Sapphire Colors: Wear the Rainbow

Woman Wearing Business Clothes with Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet

It’s hard to look at a rainbow or see something colorful and not smile and instantly feel a little bit lighter. Colorful jewelry is the perfect way to add some fun and joy to your life and can be a constant reminder to live life brightly! Jewelry in sapphire colors is a perfect way to incorporate the vibrancy that is missing in your life and bring some life back into your jewelry box! 

What is Sapphire?

White Gold Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant Necklace

Sapphire is a gemstone made up of the mineral corundum. It is a very hard and durable gemstone, rating a nine on the Mohs hardness scale. This beautiful gemstone is ideal for jewelry of all types due to its durability and stunning look!

Sapphire gemstones have been treasured since the Middle Ages, and there is a lot of history and lore around these precious stones. For a long time, sapphires were associated with royalty, and this trend has continued into modern times.

Not only did kings and queens of ancient Greece wear sapphires, but modern-day royalty still sport sapphires for their engagement rings. Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring is a very well-known example and was given to Princess Kate when she got engaged to Prince William in 2010.

What are the Sapphire Colors?

Any sapphire color that is not blue or colorless is referred to as fancy sapphire. Blue is the most well-known and popular of the sapphire colors and is usually a favorite for earrings, engagement rings, or as a pendant. It may come as a surprise that besides the gorgeous deep blue sapphire color, there is a rainbow of other sapphire colors to choose from!

Take your pick of any of these fancy sapphire colors:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White
  • Teal
  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Black

Blue Sapphire

White Gold Blue Sapphire and Diamond Accent Ring

Blue sapphire color ranges from rich royal blue to pale baby blue. Trace amounts of iron and titanium are what cause the gem to have a blue hue. Blue sapphires are known to represent love, loyalty, and power. In ancient times, blue sapphires were believed to be stones of protection and were often worn in hopes of avoiding harm.

There is nothing like a timeless blue sapphire ring, especially when it is paired with diamonds. Whether shopping for an engagement ring or anniversary band, nothing says, “I love you,” like breathtaking blue sapphire.

Pink Sapphire

14K White Gold Oval Pink Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Pink sapphire color is so fun to wear and can range from deep magenta to pale pink. At times ruby and pink sapphire have been mistaken as the same, but any knowledgeable gemologist can tell the difference. Pink sapphire represents sincerity and trust. This sapphire color has been gaining popularity as an engagement ring choice due to its delicate color and brilliant contrast when paired with diamonds.

Want to give something fun and unique for Valentine’s Day? A pair of pink sapphire earrings make the perfect gift.

Yellow Sapphire

The best things about yellow sapphires are that they look similar to a yellow diamond but cost less; how convenient! Although yellow sapphires come in a range from pale to deep bronze, bright yellows tend to be the most popular choice. Yellow sapphires are associated with luck and wealth.

Green Sapphire

Green sapphires get their color from small amounts of iron that are inside corundum. Green sapphires range from a muted green to dark green, like an emerald. Green sapphires are a symbol of integrity, trust, and loyalty.

14K Yellow Gold Round Rainbow Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald Dangle Necklace

Green is definitely having a moment, and jewelry in a green sapphire color is the perfect stackable jewelry piece. Is there someone in your life that loves mixing and matching their jewelry? Adding a green sapphire ring will definitely add the pop they are looking for!

White Sapphire

White sapphire color only very rarely occurs naturally. Most white sapphires have been heat treated to remove any color. White sapphires are often used as replacements for diamonds but have less of the key elements that set diamonds apart

Teal Sapphire

Teal sapphires are a newer sapphire color and are a mixture of green and blue, and sometimes yellow. No teal sapphire is the same, which makes them very special to wear. Some experts believe that this sapphire color will continue to become more and more popular and sought after, only increasing its value.

Peach Sapphire

Peach sapphires are often categorized as either pink or orange but are actually a blend of oranges, yellows, and pinks. Peach sapphire gives off a pastel appearance and pairs well in a gold setting. Because peach sapphire has more of a pale color, it can appear somewhat cloudy if it is a larger stone.

Orange Sapphire

Orange sapphires are very rare and are typically smaller in size. This sapphire color is a mixture of red and yellow hues and can range from light orange to a vivid orange-red color. Count yourself lucky if you can get your hands on a pure orange sapphire!

Purple Sapphire

Purple sapphires are a combination of red and blue and can be confused with pink sapphires. However, when compared, purple sapphire color tends to be bluer. Some things that set purple sapphires apart are that they hold their color quite well naturally and do not need to be heat treated to improve their hue. Because of this, they have a higher value and are very treasured.

Black Sapphire

Triton Men's 8mm Tungsten Carbine Black Sapphire Band with Satin Bright Finish

Black sapphire has arguably the most unique look out of all the sapphire colors. This sapphire color is made up of the mineral aluminum oxide and absorbs any light that hits it. Black sapphire ranges from blue-black to gray and is quite stunning in any type of jewelry. A black sapphire men’s wedding band is a perfect look.

Wear the Sapphire Rainbow

Don’t want to choose one sapphire color? Wear the rainbow with an assortment of fancy sapphire gemstones. Catch any eye with a unique rainbow sapphire dangle necklace!

Occasions to Gift Sapphire Jewelry

You truly cannot go wrong with any sapphire color jewelry. No matter the occasion, big or small, sapphires are a perfect accessory and gift for anyone in your life. Some ideas for gifting sapphire jewelry are:

Styling Sapphire Jewelry

LAGOS Signature Caviar 9mm Pink Sapphire Bracelet

Just like the abundance of sapphire colors, there are countless ways to style this one-of-a-kind gemstone. Sapphire jewelry is shown off best when wearing clothing that complements its beauty. If you’ve chosen a colorful sapphire jewelry piece, wearing a sleek black dress will truly show off the jewelry’s elegance and stunning colors.

Pairing sapphires with complementary colors is also key. If you are someone who enjoys mixing and matching jewelry or stacking rings, wearing your sapphire jewelry with jewelry of the opposite color will let your sapphire color shine best. For example, blue sapphire pairs well with yellow, whether it’s a gold chain or yellow diamond, and a green sapphire ring would be stunning with a pink gemstone bracelet.

Let the sapphire colors inspire and bring the fun into jewelry. Wanting to explore the sapphire jewelry of your dreams? Stop in at any Fink’s Jewelers location. We’d love to help you choose your perfect piece of the rainbow!