Celebrating Your College Graduate with a Jewelry Gift

Celebrating Your College Graduate with a Jewelry Gift

Many significant milestones in life are accompanied by gifts — weddings, anniversaries, and having children are all celebrated with presents from loved ones. Gifts are a special way to show the people you care about how much you love them and are proud of their accomplishments.

Graduation is a milestone often celebrated with gifts. When a family member or close friend is about to complete their college degree, it is cause for recognition. Honor your graduate with a jewelry gift that reflects how thrilled you are about their accomplishment.


The Importance of Graduation Gifts

Graduating college is a major achievement that should be celebrated. Each graduate has taken the time and put in the work to earn their degree, and congratulating them with a gift shows how proud of them you are.

There are many gift ideas for college graduates, and it is essential to weigh your options when deciding on a graduation gift for him or her. Consider your graduate’s interests and plans for the future. If your niece is entering the corporate world, a professional jewelry set might be a great graduation present for her. When your brother finishes college, a money clip might be the best gift for his graduation.

Show how much you care with a present that points to your graduate’s future while congratulating them on their significant achievement. By choosing the right gift, you will give them something to look back on with fondness for years to come.


How Much to Spend on a Graduation Gift

It isn’t easy to put a dollar amount on a gift celebrating a major achievement like earning a college degree. There is no recognized etiquette on college graduation gifts, and it often depends on how well the gift-giver knows the graduate.

While there are no formal directives, some guidelines suggest college graduate gifts typically range from $30-$500 or more, depending on your relationship. This increases with the degree type, so masters and doctorates often warrant more expensive gifts to celebrate those major accomplishments.

It is not hard to find a beautiful graduation gift for him or her under $500. You can pick an elegant piece of jewelry or accessory that will carry them into their next journey while respecting your budget.


Jewelry as a Graduation Gift

Jewelry is a classic gift idea for any occasion, and graduation is the perfect opportunity to give someone a meaningful piece that will reflect on their scholarly success.

There are several options to think through when choosing a jewelry graduation gift:

  • What is the graduate’s style?
  • What is the graduate’s post-school plan?
  • What would the graduate use or wear most often?


There is a perfect jewelry gift for every graduate. Combine what you know about the graduate with your budget to find the best option. If she is elegant and values the finer things in life, a striking designer pendant necklace might be the perfect graduation present for her. Meanwhile, a stylish writing utensil might be the ideal graduation gift for a guy with a focus on writing.


5 Popular Jewelry Graduation Gifts for Her

When a young woman in your life graduates from college, jewelry is an easy yet versatile gift option to celebrate her accomplishment. A jewelry store is a great place to find a graduation gift for her, whether you’re looking for something simple or ornate.

Consider a piece of jewelry that the graduate can wear every day to remind her of this momentous occasion regularly. The jewelry should fit with her style yet measure up to her excitement as she receives her diploma. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options to choose from.


1. Set of Pearls

Every lady needs a classic set of pearls in her jewelry box. A pearl necklace with stud earrings might be the perfect graduation gifts for her. With her degree in hand and a set of jewelry that goes with everything, your graduate will be ready to take on post-grad life with confidence and poise.

Pearls represent wisdom and new beginnings, two things that mark any graduation. This is one reason pearls make great graduation gifts for a woman, and they give some guidance to the gift-givers who are shopping for an appropriate gift to mark the end of college.

If your graduate is less traditional, pearls come in a variety of shapes and colors that can give a fresh and unique twist to this graduation gift idea for her. Pearls are available in many settings, from drop earrings and studs to pendants, strands of pearls, and a variety of bracelets, making pearl jewelry versatile for any recipient.


2. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a graduation gift idea for her that will never go out of style. These stylish hoop earrings will integrate well into any outfit, making her transition out of college into her next chapter just a little easier.

Choose the right gold based on her style and current jewelry. If she has warm skin undertones or wears a lot of bright colors, yellow gold hoop earrings might be best. Silver or white gold might be the right option if she has cooler undertones or favors more subdued colors.

You can also choose hoop earrings with gems to elevate this classic piece of jewelry. Depending on her style, diamond hoop earrings might be a great way to say “well done!” to your graduate.


3. Gemstone Ring

If you want to remind your graduate of her educational success every time she looks down at her hands, a gemstone ring might be a great graduation gift for her. Displaying her accomplishments with a tasteful ring is an easy way to give her a boost of confidence as she enters post-graduation life.

One way to make a ring more personal is to include her birthstone as the center stone. Birthstone jewelry is a popular gift, and a personal ring is a piece that the graduate will be able to wear for the rest of her life. Unlike a class ring, she will never outgrow her birthstone.

Your graduate may have a favorite gem other than her birthstone. If this is the case, there are rings with many different kinds of gems to choose from. Whether it’s a specific gem, a certain color, or a particular look, there is a ring that will be sure to please her.


4. Personalized Necklace

A personalized necklace is a fantastic graduation gift idea for her. Not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it is unique because extra thought and attention went into purchasing the piece.

There are many ways to personalize a necklace for a graduate:

  • Choose an initial pendant necklace
  • Personalize a monogram pendant necklace
  • Customize a bar necklace with her initials or name
  • Create a custom design with one of our knowledgeable jewelers


A necklace with her initial or name will be something the graduate can wear forever. Personalized necklaces are always wearable and, depending on the style, can be dressed up or down for a versatile look. If you are a relative with a piece of jewelry you want to pass down, consider using it as a foundation for a custom-designed pendant you can give to her as a meaningful gift at graduation.


5. Designer Watch

As your graduate prepares for the real world, it is important to stress punctuality for success. Send her off in style and promptness with a luxury watch that is both beautiful and functional.

A sturdy yet sophisticated designer watch is practical and stylish. Because of its utility, a watch is a great graduation gift for her. She will wear it every day and remember both her accomplishments and the loved one who gave her the timepiece.

Many designer watches come with multiple watchbands, making this a versatile piece that can be used in any setting. She will be thankful to graduate with a meaningful watch that is luxurious and sentimental.


5 Popular Graduation Gifts for Him

As a young man graduates from college, giving a gift that celebrates his accomplishment while serving a purpose in his life is important. While he is looking to his future, give him something that will be useful in his next chapter while reminding him of the goals he has already achieved.

Graduation gifts for guys can be both stylish and useful. Men’s jewelry often fits the bill, with functional items that will serve the graduate well as he makes his way into his post-graduate endeavors.


1. Designer Watch

A designer watch is a striking way to congratulate the new grad. As he enters the world of adulthood, a luxury watch provides several benefits that will carry him forward:

  • An investment that holds value
  • Style and a status symbol
  • An opportunity to show his personal fashion
  • A timepiece that will last for years to come

Consider having a designer watch engraved, making the watch a standout graduation gift for him. The luxury timepiece will work well for a lifetime, and an engraving will remind him of his graduation triumph every time he sees it.


2. Signature Ring

For a polished look going forward, a signature ring might be a great graduation present for a guy. A ring that stands out will prove the effort he puts into his appearance, which can make a difference both in and out of the office.

Be sure to get his ring size before graduation so you can present him with his gift as soon as he crosses the stage. The average ring size for a man is between 9.5 and 10, but it is important to get an accurate ring size, if possible, to ensure the jewelry will fit well. Many signature rings cannot be sized because of their material and design, so accuracy is important.


3. Cufflinks

A sharp-dressed graduate would benefit from a classy set of cufflinks to mark his graduation. Cufflinks are a must if he is looking forward to a career where suits and evening events are the norm. Start him out with a timeless set so that he can use them for years.

Cufflinks are one graduation gift for him that could be personalized, making them an excellent option for the more sentimental graduates. A set of monogram cufflinks will show off his sophistication from day one. As with any custom gift, order your present early to ensure you receive it before graduation. We recommend 3-4 weeks to account for customization time.


4. Writing Instrument

If the graduate is not interested in wearable jewelry, a fashionable pen might be the perfect graduation gift for him. Almost every career field will require writing instruments, and launching your loved one into his first post-graduate job with a sentimental pen is a great way to remind him of his potential.

A high-quality rollerball pen will set the graduate up for success. A stunning writing utensil is both a useful item and a status symbol, often designed with rare or exotic materials and gemstones. These are the perfect gifts for a man who wants to be fashionable without wearing a lot of jewelry.


5. Money Clip

Every man needs a way to carry his money, so why not give your graduate the gift of a stylish money clip? A well-made money clip will give him confidence every time he pulls it out to pay for a work lunch or hand out a business card.

Of course, the beginning of a career can be tough financially. Your graduate may appreciate a money clip with some cash already attached to help him get started on his own. Include gift cards to help him start a professional wardrobe or gas cards to set him up for his first few weeks of commuting.

As your graduate receives their diploma, both of you will feel a sense of pride and joy at this special moment in their life. Graduating college is something to celebrate, and a considerate graduation gift is a way to mark their accomplishments. As they move from student to adult, they will be able to use your gift and know they can continue reaching their goals.