond Textured Wedding Band

Wedding rings have been an important part of different cultures for millennia, but the bands we see and wear today gained popularity in the 1950s after World War II. When soldiers were away, they would wear a gold men’s wedding band to symbolize their commitment and goal to return home to their families. After the war ended, the wedding ring tradition remained—and the styles evolved.

Men’s Wedding Bands Today

Historically, only women wore dazzling engagement rings and picked out wedding bands, but since the mid-20th-century shift, it’s common for both spouses to wear rings. Nowadays, men have countless metals, widths, and designs to browse, from timeless gold men’s wedding bands to masculine men’s white gold wedding bands. We even celebrate marriage anniversaries with additional bands.

Why Does Width Matter for Men’s Wedding Rings?

Triton Tungsten Hammer Finish Flat Edge Wedding Band

A wedding band is meant to last you a lifetime of wear—it’s not a decision one can take lightly. Men’s wedding bands aren’t one-size-fits-all, and there’s plenty to consider when choosing your perfect band. Most people don’t realize the endless design options available to them, from narrow men’s diamond wedding bands to bold men’s white gold wedding bands. Width may not seem important at first, but once you start trying them on, you’ll see that a few millimeters can make all the difference.

After saying, “I do,” you’ll be wearing your ring every day, so it’s crucial to find a width that fits comfortably. Men’s white gold wedding bands with thick widths can feel heavier to some or get in the way of daily activities. Narrow men’s diamond wedding bands could feel too light or small on your fingers. Browsing different widths is the key to discovering the ring that sparks excitement for you. 

Wedding bands are the height of male accessorizing, especially if it’s the only jewelry you sport. Take your personal style into consideration when trying on different widths. Does the thin gold men’s wedding band complement the majority of your wardrobe? Do you prefer making a bold statement with a wide men’s diamond wedding band? Browse different widths to find one that suits your look. 

3 Popular Widths for Men’s Wedding Bands

Women's wedding bands are typically thin and dainty, as they share that finger with an engagement ring, but men have an extensive range of wedding band widths to choose from. When you start your search for men’s diamond wedding bands, talk to your jeweler about trying rings from these three varying widths:  

1. Narrow Wedding Bands

4 mm Low Dome Plain Platinum Wedding Band

Narrow wedding bands are perfect for someone not used to wearing jewelry. Thin gold men’s wedding bands are light and subtle and offer more finger movement, making them a simple accessory for anyone—especially those with slender fingers or smaller hands.

Many men choose a 4 mm ring like a thin, silver band for a sophisticated style, but there are even more subtle options available: 

  • 2 mm
  • 3 mm
  • 4 mm

2. Average-Sized Wedding Bands

Men's 6mm 14K Yellow Gold Engraved Wedding Band

The average width size for men’s wedding bands is 6mm—the perfect size to make a subdued aesthetic statement. When you start your search, try on a classic 6 mm gold men’s wedding band. From there, you can see if you’d be more comfortable with something narrower or larger.

These three sizes are comfortable and timeless, making them the preferred men’s diamond wedding band width for men: 

  • 5 mm
  • 6 mm
  • 7 mm

3. Wide Wedding Bands

7.5mm Filigree Engraved Gold Men's Wedding Band

Wide wedding bands make a statement and are generally ideal for a man with larger hands. A thick band, like a modern 7.5 mm filigree gold men’s wedding band, will encompass more of the finger, which is why many men go for a smaller width.

If you’re looking for a men’s white gold wedding band that shows off a bold style and suits your larger ring size, browse options in this range: 

  • 8 mm
  • 9 mm
  • 10 mm

How to Determine What Width is Best for Me?

There’s no perfect formula for finding the right wedding band for everyone. When debating between a vibrant men’s diamond wedding band and a thin, understated gold men’s wedding band, there are endless possibilities. When you visit your local jeweler, be prepared to make decisions based on these three qualities:  

Wedding Ring Size:

Measuring your ring size and hand size will help you understand how ring widths look on you. If your sizes are more petite, a narrow and sleek gold men’s wedding band looks clean-cut. If you have more prominent features, a wider men’s white gold wedding band will fit your physique and look proportional to you.

Wedding Band Style:

The width of your wedding band can be a way to show off your style to the world, from a standard, high-quality gold men’s wedding band to a modern, stylish men’s diamond wedding band. Try on different designs, metals, and widths to discover a style you adore.

Price of the Men's Wedding Ring:

Men's 7mm Two-Tone Engraved Satin Band

Keep the price in mind as you browse different widths. When a wedding band is wide, it uses more metal and the price increases. Talk to your jeweler for transparency about your budget and the rings available.  

With so many tasks to complete before the wedding ceremony, it’s important to shop for your men’s white gold wedding bands as early as possible. After finding your bride-to-be's dream diamond wedding band, remember this guide to widths as you select his wedding band. Visit your local jeweler and take care in browsing narrow, average, and wider sizes as you find the perfect wedding ring to showcase your love for life.