Your Guide to Vintage-Style Rings

Your Guide to Vintage-Style Rings

One of the current most popular jewelry trends is finding unique pieces from the past. People still gravitate to the look of a vintage ring. However, finding the perfect vintage engagement ring can be a painstaking journey. Many are family heirlooms and get passed down. Others are in less-than-perfect conditions because of their age or hard to locate because they’re not available in every jewelry shop.

If you want something that will encapsulate the complex history of jewelry, our guide to vintage-style rings will give you the option to find the look she desires without enduring a long search for authentic antique jewelry. 

What is a Vintage-Style Ring?

Large orange stone vintage style ring

Vintage-style diamond rings seem to be growing in popularity as couples shop for new and unique pieces.  A vintage-style engagement ring is a modern-made ring inspired by a vintage era.

Popular designs of the past inspire many modern-day ring trends. While a vintage style won’t provide you with a genuine antique diamond, it will allow you to make customizations to blend your vintage fantasies with modern-day style. 

Eras of Vintage Ring Styles

When you browse vintage engagement rings, you’ll notice a variety of different styles, qualities, and diamond cuts. These ring styles come from a variety of different eras throughout history.

Popular Eras for Vintage Engagement Rings

  • Victorian era
  • Edwardian era
  • Art Deco era
  • Retro era

Victorian Era Diamond Rings

Fink's Exclusive Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Fancy Yellow Oval Diamond and Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The Victorian Era, from 1835 to 1900, was a time full of beauty and precious gemstones. Their rings were usually yellow gold or rose gold and often included diamonds. Row, halos, and clusters of diamonds became popularized during this period in history.

Although big diamonds were difficult to find at the time, wealthy people began to wear solitaires. However, most of the diamonds from the Victorian Era were old European cuts, step cuts, or rose cuts because the classic round cut diamond had not yet been invented.

Popular Jewelry from the Edwardian Era

People who love dainty, lacey jewelry designs will adore styles from the Edwardian Era. Typically, rings from this period were platinum and included intricate metalwork called filigree in designs featuring ribbons, vines, and scrolling.

Colored gemstones gained their popularity during this time even though diamonds were still on the rise. Old mine cuts, European cuts, and rose cuts were still the most common types of diamond rings to find during this period.  

Vintage Jewelry from the Art Deco Era

If lacy lightness isn’t your style, you’ll probably be more into Art Deco era jewelry. This period is famous for its repeating patterns and bold geometry. Step-cut diamonds were all the rage, as well as tiny beads called milgrain.

Unfortunately, this era fell during the Great Depression, so many people couldn’t invest in lavish jewelry. Instead, some consumers opted for more affordable gems like amethyst, garnet, and glass. People who were lucky enough to get their hands on a diamond ring valued the unique and intricate designs during this time.

Gorgeous Retro Era Designs

Believe it or not, very few engagement rings exclusively featured diamond rings before World War II. However, the De Beers diamond marketing campaign changed the game when they began producing rings with only diamonds. They changed the trajectory of the engagement ring industry.

Rings from the Retro era were much simpler than prior periods. Since the war and depression were ending, people were eager to go out and spend their money on fine jewelry once again. Solitaire rings were the most common diamond ring style from the time. Baguette side stones were also prevalent in these vintage engagement rings.

Qualities of a Vintage-Style Engagement Ring

Now that you know the basics of each jewelry era, you can decide which one your future bride would be most drawn to. Take note of which era’s designs you like most. We recommend looking for a few vintage-style qualities when choosing the right diamond ring.

Vintage Elements

  • milgrain
  • filigree
  • side stones
  • halos

Vintage Engagement Rings with Milgrain

Sabel Collection 14K Yellow Gold Milgrain Bezel Diamond Ring

When identifying an engagement ring that grabs the attention of you and your partner,  closely look around the edges. Does the bezel have tiny beads? If so, this is milgrain.

The beads in some milgrain rings will be slightly uneven, indicating that a real human embellished it. While their popularity peaked back in the 1940s, these styles are becoming trendy again today as people admire their intricate work.

If milgrain is the right style for you, check out this Fink's diamond ring. The unique milgrain marquise shape gives the perfect vintage touch to the modern band. Keep in mind that all of Fink’s engagement jewelry is backed by the Fink’s Lifetime Guarantee, meaning your diamonds will be protected forever.

Filigree Ring Designs

Filigree is a tell-tale sign of a vintage-style ring. So, how can you identify it within a band? Look for fine threads of metal that are twisted or curled to create intricate yet delicate details.

Fink's Men's 7.5mm Filigree Engraved Gold Wedding Band

The filigree design is typically soldered into or onto a piece that can take different shapes. Some examples of these designs include scrollwork, geometric Art Deco patterns, and lacy flourishes.

Along with a stunning engagement ring for their bride, every soon-to-be-husband needs a wedding band that will fit his personality. Check out the Fink’s gold filigree wedding band if these complex patterns seem right up your alley. The invigorating gold swirls will set your ring apart from the rest. 

Diamond Rings with Side Stones

Rings featuring several stones are trendy in modern times, but they’re actually a vintage style. Vintage-style bands rarely come with a single diamond. Most commonly, vintage engagement rings had at least three stones.

A popular setting for engagement rings with several diamonds is a single large stone surrounded by smaller ones. Sometimes, though, this vintage style will feature two or three large diamonds.

Halo Diamond Rings

The Studio Collection Round Diamond Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring

Halo rings can often fall under the side stones category because they will have a “halo” of tiny stones surrounding the center diamond. Halos are an incredibly popular style and can be found in various diamond cuts, colors, and shapes.

Does a sparkling halo catch your eye? The Fink’s studio collection three stone halo engagement ring would be a stunning choice. With three round diamonds and a halo surrounding them, your future bride’s ring finger will have everyone staring.

Understanding the history behind your favorite vintage jewelry looks will help you identify styles while you’re out shopping. With a vintage-style modern engagement ring, you can add your own modern touch to the timeless looks you love. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed the best at Fink’s.