Repurposing Sentimental Items into a Pendant Necklace

Heirloom Pendant on Thin Chain

There’s nothing worse than having a beloved item that you can’t put to use. Heirlooms passed through your family for generations, your mom’s favorite locket, your grandmother’s diamond wedding ring; they all mean so much to you, yet we’re willing to bet they’re sitting in a storage bin or jewelry box you haven’t touched in ages. We have the solution for you! You can repurpose your favorite sentimental items into pendant necklaces to wear and cherish forever.

Why Put Sentimental Items into a Pendant Necklace?

Gold Venetian Princess Diamond Locket

We totally get the struggle of having items that are sentimental to you but having no clue what to do with them. Instead of allowing them to collect dust in an attic or closet, adding them to a pendant necklace gives them a purpose. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous necklace that carries emotional value? Wearing your sentimental items in jewelry will always keep them close to you, no matter where you are. You can save this necklace and cherish it forever! Not to mention, you won’t have to stress over the clutter of a bunch of keepsakes with nowhere to go.  

What Items Can You Use for Your Pendant Necklace?

If you’re wondering which of your sentimental items could be revamped for your jewelry collection, there are tons of options. You should use things that are near and dear to your heart, like pieces that have been passed down through your family. Some items you can use for your pendant necklace are:

  • rings
  • charms
  • pendants
  • lockets

Those are some of our suggestions, but feel free to make it as personalized as you want. You can use any unique item as long as the size and weight are appropriate for your necklace. If you’re going to make your necklace a fancy statement piece, you can even include a charm with your favorite diamond. All that matters is that it makes your heart happy!

White Gold Princess Diamond with Diamond Halo and Shank

Rings are lovely items to repurpose into pendant necklaces. They can hold plenty of history, as well as emotional value. You can use old wedding or engagement rings that have been passed down through your family for generations. If you love the vintage touch, maybe the necklace will give your significant other a hint once it’s time to find an engagement ring. You can also use rings with special stones that hold value to you or the people in your life.

Charms and pendants can add a unique touch to your necklace collection. Whether you have a jewelry box full of dazzling, colorful charms, or ones that are more on the simple side, you can find the perfect chain to make it your new favorite necklace. If you have a locket, you can add any photo you want for an extra sentimental touch. Knowing you always have that family member, friend, or loved one near your heart (literally) at all times. 

Best Necklaces for Sentimental Items

Before you can get into creating your perfect sentimental necklace, you have to find a suitable chain. You can pick any chain that fits your style, color, and necklace length preferences. We have lots of gorgeous chains on Fink’s. Some of our favorites are the: 

  • Fink’s Square Wheat Chain Necklace

  • 14K Yellow Gold Chain Necklace

  • Fink’s 14K White Gold Chain Necklace

Fink’s Square Wheat Chain Necklace

Square Wheat Chain Necklace

If you want a classic chain for your unique item, this one’s the right pick for you. The .85mm square wheat chain necklace is 14K white gold. It measures 22” in length and will allow your favorite charm to shine beautifully.

14K Yellow Gold Chain Necklace

Yellow Gold round Hollow Box Chain Necklace

Any beloved locket or pendant would look stunning adorned on this Fink’s yellow gold chain. It’s a 1.8mm round hollow box chain that measures 20” in length. The color will be perfect if you have yellow gold sentimental items that need a purpose. It will add a classy and elegant touch to any piece while making it stand out.

Fink’s 14K White Gold Chain Necklace

White Gold Cable Rope Chain Necklace

The Fink’s Jewelers 14K white gold necklace is a great simple choice for your sentimental item. The cable rope chain gives it a thin and sleek look. It measures 18” and will be the perfect length for your special piece. As long as you maintain this necklace and take good care of it, Fink’s guarantees its high quality will last a lifetime. 

How to Repurpose Your Sentimental Item Into a Pendant Necklace

You’ve got your sentimental item and chain necklace picked. So, what should you do now? First, you need to make sure the chain you picked is sturdy enough to support your object. Make sure that it feels comfortable on your neck before you proceed. How you create the pendant necklace will depend on the type of pendant you have. You will need to know how big the bail is to make sure the charm fits. The bails are like the loop of your pendant and where the loop falls. You can determine this by measuring the inner area of the bail for your chain.

When you’re using bail to make your pendant necklace, the first thing you’ll want to do is push a wire through the item in which you want to create a pendant. Then, gather the two ends of the wire and wrap them. You can wrap them in whatever design you would like, such as a double wire wrapped bail or a triangle bail. Lastly, you can insert the necklace into the bail, and voila! You have a lovely, sentimental necklace.

Person using round nose pliers making jewelry

Another common way to make pendant necklaces is using a head or eye pin. If you’re using this technique, the first thing you need to do is insert a head or eye pin through the sentimental item. Then, bend the top of the pin into a loop. You can create the loop using round nose pliers. Cut the excess wire from the end of your loop with wire cutters to ensure no wire pokes at you while you wear the pendant necklace. Finally, attach everything by slipping the loop on the pendant over one end of the chain.

Now that you know how to repurpose your sentimental items into pendant necklaces, your jewelry collection is about to be taken to the next level. Plus, you will be so happy knowing you’re carrying a little piece of your heart with you wherever you go. We hope you have a wonderful time doctoring up your beloved pieces and enjoy your new jewelry!