September, The Royal Sapphire Birthstone

Model Wearing Sapphire rings, earrings and necklace from Fink's Jewelers

Feeling blue doesn't have to be a sad thing, especially when you're talking about sapphires. Sapphires are intensely beautiful gemstones that elicit feelings of passion, love, respect, and decadence. Sapphires most often are a deeply saturated shade of royal blue that manages to look playful and dignified at the same time.

The September birthstone is the most popular colored gemstone, coming in second only to diamonds. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but sapphires are the stones of the heavens. You would move heaven and earth to make her smile, and gifting sapphire birthstone jewelry is the easiest and most beautiful way to prove it. 

When did Sapphires become September’s Birthstone?

Sabel Collection Birthstone and Diamond Halo Pendant

The sapphire became the September birthstone in 1912; it is also the gemstone for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. Sapphires have long been associated with royalty, nobility, protection, and heaven throughout history. During medieval times, sapphires were thought to have healing powers, and many people still use them today for their believed healing properties.

With its rich history of elite and royal society using sapphires to adorn their wardrobes to protect them from harm, sapphire birthstone jewelry is the perfect metaphor for showing the woman you love how deeply you care for and respect her. 

What Does Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry Represent?

  • royalty
  • romance
  • fidelity
  • inner peace
  • creative expression

Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry Fit for a Queen (Literally)

Sapphires are the official September birthstone, but they are far more than just a birthstone. The most famous and beloved sapphire currently sits on the hand of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William inherited the sapphire ring from his late mother, Princess Diana. Princess Diana was a glorious trailblazer in many ways, and one example of this was her choosing her own engagement ring.

Princess Diana chose a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 round diamonds, set in 18k white gold. It is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry. Fun fact, her engagement ring was featured in the Garrard's catalog at the time, meaning any commoner could also purchase the ring; This caused quite a commotion throughout the royal family and the press.

What is a Ceylon Sapphire?

Ceylon sapphires, hailing from the historic Kashmir mines in a remote part of the Himalayan Mountains, are the rarest and most valuable of all sapphires. Ceylon sapphires are typically a vivid blue. The deeper the blue, the more valuable they are. Due to the treacherous terrain and dangerous conditions in modern-day Sri Lanka, mining has been halted at various points. This adds to the rarity of Ceylon sapphires and has cemented their status as superior sapphires.

Fink's will always carry the most desirable and high-quality diamonds and gemstones. In addition, Fink's has an impressive collection of Ceylon sapphires for you to give to your loved one or treat yourself. 

The Most Perfect September Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

Sabel Collection Platinum Oval Ceylon Sapphire and White Diamond Ring

Sapphire birthstone jewelry can be classic, showstopping, or a mixture of both. The mark of a truly iconic piece of jewelry that can be handed down through the generations is a balance between timelessness and originality. Ceylon sapphire birthstone jewelry is cornflower-blue perfection.

Our platinum oval Ceylon sapphire ring with white diamonds artfully cascading up the shank is so stunning it will quite possibly bring you to tears. Each platinum and white diamond prong grasps the 37.52 ct sapphire with an elegance fit for royalty. This incredible September birthstone ring communicates undying admiration and love. This is the ring for the woman in your life that is beautiful, confident, exudes sunshine, and deserves the world.

Sabel Collection Platinum Pear Shape Ceylon Sapphire and Round Diamond Ring

Picture this: a deep, inky blue pear-shaped 9 ct sapphire stone, tightly hugged by a white diamond halo. It's bold and striking, conveys passion and desire, and is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Now, picture it on the hand of your favorite person - the one you share inside jokes with, who knows exactly how you take your coffee, and the one you want to hold hands with forever.

Sabel Sapphires Birthstone Jewelry Collection

The September birthstone is incredible and beautiful, and it's absolutely a statement piece. But sapphire birthstone jewelry doesn't have to be entirely over the top. There's a reason why understated elegance never goes out of style. Having delicate pieces that effortlessly go with work attire equally as well as date night are the jewelry options that get worn the most often.

Our Sabel birthstone collection is a favorite among new and legacy customers because it holds beautiful pieces that complement any style. In addition, our birthstone collection has options available for every month, making it excellent if you have multiple sisters, daughters, or granddaughters that you're shopping for.

Our Favorite Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry Pieces:

  • sapphire stud earrings
  • sapphire halo pendant necklace
  • sapphire bracelets 
Sabel Collection Birthstone and Diamond Halo Earrings

The Sabel Collection offers a variety of sapphire birthstone jewelry options. The 14k white gold stud earrings featuring the September birthstone encircled in diamonds are easily a favorite. It's a subtle flash of colored gemstones matched with diamond sparkles, making it the ideal everyday earring.

Another jewelry staple is our 14k white gold sapphire pendant necklace. Colorful gemstones and necklace layering are very on-trend right now. This is a perfect example of pairing timeless style with current trends, and the pendant necklace is a classic. Adding a pop of color from the September birthstone creates a fashion-forward piece that will never go out of style.

If bracelets are the preferred jewelry choice for the one you’re shopping for, we have an impressive collection of sapphire and diamond bracelets that make great September birthstone gifts. The white gold sapphire and diamond bangle is impressive because of its delicate design and ability to join any bracelet stack flawlessly.

The John Hardy classic chain station bracelet with sapphires is also a perfect bracelet for stacking. The interlocking sapphires resemble hearts, giving this sapphire birthstone jewelry piece a romantic edginess.

Choosing the Perfect September Birthstone Jewelry Piece

John Hardy Classic Chain Sterling Silver Asli Station Bracelet with Blue Sapphire

If the one you love was born in September, they lucked out in the birthstone department. There's no wrong way to wear sapphires. They are the quintessential statement-making gemstone. With the royal history behind sapphires flanked in diamonds, they also make an amazing engagement or anniversary gift.