Your Guide to Personalized Necklaces

hand holding different necklaces with small pendant on each

Selecting jewelry for the extraordinary women in your life can require some extra thought and patience as you search for the ideal jewelry gift. Whether you’re shopping for your mother, daughter, or significant other, the piece you add to her collection is more meaningful when it comes from the heart.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations are all wonderful moments to commemorate with the gift of a personalized necklace. The sentiment that comes with gifting a diamond initial necklace or custom name necklace creates a unique keepsake she will always cherish. 

Custom Jewelry Trends Throughout History

Diamond Initial Pendant

The use of name necklaces and other personalized jewelry pieces has held significance throughout many cultures over time. For example, during the Victorian era, many Europeans wore name pins and brooches. The personalized pieces were a gifting tradition amongst working-class families given as tokens of affection. Gifting name pins also became popular with the inscription “mother” rather than using a mom’s first name.

Around the same period, wearing pendants inscribed with "Mizpah" became a Jewish tradition. The personalized necklace signified the wearer had been separated from loved ones.

The significance of the name necklace carried on through World War II. Stories could be heard of women along the east coast wearing name necklaces to display the name of a loved one they lost in the war.

The Significance Behind Personalized Necklaces

Even today, personalized jewelry is much more than a fashion trend. A personalized necklace can be a symbol that offers a glimpse into one’s identity or family history. If you ask, a wearer will often share the jewelry's memorable story of how it came to be placed upon their neck. For some, the name necklace marks a significant life moment, like coming of age or becoming a parent. For others, they are worn in remembrance of a family member.  

Types of Personalized Necklaces

If a sentimental fine jewelry piece is what you have in mind, gifting a personalized necklace is the perfect choice for a treasured keepsake. The uniqueness will show her just how much she means to you.

Engravable horizontal initial bar necklace

Our most popular personalized necklace styles include:

  • Engravable Name Necklaces
  • Initial Necklaces
  • Monogram Personalized Necklace 

Engravable Name Necklaces

A name necklace adds a personal touch to any woman's jewelry collection. While many ladies wear them with their names beautifully displayed in cursive, some wear the names of other loved ones in their life.

Name necklaces may display the name of a:
  • child
  • significant other
  • lost family member
Sideways engravable bar necklace

Engravable name necklaces have come full-circle over the years. Once again, as a staple in fashion accessories, personalized necklaces can be seen worn by ladies of any age. From your daughters to grandmother, we know they’ll love receiving our engravable 14k yellow gold Sable Everyday Collection Sideways Bar Necklace.

If she’s celebrating the birth of a baby, consider gifting her a name necklace style any mother will hold dear. Our Made with Love personalized necklace allows you to beautifully display a baby's birth information on a stylish keepsake disc. 

Custom engraved necklace
The necklace includes baby’s:
  • name
  • date of birth
  • weight
  • length
  • time of birth

Initial Personalized Necklaces

Initial necklaces are an ideal personalized gift for the woman who prefers a more subtle jewelry piece. Rather than a full name worn around her neck, consider one of our dainty yet dazzling initial necklaces. 

Initial necklace styles include:

  • Diamond Initial Pendants
  • Horizontal Bar Initial Necklace 
Diamond Initial Pendants
Yellow and white gold diamond miniature initial pendant necklace

One of our most popular personalized necklaces is Roberto Coin’s Tiny Treasures “Love Letter” Initial Pendant. The .04 cttw white diamond initial is delicately set in 18k white gold, creating a stunning sparkle as it dangles from her neck.

Our clients love gifting the personalized initial necklace to daughters, new mothers, and significant others.

We also offer the initial pendant in a miniature version in your choice of yellow or white gold. The Diamond Miniature Initial Necklace features a tiny accent diamond floating just inches away from your chosen initial.

Horizontal Bar Initial Necklace

The Horizontal Initial Bar Necklace offers a fashionable alternative to displaying her full name. This personalized necklace is the perfect style for displaying an array of options. Available in your choice of precious metals, display her initials, the initials of her children, or the initials of a couple in love. The options are endless, and the style of the initial necklace is timeless.

Monogrammed Personalized Necklaces

Monogramed necklace with two initials on white background

Monogrammed gifts will always be treasured and are just as stunning worn as jewelry. Gift a mother with the initials of her newborn or opt for one initial to represent each of her children. The beautiful custom initial necklaces will suit anyone’s style in your choice of eight metal options.

If your special lady loves the look of traditional font script monograms, our 25mm Custom Bordered Two Initial Monogram personalized necklace is perfect for her. Initials are displayed encased within a stunning circular border.

For a modern twist on the monogram style, you won’t want to miss our 15mm Custom Original Two Initial Monogram option. The personalized necklace boasts clean, bold initials to suit her taste.

Complementary Monogrammed Pieces

We love the idea of gifting monogrammed initial necklaces because adding complementary jewelry pieces makes future gift shopping a breeze. 

Expand her collection with additional monogrammed items, including:
  • monogrammed rings
  • monogram earrings
  • monogram bracelets

Men’s Monogrammed Personalized Jewelry

Personalization isn't just for women! We offer an impressive collection of monogrammed cufflinks that allow him to customize his wardrobe as well.

Whether he’s a modern man or has traditional taste, we can take care of your personalized gifting needs for the men in your life. 

Finding a Custom Jewelry Team

Monogramed stud earrings with three letters on white background

Personalized necklaces and jewelry pieces require a skilled jeweler and design team. It's essential to find a jeweler who demonstrates high-quality craftsmanship and years of knowledge and experience. Ask to look at their work so you can feel confident about your investment.

At Fink’s, our personalized necklace process revolves around your vision. Together, our highly qualified team will help you develop your ideas from concept to creation. Regardless of if you know exactly what she wants or need assistance creating your unique personalized necklace, our knowledgeable professionals are here to guide and support you throughout the process.

At Fink’s Jewelers, our goal is to help you create the personalized necklace you envision. From replicating a family heirloom and designing engagement rings to creating a one-of-a-kind personalized necklace, we’re here for your special moments. Our skilled custom design jewelers can’t wait to turn your ideas into a reality.