How To Pick the Perfect Women’s Wedding Ring

Three White Gold Diamond Wedding Rings for Ladies

Maybe you breathed a sigh of relief once you finally bought her engagement ring and no longer carried the stress of picking out a diamond ring that she would love. But now that you have proposed (congratulations, by the way!), you realize you have more choices awaiting you as you look at purchasing a wedding band for her.

Would she like a yellow or white gold women’s wedding band? A plain metal or diamond wedding band for women? With so many options out there for women’s wedding rings, you may start to feel overwhelmed all over again. Don’t despair, though — after reading this guide to wedding bands for women, you will be armed with the knowledge of wedding ring styles and options. You will be ready to pick out the perfect wedding ring that she will love for the rest of her life.

Women’s Wedding Ring Details to Choose From

Yellow Gold Matching Wedding Band

Along with an engagement ring, a platinum, white, or yellow gold women’s wedding band is perhaps one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever own. It is a symbol of a couple’s love and lasting commitment to each other, a tradition that reaches back even to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. As these rings are so important to so many people, it comes as no surprise that there is a plethora of designs and styles from which to choose.

Wedding Ring Design Options:

  • Metal type
  • Stone options
  • Engraving or etching
  • Width of band
  • Finish of band

Wedding Band Metal Type

You may opt for today’s most popular metal choice: a white gold women’s wedding band (which is also the most popular for engagement rings). Or maybe you’d prefer a vintage look with a traditional yellow gold women’s wedding band. But when selecting a metal for your wedding ring, be sure to consider the metal’s specific properties and if they will fit well with your lifestyle.

Most brides choose to match their wedding band metal to their engagement ring, but you can mix metals if you would like. In addition, think about what type of jewelry you typically wear so that your yellow gold women’s wedding band doesn’t clash with the jewelry you usually sport. One last thing to consider: if you work with your hands a lot, you may want to choose a wedding band metal that is tougher, such as platinum.

Popular Metals for Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings for Women:
  • Platinum
  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Palladium
  • Titanium 

Women's Wedding Ring Stone Options

Fink's 14K White Gold Round Diamond Curved Ring Jacket

Of course, what is more classic than a diamond women’s wedding ring? This type of band sparkles with the addition of diamonds and is available in a variety of settings. However, there are more gorgeous stones to choose as an accent to your diamond women’s wedding ring, such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, just to name a few.

If you’re leaning toward a diamond women’s band, then make sure you are ready with the right questions to ask when buying a diamond of any kind. A good place to start is becoming familiar with the 4Cs of diamond grading that determine a stone’s overall quality and value. 

The 4Cs of Diamonds
  • Carat weight: how much the stone weighs
  • Color: in reality, its lack of color, or its color variations
  • Clarity: imperfections (inclusions) in the stone
  • Cut: graded on symmetry, dimensions, and light reflection

Wedding Bands for Women: Engraving or Etching

18K White Gold Engraved Diamond Pavé Band

Engraving or etching on a women’s wedding ring adds artistic design elements or characters to the outside or inside of the band. A great example is this engraved white gold women’s wedding band that adds intricate, delicate designs to the outer edge of the ring.

However, some things to consider before choosing a ring with engravings or etchings: they can trap dirt and make the ring harder to clean, and customization can add additional cost to your ring’s total. 

Women's Wedding Ring Width Ranges

Wedding band widths affect the overall look of the ring and can range from 1mm to larger than 8mm. Most men favor a wedding band that is between 4mm and 7mm. Wedding rings for women typically are thinner, as a more dainty band, and will usually match their engagement ring (typically 2mm to 4 mm).

This simple, elegant yellow gold women’s wedding band measures 2.2 mm wide and is a classic choice that would complement any woman’s hand. It also pairs perfectly with our gold men’s bands for a matching look.

Women's Wedding Ring Finishes

Tungsten Carbine Black Sapphire Band with Satin Bright Finish

The finish of your wedding band really is the final touch on your ring. Finish options include stone, brush, matte, hammered, sandblast, satin, or high polish (from textured to smooth). This men’s tungsten carbine wedding band with a satin finish illustrates how a finish can elevate a ring’s overall look — and would look great next to a white gold women’s wedding band.

7 Gorgeous Examples of Wedding Bands for Women to Inspire You:

  • White gold women’s wedding band
  • Yellow gold women’s wedding band
  • Diamond women’s wedding ring
  • Women’s eternity band
  • Baguette women's wedding ring
  • White gold with diamonds wedding band
  • Wedding band set 

The Ever-Popular White Gold Women’s Wedding Band

The Studio Collection Matching Wedding Band

This curved white gold women’s wedding band is all you need if you are searching for a simple, classic, and elegant look. The curved portion of the white gold women’s wedding band allows for the contours of your engagement ring, such as one with a large center stone (like a pear-cut diamond) or a halo setting. The women’s wedding ring is available in your choice of gorgeous 14K or 18K white gold or platinum.

This white gold women’s wedding band is perfect for a woman who craves simplicity and wants to have a classic wedding ring look on her hand. If, later in life, she wants to add a little sparkle, you could always get her a diamond women’s eternity band as an anniversary gift to accompany her white gold women’s wedding band.

A Yellow Gold Women’s Wedding Band with a Vintage Look

Yellow Gold Diamond Half-Way Wedding Band with Milgrain Edge

Does your fiancé long for the simpler days of the past, decorate her home with antiques and retro style, or dress with a nod to classic Hollywood? If she’s a vintage gal at heart, then you need to get her a yellow gold women’s wedding band. This beautiful ring features diamonds halfway around the band along with a milgrain edge.

The diamonds and delicate milgrain details give this gold women’s wedding band a whimsical, retro feel. She will stand out from the crowd and display a bit of her amazing personality with this sparkling, intricate yellow gold women’s wedding band. 

A Sparkling Diamond Wedding Band for Women

Some women just can’t get enough sparkle in their lives, and this diamond women’s wedding ring would be the perfect fit for her band. This diamond women’s band is in the ring jacket style, which is a connected, double-banded ring that surrounds the engagement ring’s top and bottom. The curved design of the diamond women’s band will contour your engagement ring, adding a generous extra touch of shine.

With 14K white gold and diamonds halfway around the bands, this diamond women’s wedding ring is sure to dazzle and keep her smiling at her ring finger for years to come. 

A Meaningful (and Beautiful) Eternity Wedding Band for Women

14K White Gold Diamond Braided Eternity Band

This women’s eternity band is not only glimmering and beautiful but meaningful, too. A women’s eternity band studded with diamonds all around represents everlasting, forever love. What meaning could be more perfect for a women’s wedding ring?

This diamond women’s eternity band features a braided style, which gives it an extra touch of elegance and grace. 14-karat white gold provides the perfect backdrop for this women’s eternity band’s pavé diamonds.


The Always-Classy Baguette Women's Wedding Ring

Our baguette wedding band is a stunner. The baguette diamond cut is a thin, elongated rectangle that resembles its French bread namesake. The two main styles of a baguette diamond are straight or tapered (where one edge angles inward).

This classy baguette wedding band for women features both styles: a straight baguette diamond with two matching tapered baguettes. In glowing 14K or 18K yellow gold, this baguette wedding band is a unique option that will make her wedding ring stack stand out from the rest.

The Stunning White Gold with Diamonds Wedding Band for Women

14K White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Wedding Band

Another classic women’s wedding ring choice is this white gold with diamonds wedding band. This dazzling beauty features a lucky seven round diamonds set in gorgeous 14K white gold. In addition to being considered a lucky number, seven also signifies “fullness” or “completeness” according to ancient Israelite culture — what a sweet meaning for a wedding ring to carry!

A white gold with diamonds wedding band is a classic combination. This beautiful sparkler will perfectly complement many different types of engagement rings, making a white gold with diamonds wedding band an excellent choice.


A Gorgeous Matching Pair: The Wedding Band Set

If you have not yet purchased the engagement ring, let us suggest purchasing a wedding band set. This can remove some stress later down the road, as you won’t have to worry about searching for the right women’s wedding ring to match her engagement ring. A wedding band set is already perfectly matched!

This jaw-dropping wedding band set includes a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring and a curved diamond pavé band. The engagement ring’s center stone features a surrounding halo of round and baguette cut diamonds, along with diamond twist shank accents. This romantic wedding band set makes a beautiful pair. 

Shopping Tips for Women’s Wedding Rings

Yellow Gold Wedding Band with Baguette and Tapered Diamonds

Now that you’ve brushed up on women’s wedding ring style details and have seen some gorgeous styles to inspire you, you’re probably ready to start shopping. Whether you decide to shop online or visit a store, there are some things you and your partner need to know and decide on beforehand

5 Wedding Ring Shopping Tips:

  • Purchase early
  • Agree on who will buy the ring
  • Set your budget
  • Decide if you want to match each other
  • Consider jewelry insurance

Shop Wedding Rings Early

Begin shopping for your wedding bands anywhere from three to six months before your wedding. If you find the perfect gold women’s wedding band, but it needs to be sized, or you want it customized with your wedding date, this will take some time. Plus, you don’t want to be waiting until the weeks before the big day to stress about finding a wedding band.

Decide Who Buys the Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Set

Although in the past one person may have been responsible for purchasing the wedding rings, it is becoming more common for each person in the couple to buy their own or their partner’s ring. So, if you have your heart set on that diamond women’s wedding ring, communicate clearly with your partner and decide who is doing the purchasing.

Know What You’re Willing to Spend on the Wedding Band

Whether you want a simple white gold women’s wedding band or a dazzling diamond women’s ring, be sure to make a wedding ring budget before you start shopping. Being unified on your budget will help your wedding ring shopping go much smoother.

Consider Matching Rings as a Couple

Before you shop, talk with your partner about what kinds of wedding rings you like. You may realize you have a lot of common ground, and that yellow gold women’s wedding band with diamonds you’ve been eyeing will look great next to his traditional yellow gold band. Of course, your wedding bands don’t have to match — it’s up to you as a couple!

Think About Jewelry Insurance

Decide if you want to add a layer of protection to your big purchase by getting jewelry insurance for your wedding bands. You can typically add a jewelry rider to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance or go with a specialized jewelry insurer. Fink’s Jewelers offers a lifetime guarantee that will cover the replacement of your diamond women’s wedding ring, provided you have your diamonds inspected by Fink’s every six months.

Find Your Perfect Gold Women’s Wedding Band or Diamond Women’s Wedding Ring

Couple hugs after gifting wedding rings

Congratulations! You are now equipped with a vast array of women’s wedding ring knowledge. You are prepared to start the hunt for a romantic diamond women’s band or a trendy white gold women’s wedding band that will suit her finger beautifully. Now on to the fun part — shopping!

We hope that you find her the wedding band of her dreams and that you will enjoy a long, happy marriage together — signified forever by beautiful and meaningful wedding rings. Visit a Fink’s Jewelers location to gain expert, friendly assistance in making this exciting decision.