Your Guide to Pendant Necklaces: From Popular Designs to Styling Tips

Your Guide to Pendant Necklaces: From Popular Designs to Styling Tips

Whether you’re searching for a romantic locket for an anniversary gift or the perfect gemstone pendant to feature in a gold necklace set, pendant necklaces never go out of style. This stunning design has been a favorite accessory around the world for centuries, so you won’t go wrong adding a gorgeous pendant necklace to her jewelry collection.

Whether you stick to wearing strictly gold necklaces or love a statement piece, there’s a pendant design for everyone. But when it comes time to style it, where do you begin? With our expert guidance, you’ll learn all there is to know about pendant necklaces, from preferred shapes to styling tricks.


What is a Pendant Necklace?

A pendant necklace typically consists of one simple chain and a dangling pendant charm that hangs from the center. Pendants are often small and removable, so the wearer can customize their look and switch out the chain or charm whenever they please. Whether you’re interested in repurposing sentimental items as a charm or looking for a timeless pendant to match your gold necklaces, there are countless designs to choose from.


The History of Pendant Necklaces

One thing is certain—the modern designs we know and love wouldn't be possible without the fascinating and long history of necklaces and pendants worldwide. From Victorian Age cameo pendants carved from agate or onyx to ancient cultures donning shells and crystals as protective talismans, pendants have proven to have staying power.


Why We Love Pendant Necklaces

Chains, chokers, and lariat designs will always have their place in our jewelry boxes, but we have a special appreciation for pendant necklaces. From classic heart necklaces to brilliant diamond pieces, this charming necklace type offers any outfit a subtle and timeless style. Dress your gold necklace up or down with the addition of pendants—the possibilities are endless. 


Where Should a Pendant Necklace Hang?

Whether you're showing off your favorite diamond necklace set or styling a single heart necklace, pay attention to where the pendant lands. In general, your pendant should sit just above your collarbone so that the charm is visible with most necklines. The exact measurements of the chain can vary depending on a person's height, but generally, the pendant necklace should be between 16 and 18 inches long.


5 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Perfect Pendant:

We’re happy to use our expertise to guide you as you shop for pendants. As you peruse the designer collections and one-of-a-kind silver and gold necklaces, ask yourself these five questions to determine if a pendant is right for you:

  1. Does the metal of the pendant necklace pair well with your other jewelry?
  2. Do you want your pendant to hold any special meaning of symbolism?
  3. When and where do you plan on wearing this pendant?
  4. Would you prefer a metal charm or one with colorful gemstones?
  5. Do you want the pendant to be fixed on the chain or easily removed?


3 Popular Types of Pendant Necklaces

With our wide selection of jewelry from top designers, there are countless types of pendants at your fingertips. Discover the most popular pendant styles for silver or gold necklaces to find the right one for you: 


1. Symbolize Love with a Heart Necklace

When it comes to pendants, heart necklaces are a common symbol of romance and love. Whether you're gifting a traditional locket to your sweetheart or celebrating self-love with a gold cutout heart necklace, a heart-shaped pendant is a sweet and stylish choice. Find the perfect fit for your gold necklace set or a standalone sterling silver piece, and wear your meaningful heart pendant on any occasion. 

Pro tip: Perfect your jewelry gift and make your heart necklace extra special by adding a special engraving. We offer a jewelry customization service that can help you add a sentimental message, date, or proposal—just ask!


2. Dazzle in Diamond Necklaces

When it comes to finding a dazzling pendant, diamond necklaces are eternally elegant. Wear one on its own for a timeless sparkle, or pair a diamond pendant with rings, earrings, and bracelets to create a stylish jewelry look.  

Diamond pendant necklaces come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. If you're looking for a subtle shine, a dainty single diamond pendant necklace is the perfect small accessory. To make a statement, find a larger, fancy colored diamond necklace or a gemstone design with a diamond halo. 


3. Represent Faith with Cross Pendants

Whether you prefer an understated gold cross necklace or a sapphire and diamond cross pendant charm, this meaningful symbol is popular for religious pendant necklaces. With one simple accessory, you can feel connected to your beliefs and faith with style. 


Top Tips for Styling a Pendant Necklace

After you find your ideal pendant, it's time to style it! There are many ways to wear your favorite accessory, and with these three tips, you’ll be a pro in no time:


Tip 1. Pay Attention to Your Neckline

The key to featuring a pendant necklace in your outfit is paying attention to the neckline. Avoid pairing your necklace with any dress or shirt that lands in the same place as your pendant, as it can cause your jewelry to be hidden by the fabric. To fully feature your pendant, there are two main options: either stick to full coverage necklines or wear low necklines that leave your clavicle area bare.


Best Necklines for Pendant Necklaces:

  • Turtlenecks
  • V-neckline
  • Mock neck
  • Strapless
  • Sweetheart
  • Off-the-shoulder
  • Cowl


Tip 2. Consider the Occasion

Pendant necklaces can be worn for any occasion. Determine what type of ornamentation you prefer to wear on a day-to-day basis versus a special event as you select your designs.

If you're looking for a sophisticated staple for everyday wear, a simple heart necklace can work with any outfit, from business casual to activewear. Complete your formal wear look with a glittering gemstone pendant and feel like the belle of the ball. 


Tip 3. Layer Your Pendant Necklace

When it comes to featuring your favorite styles in one stack, layering your necklaces is the solution. A pendant is a perfect piece to use as a focal point, whether as a glittering bit of diamond flair or as a pop of color with a gemstone pendant. Place one or more gold necklaces above and below the pendant design to draw attention to your layered look. 

Between finding the perfect staple for everyday wear and deciding between designs, choosing a pendant can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be! With our professional tips, anyone can style a pendant necklace.