Every Woman’s Guide for Finding the Perfect Necklace Length

Woman Wearing Multi-Layer Chain Necklace with Diamond Necklace

From diamond huggie earrings to striking rings, every item in a woman's jewelry collection reflects her personal style, and none would be complete without an array of necklaces. Some women wear the same stunning necklace as an everyday staple, while others prefer an expansive collection to create new looks each day- whatever your style, it's important to discover what necklace length works best for you. 

Women's necklaces are great accessories for accentuating your best features, but no two women are alike. If you have your eye on an emerald necklace for a special occasion, it’s time to learn how to measure for your best fit at home. Discover which factors to take into consideration when determining a flattering necklace length with our helpful guide!

Why Does Necklace Length Matter?

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The metal settings and gemstone details aren't the only important elements to consider when choosing a jewelry piece. Finding a necklace length that flatters your body type and face shape can transform your confidence in any outfit and help you show off your personal style. Whether you're looking for a long, dainty gold chain or a statement pendant necklace, your chosen piece can help elevate your look and make you feel beautiful, inside and out.

Is There an Ideal Necklace Length?

If you're searching for anniversary gifts or a birthday present for the special woman in your life, it can feel daunting knowing which necklace to choose. There is no cut-and-dry answer for the "best" necklace length, but the most commonly purchased lengths tend to be between 16" and 18". Necklaces at this length tend to sit between the base of the neck and above the bust. Whether they're looking to layer their favorite necklaces or they love a minimalist look, any woman can style a necklace of this length.  

Most Popular Necklace Lengths

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If you're searching for your next everyday staple or sophisticated wedding day jewelry, many women's necklaces use these five popular lengths:

  • 14-16 inches: Collars or chokers, this length will sit at the base of the throat or neck. 
  • 18 inches: “Princess” necklaces lay on top of the collarbone. 
  • 20-24 inches: The chain will rest somewhere between the collarbone and above the bust, depending on the wearer's measurements. 
  • 28-36 inches: Opera necklaces are long, hitting at or below the bust.
  • 36 inches and above: The longest style, a rope chain necklace can be layered and wrapped to create multiple long layers.  

How to Measure for Your Perfect Necklace Length

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When purchasing women's necklaces, there are two main methods for determining the right size and necklace length. If you have a piece you love wearing, lay the necklace flat and take the exact measurements with a string or tape measure. To experiment with a new length, take a flexible tape measure and hook it around your neck. Look into the mirror and adjust it to the desired length. Take note of the length and where the chain necklace falls on your body, write it down, and start searching for women's necklaces of that measurement for a bold, new accessory.

Inside tip: If you have a wide neck, remember to take that into consideration when measuring for your perfect fit. A white gold diamond choker fits differently on someone with a narrow neck, but adding an inch or two to any length you're interested in will help it lay beautifully.

3 Considerations When Finding a Flattering Necklace Length for Your Body

Whether browsing online or shopping the gorgeous display cases, finding women's necklaces you'll love can feel daunting. Considering these three factors can help you find your ideal necklace length:  

1. Your Height

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Height is a defining factor for feeling beautiful and stylish in certain necklace lengths. Traditionally, if you're 5' 7" and above, longer necklaces suit your longer torso. If you're of average height, nothing is off limits - experiment with any style to find one you enjoy. Shorter necklaces, like chokers or collars, are a great staple for petite women under 5' 4", but longer styles can help elongate your frame.  

2. Face Shape

Finding a flattering necklace length for your face shape can unlock a new level of style and confidence. Every pendant and layered necklace style you own should complement your stunning facial features, and playing around with different lengths will help you realize which lengths bring out your natural beauty. Certain women's necklaces can complement your face shape by matching the soft curves of your cheeks or balancing out a sharp jawline. 

The Best Necklace Lengths for Each Face Shape:

  • Square: Long necklaces soften a square jawline.
  • Rectangle: Shorter necklace lengths give the appearance of a shorter face shape.
  • Round: Long necklaces elongate facial features, bringing attention down the neck.
  • Heart: Mid-length necklaces can balance out the proportions of the prominent forehead and smaller chin. 
  • Triangle: Shorter necklaces can create softer curves to offset the pointy features.  

3. Body Type

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Eyes are naturally drawn to wherever a necklace lands on the body, and each necklace length ends at a different point on the body for everyone. The perfect length for you will help balance your body type, whether you have a more athletic build or a classic, pear-shaped body.

If you love showcasing your decolletage, find a pendant or chain that sits atop your bust. Shorter necklaces can help broaden shoulders, while longer pieces will stretch out your frame. When you understand your body type, you can use different women’s necklaces to look and feel beautiful.

Picking the Perfect Women's Necklace for Your Neckline

If women's necklaces are the art, the neckline is the frame—you can't have one without the other! When you look into your wardrobe, chances are there are countless styles of necklines. But, when it comes to styling an outfit, what length works best with which neckline?

Avoid wearing shorter necklace lengths with higher neck shirts, as the fabric will swallow up the chain. For deep V necklines, mid-length necklaces draw attention and complete a look. Shorter necklaces are best seen with necklines like a scoop or square neckline. Your favorite pieces deserve to be seen, so get the most out of styling your beloved women's necklaces by pairing necklace lengths and necklines

Women's necklaces can dazzle in all shapes and sizes, but the key to accessorizing and feeling your best is choosing a necklace that works for you. Between considering each of your beautiful features and learning how to measure your ideal necklace length at home, every woman can find her perfect fit!