A Guide to Necklaces for Every Neckline

A Guide to Necklaces for Every Neckline

Do you ever glance at yourself in the mirror before heading out the door and think, "something is missing," but can’t put your finger on it? What could be missing that might tip the scales and have you strutting out the door feeling like a runway model is the perfect necklace! It’s the accessory every woman needs in her jewelry box to accentuate her neckline and transform an outfit from nice to stunning! We're about to share our best tips on choosing the perfect necklace for every neckline, so you know exactly what to place around your décolletage for any outfit. 

Why Accessorize with a Necklace?

A necklace is a staple piece of jewelry that can easily go from casual to black tie with the change of your wardrobe. A necklace can add as much or as little to your neckline as you desire. It’s no wonder pendant necklaces have been worn for centuries.

Necklace vs. Pendant Necklace: Is There a Difference?

It's worth clearing up one small misconception before diving into styling necklaces by neckline. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, a necklace and pendant are different. A necklace refers to the chain, while a pendant is the jewelry piece that dangles from your chain.

Pendants Add Meaning

David Yurman Petite Chatelaine Pendant Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold with Peridot and Diamonds

Pendants can add a touch of flair or priceless personalization. They draw the eye in and spark conversation. We love recommending meaningful pendant necklaces, such as a Peridot Birthstone and Diamond Pendant, in celebration of a loved one.

We have many clients who gift birthstone pendants by selecting the gemstone for:

  • the receiver’s birthday
  • a significant other
  • new baby
  • one for each child
  • a lost loved one

If you’re searching for an engravable sentimental piece, a personalized pendant necklace is an ideal choice and makes a treasured gift or keepsake for yourself. A name necklace adds a fashionable touch with a uniqueness no one else will have gracing their neckline. With your choice of chain length and style, they are fitting for casual and dressy attire.

14K Yellow Gold Sideways Engravable Bar Necklace

We suggest peeking at our most-loved personalized pendant necklaces, which include:

Understanding How to Accessorize Necklaces by Neckline

While personalized pendant necklaces pair well with anything, it’s always helpful to be familiar with specific go-to styles for each neckline. It helps streamline the process of dressing for the occasion, adding to your current collection, and selecting new pieces for maximum impact.

Let’s take a look at the most common necklines you’ll encounter. Knowing your preferences and what your wardrobe already consists of will help you select the perfect pendant necklace every time.

The most common necklines include:

  • v-neck
  • square
  • strapless
  • scoop
  • plunging
  • button-down
  • asymmetrical

Best Necklace Styles by Neckline

Roberto Coin Tiny Treasures White Gold Initial Pendant

Whether you’re searching for a birthstone pendant necklace for a coffee date with friends or a stunning diamond pendant necklace for a romantic evening out, you want the perfect pairing. However, you may not realize that there are some necklaces better suited for certain necklines than others. Here’s a quick guide from our jewelry experts to help you style your accessories to enhance any neckline for any occasion! 

Pairing With a V-Neck Neckline

We love our v-necks, don't we, ladies? The classic go-to style highlights all the right areas, whether we have an up-do or are letting it flow freely. To highlight your elongated neckline, try pairing a shorter chain with or without a small pendant accent.

Our Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Heart Milgrain Necklace draws the eye in and is quite the conversation starter. We love suggesting it to ladies for their versatile v-neck pairings.

The v-neck neckline is ideal for layering your shorter chains and chokers in a teardrop or v-formation. Swoop your hair up and add your new favorite diamond stud earrings, and you can take your look from daytime to a night out.

Pairing With a Square Neckline

The square neckline may be one of the most confusing necklines to pair necklaces with. Accessorizing correctly is a bit tricky because square necklines offer sharp, dramatic lines.

To avoid wearing a pendant necklace that gets lost in the square neckline or takes attention away from the dramatic detail, pair with proportions in mind. Choose angular statement necklaces with gorgeous gems when wearing a deep, square neckline. If you’re dressed in a shallow square design, adorn your neck with a dainty pendant on a thin chain. 

Pairing With Strapless Necklines

Platinum Thai Ruby and Diamond Collar Necklace

If you are wearing a strapless top, you truly have a limitless selection of necklaces to choose from. From chunky statement jewelry or dazzling gemstones to delicate necklaces with a hint of sparkle, you can’t go wrong.  

Sweep your hair up to maximize your bold necklace choice. Or select something subtle and add a dynamic statement with a pair of gorgeous earrings for all to admire. You can even add a cocktail ring or simply let the breathtaking sparkle of your wedding ring steal the spotlight!

Pairing With Scoop Necklines

The scoop neckline has always been adored for its classic style, which pairs well with most necklaces. Typically, a princess-length necklace, approximately 16 to 18 inches in length, is ideal. This chain length should sit just below the collarbone to avoid being hidden by the scoop neckline.

Scoop necklines draw the eye in, so you can choose to display your favorite gemstone, an engraved pendant necklace, or a detailed chain.

Pairing With a Plunging Neckline

A plunging neckline allows you to explore with longer chains. Many women love to layer long necklaces with lengths up to 23 inches. Think of the plunging neckline as your opportunity to add flair from collarbone to bustline for any occasion.

For a more subtle pairing, you may love our Yellow and White Gold Medium Diamond Bezel Set "Y" Drop Necklace. It’s a stunning piece with a design meant to accentuate. 

Button-Down Neckline Pairing

14K White Gold Two-Row Diamond Station Necklace

Don’t let your button-down leave you looking or feeling confined. Instead, we suggest undoing a few top buttons and adorning your neckline with a little sparkle. Button-downs allow you a world of options, from chokers to layered necklaces.

Asymmetrical Neckline Pairing

Ahh, the exquisite asymmetrical neckline. It can leave some wondering if a necklace is too much or if the design speaks for itself. Don’t be afraid to pair this neckline with accessories. We suggest choosing a thin cuff necklace or a jeweled choker. The shortened length will add a bit of flair to your overall look without distracting from your powerful asymmetrical statement.

Now that you’re up to date on the latest fashion pairings of necklaces and necklines, you’re ready to step out in style. If you’re ready to add to your jewelry collection, we’re always here to help.