Collection: September Birthstone Jewelry

Give the gift of sparkling sapphires to show your loved ones with September birthdays you care. Just like you cherish her, the September birthstone has been cherished for centuries. Though sapphires are most commonly thought of as blue, this beloved gemstone also forms in every color of the rainbow. These other hues are called fancies, and with limitless color options, her sapphire September birthstone jewelry will be exactly what she’s looking for.

September birthstone jewelry is not the only time sapphire is used. Sapphire is one of the most popular naturally colored gems for all types of jewelry, from royalty of the past to modern-day engagement rings. Said to be associated with fidelity, faithfulness, and the soul, the sapphire makes the perfect gift to show your love and passion for one another. Take a look at the naturally pink hues to symbolize your everlasting love or the stark blue colors for an elegant birthstone jewelry gift that will never go out of style.

Browse our spectacular designers’ interpretations of timeless sapphire rings to find the one that’s perfect for her. Often paired with diamonds for a classic look, the gem gives a timeless and stylish look to every birthstone jewelry piece. Whether you’re after a special birthday or anniversary present or are just wanting to show your love off, a September birthstone jewelry gift is the perfect way to go.

September birthstone jewelry is a romantic and loving gift that she’s sure to wear for years to come. Come in to a Fink’s Jewelers location today or browse online to shop for precious sapphire birthstone jewelry.