Collection: Sapphire

Instantly recognizable and known for their diamond-like durability and velvety colors, sapphires are one of the most precious and popular gemstones in the world. Sapphire jewelry is a thoughtful and desirable gift that will show her just how special she is. Whether you’re after a dazzling engagement ring for your partner or searching for the perfect September birthstone jewelry gift, you can’t go wrong with sapphires.

Although this gem is named after the Latin word “saphirus,” meaning blue, sapphires are found in an extensive rainbow of colors. When a sapphire gemstone is pink, green, orange, or one of the many other colors, they’re actually called “fancies.” The rich blues of the sapphire gemstone are the most common and have been favored for centuries.

Sapphires have a long history of being the favorites of royals, from the ancient kings and queens of Greece to Princess Diana’s engagement ring. Not only are sapphires believed to have protective energy, but they also often symbolize love and devotion, making sapphire jewelry a beautiful gift for her. If you’re celebrating your long and happy marriage, sapphire jewelry is traditionally the 45th wedding anniversary gift. No matter the occasion, sapphire jewelry is meaningful and a great symbol of your love for her.

Designers at Fink’s, from our in-house Sabel collection to John Hardy, Mikimoto, and more, take on the challenge of creating timeless, bold, and beautiful sapphire jewelry for you to choose from. Whether you’re after a showstopping ring or an everyday jewelry piece, sapphires are the perfect gemstone. Browse online or come into one of our Fink’s Jewelers shops and let one of our knowledgeable sales associates help you find stunning sapphire jewelry for her.