Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

Finally, your big day comes. You’ve been awaiting this moment since you were a child; you’re ready to waltz down the aisle in a gorgeous white dress to meet your soon-to-be spouse. Only the perfect accessories can accompany your illustrious gown, and bridal jewelry sets from Fink’s Jewelers are just the thing to make your whole bridal look pop.

Your wedding day requires months, if not years, of meticulous planning so your dream is realized. It will be one of your favorite days ever, and your wedding jewelry, like bracelets, necklaces, and wedding bands, can be an elegant and romantic reminder of that day for the rest of your life.

Why Should I Wear Wedding Jewelry?

White Gold Round Diamond Bangle

The bridal jewelry sets that you select for your wedding day are not only a phenomenal way to accessorize but a way to spark memories of your special day. Your wedding jewelry not only adds sparkle and shine to your bridal look, but it tells a story. With bridal jewelry sets, you can use luxurious jewelry pieces to help tell the world your love story.

What are the Latest Trends in Bridal Jewelry?

Though it’s entirely up to the bride, we love adding a fresh spin on classic jewelry elements to ensure your look never goes out of style. There are several different options for wedding jewelry that will take your bridal look to the next level:

  • Statement bridal jewelry
  • Classic wedding jewelry
  • Bridal jewelry sets with vintage flair
  • Wedding jewelry with color

Making a Statement with Bridal Jewelry

White Gold Diamond Drop Earrings

A bold piece of statement jewelry is a great way to spice up a classic wedding look. If you’re wearing a simpler dress, statement wedding jewelry can add a bit of finesse and excitement. For instance, these bridal jewelry earrings are the perfect showstopper to add some sparkle to your look.

Statement bridal jewelry offers a unique opportunity to express your personal style and individuality. To take your bridal ensemble to the next level, we also love this Sabel Collection Cuff Bracelet for a little eye-catching twinkle if you’re wearing a sleeveless dress. 

Classic Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to wedding jewelry, timeless pieces hold a special place in every bride’s heart. Timeless bridal jewelry exudes an everlasting charm that transcends passing trends and fads. These pieces not only complement a bride’s ensemble, but they can also become cherished heirlooms that will be passed down through generations.

Platinum Halo Pear Shape and Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

Simply put, diamonds and pearls never go out of style. For a classic bridal jewelry ring with a bit of a modern twist, we love this Pear Center Diamond Engagement Ring. There’s nothing more classic than a diamond bracelet, and this White Gold Diamond Cluster Bracelet is the perfect accessory for your big day.

For pearl jewelry that will stay in style forever, we love this Akoya Pearl and Diamond Circle Necklace and these matching bridal jewelry earrings. Whether you have a simple look that you want to match or you have a unique feel that needs some classic elements, classic bridal jewelry sets are pleasing to all. 

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Jewelry

Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond Bracelet with Baguette Accent Diamonds

While modern trends come and go, there’s a certain allure to vintage-inspired bridal jewelry necklaces, rings, and earrings that stand the test of time. Vintage-inspired bridal jewelry adds nostalgia and sophistication to your look. The intricate craftsmanship of these vintage-inspired pieces is unmatched and will complement tons of different wedding styles.

Another great thing about vintage-inspired wedding jewelry is that it seamlessly blends with different varieties of wedding themes and aesthetics. Whether you’re planning a rustic forest ceremony, an ultra-glamorous black-tie affair, or even a whimsical garden wedding, these pieces are versatile enough to pair with any style.

For a roaring twenties-inspired piece, this Yellow Gold Multishape Bridal Jewelry Bracelet is sure to be a showstopping addition to your wedding look. If you’re looking for a touch of vintage feel for a bridal jewelry ring, consider this Asscher Cut Diamond Ring. 

Bridal Jewelry Sets with a Pop of Color

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue! This classic rhyme for wedding day necessities gives wonderful advice – add some color to your wedding look! Whether you choose an accent piece or a gemstone engagement ring, you can’t go wrong.

3 of our favorite stones to add some color to your bridal jewelry are:

  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Rubies

Bridal Jewelry with Sapphires

White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

Sapphires double as a stunning pop of color for your bridal jewelry, and your something blue! Typically renowned for its deep blue hues, sapphires are actually available in a variety of colors. Wearing a bridal jewelry necklace with sapphire is a great way to add a subtle accent color to match your wedding décor.

Interestingly enough, sapphire is also known for its symbolism, which relates to a healthy marriage. Sapphire wedding jewelry represents loyalty, healing, and peace in interpersonal relationships. This type of bridal jewelry is equal parts beautiful and meaningful. For a statement piece featuring sapphire, we love this bridal jewelry necklace.

Emerald in Wedding Jewelry

White Gold Emerald and Diamond Bracelet

If you are having a wedding with tons of white flowers and greenery, we love emerald bridal jewelry sets to match all those natural elements. Emeralds are typically deep green stones and complement any skin tone. This white gold and emerald bridal jewelry bracelet is timeless but fun, incorporating a deep green sparkle into your wedding day ensemble.

Ruby Bridal Jewelry Sets

White Gold Ruby and Diamond Dangle Earrings

Rubies are both gorgeous and fun for wedding jewelry because of their look and significance. Rubies have long represented passion and protection, which are certainly two desirable traits in a marriage! Rubies are also considered a “stone of kings” in many cultures, so you’re adding even more luxury and royalty to your special day! An eye-catching way to incorporate rubies into your wedding day is with these statement bridal jewelry earrings.

Luxury Bridal Jewelry Sets

Fink’s Jewelers is proud to carry collections of the best bridal jewelry sets available. Whether you’re hoping for a classic, timeless look for a traditional wedding or you’re looking for a whimsical feel for your forest nuptials, the right bridal jewelry can elevate your style and make your wedding a night to remember.