Your Guide to Pendant Necklace Shopping

Your Guide to Pendant Necklace Shopping

Are you looking for a staple jewelry piece to improve your wardrobe? A pendant necklace is the perfect way to go. With so many options, let our guide narrow down your search and make the pendant necklace shopping process quick and easy. 

Gorgeous Pendants Throughout History

Pendants have been a beloved piece of jewelry for thousands of years. Traditionally worn around the neck, they are derived from the age-old practice of wearing amulets or talismans across your neck. People have been wearing pendant necklaces since even before the Stone Age. 

Ancient Pendant Necklaces

Teardrop Pendant Necklace

In the past, teeth, stones, and shells were the most common types of pendants to find. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt wore pendants that had huge dimensions, typically bearing commemorative and bright scenes that defined their incredible power. Later, they started creating amulets in the shape of flies, vultures, eyes of gods, and sacred serpents.

In ancient Greece, pendants normally formed the whole necklace. Pendants in the shape of a bulla were most popular in Rome. Some other popular shapes were cameos and mounted gold coins. 

Pendants in the Middle Ages

Into the Middle Ages, wearing symbolic pendants was still rising in popularity. Most people wore them to show their faith with crosses or religious subjects, often set in an agricultural frame. By the fourteenth century, it was typical for noblemen to wear pendant necklaces with heraldic subjects. On the other hand, women wore more sentimental subjects.

At the beginning of the sixteenth century, pendants started to become more decorative than religious. Renaissance artists made stunning crosses and enchanting pendants depicting mermaids, animals, ships, and mythological scenes.

Another historic pendant style was shaped of baroque pearls, in which animal and human limbs and faces were enameled.

Birthstone Halo Pendant

The Baroque period of jewelry was a return to engraved figures and cameo cutting. These pieces were framed in geometric decorative designs containing gems and later in ribbons and floral designs done mainly for diamond necklaces.

Pendants and diamond necklaces have been famous throughout history, and they’ve only gained popularity over the years. They’re a staple piece that can work for anyone, whether you stick to traditional styles or go modern. Before finding an amazing piece for your jewelry collection, it’s important to understand the difference between necklaces and pendants.

Necklaces vs. Pendants

Necklaces and pendants go hand in hand since they are typically worn together. However, they are technically two very different forms of jewelry. A necklace is simply the chain that hangs around your neck.

Chain Necklace

Adding a pendant to your necklace will give it a personalized touch. Pendants are typically featured in necklaces, although they may also appear on bracelets and anklets. In most cases, you’ll find a beautiful diamond pendant or gemstone attached to a chain necklace.

If there’s a pendant collecting dust in your jewelry box, you can wear it on any part of the body if you have a matching chain. Pendant necklaces are extremely popular in fashion right now. The piece will stand out and make a statement at the front and center of any outfit.

Selecting a Chain for Your Pendant Necklace

Chains are a type of necklace that resembles a cable design. They can be made from any metal, including gold, silver, and platinum. Finding the perfect chain for your pendant should be a straightforward process since they are such a simple design; the pendant is the star of the show.

The most common type of chain for a pendant necklace is a single piece. However, you can also find chains with multiple pendants for a more dramatic effect. Some diamond necklaces can also feature several chains if you love the style of layered jewelry.

Chain Karat Types

Classic Chain Necklace

When shopping for a diamond necklace, you might notice the variety of chain karat types. The most common types are 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt. Most often, you will find that pendant and diamond necklaces are made with 14kt gold.

14kt gold is made with a combination of fourteen parts gold and ten parts alloy. Alloy adds more strength to gold and makes it durable for everyday wear. If you're looking for something with extra durability, check out 10k gold, as it is made with a greater amount of alloy.

Choosing a Necklace Length

One of the most important parts of selecting a chain is deciding what length it should be. To find the perfect pendant necklace, you need to know where you want it to fall on the neck. Do you prefer the look of a short choker or a long, dangly piece?

Pendant Necklace Lengths for Women

  • collar: 12-14”
  • choker: 14-16”
  • princess: 16-18”
  • matinee: 20-22”
  • opera: 30-36”
  • rope: 36”

The most common measurement for a diamond necklace is princess length. This length will be suitable for every occasion and day-to-day wear. Princess-length necklaces sit at or near the collarbone.

For men, the majority of pendant necklaces will be around twenty inches. Similar to the princess length for women, a twenty-inch mens’ chain will rest on the collarbone. A collarbone length is the best option for a pendant or bold diamond design.

Picking the Perfect Diamond for Your Pendant Necklace

Solitaire Pendant Necklace

Diamond necklaces are one of the most common types of pendants you can find. They’re timeless and classic, with a modern touch of style. An important step in purchasing a beautiful diamond necklace is understanding how to shop for diamonds. Review the 4 C’s, and you’ll have a high-quality piece for a lifetime.

Styling a Pendant Necklace

Now that you’ve identified some of the critical components of pendant and diamond necklaces, how can you incorporate one into your wardrobe? The incredible versatility of this necklace style means there is an ideal option for every jewelry collector. Before choosing a pendant necklace, decide when and where you’ll be showing it off.

Ways to Wear a Pendant Necklace

  1. pair with a casual outfit
  2. sport it in the office
  3. dress it up for a formal event 

Making a Pendant Casual

Rose Gold Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to spice up their jeans and t-shirt. It offers a classic approach to everyday fashion by incorporating personal style elements subtly. A simple pendant will make any outfit look more put-together with almost no effort at all.

People with a neutral wardrobe can choose a solid piece to match every outfit. However, if you’ve been craving a pop of color, a fun pendant or diamond necklace is the perfect way to incorporate it into your outfits. Choosing a colorful gemstone pendant or one with a unique design will complement your look flawlessly.

Our jewelry styling tip is to find a piece that effortlessly caters to your everyday looks. Go for a solid-colored top to make your piece stand out. People love to accentuate pendant necklaces by wearing a V-neck top in particular.

Wear a Pendant Necklace in the Workplace

You might think that expressing yourself with flashy jewelry isn’t the best way to show professionalism in the workplace, but finding a classic and timeless piece will improve your office outfits. Pendant necklaces are a sophisticated addition to a sharp blazer or beautiful dress. If your professional attire stays on the simple side, a pendant will provide an added touch of personality and style.

Pendant necklaces are easy to dress up for any setting. In the workplace, they look especially good with turtlenecks, as the pendant will stand out against the color of the shirt. Consider a diamond necklace or simple gold pendant if you’re planning on wearing it to your next work meeting.

Making a Pendant Necklace Formal

Heart Pendant with Diamond in 14K White Gold

Formal events are the best time to break out the fancy accessories in your jewelry box. Don’t leave your touches of style at home when attending an important event. You’ll be the most fashionable person at every wedding, date night, and party once you find the perfect pendant necklace.

Pendant necklaces will catch the eye of everyone you see since they sit at the front and center of your outfit. Plus, there are so many options to choose from, it won’t be hard to find one that matches your suit or cocktail dress. Choose a diamond necklace or a piece with gemstones to make your outfit look more elegant. Our heart-shaped necklace is the perfect pendant to showcase your loving personality.

Styling Your Necklace with Other Accessories

One of the most important parts of purchasing a pendant necklace is knowing how to pair it with your other accessories. Finding one that complements the rest of the jewelry in your collection will help you get the most wear out of your pendant necklace.

Create the perfect balance between subtle accessorizing and flashy jewelry by pairing a pendant with more simple pieces.

Next time you put on your pendant necklace, leave the big earrings at home. While big hoops or sparkly drop earrings are stunning, they might overpower a pendant. Let your diamond necklace be the star of the show by wearing smaller earrings, like studs or short dangly ones.

Double diamond pendant necklace

The same logic can be applied when talking about arm jewelry. You don’t want your flashy bracelet to steal all the attention from your neck, so find a matching bracelet or one that will accentuate the wrist simply and delicately. Consider wearing just one small bracelet and keeping the rings to a minimum, as well.

It’s vital to keep in mind that wearing too many necklaces at once can be overkill. While layered necklaces can make a beautiful statement, pendants are meant to be a focal point of your outfit. If you choose to layer a few chains at once, make sure one doesn’t overpower the other.

People with a simple diamond necklace or pendant might want to step up their accessory game. If you can’t decide which earrings or bracelet would match well with your piece, consider going with a bold lip color or patterned shirt instead. In most cases, simply throwing on your pendant and heading out the door will be enough to impress friends, family, or coworkers. 

Men Can Wear Pendant Necklaces, Too!

Now that you know how and when to wear them, it’s important to note that pendant necklaces aren’t exclusive to one gender. Men can spice up their style with jewelry, as well. A pendant necklace is a simple yet effective piece for improving every mens’ outfit, from the most casual day to a black-tie occasion. 

Religious Faith in Men’s Necklaces

Religious pieces are one of the most common types of pendant necklaces for men. Some are encouraged by certain faiths, while others are personal displays of belief. Of course, wearing religious jewelry is a highly personal choice, and it’s not for everyone. However, necklaces that denote religious affiliation or are tied to faith are also worth including.

Silver cross pendant

The majority of faith-related jewelry for men will be of pendant style. Stars of David, Christian crosses, scapulars, and other symbols can make the perfect accessory. However, men often wear them under the shirt against their skin if the ornament falls below their neckline.

Practical Pendant Necklaces for Men

Believe it or not, some pendants can, in fact, serve as a handy tool. Consider checking out the William Henry pendant knives on Fink’s. When a knife is dangling around your neck, you’ll never have to worry about an itchy tag or hard-to-open package again.

Bold Men’s Necklaces

Some men might love the look of statement jewelry, too. Going bold with jewelry will help accentuate a simpler wardrobe. Plus, pendant necklaces are an easy accessory for men to throw on every day.

Fink’s has an incredible collection of men’s pendant necklaces. The William Henry "Renegade" pendant offers an edgy look. Another fun option is a pendant with charms, like the John Hardy pendant necklace.

We encourage both men and women to build a personal and stylish jewelry collection, and a pendant necklace is an incredible way to start. Now that you understand the qualities of a good diamond necklace or pendant, you can feel confident in your ability to find a stunning piece. Check out Fink’s for a vast collection of incredible and well-made pendants and diamond necklaces.