How to Measure Ring Size for an Engagement Ring or Wedding Band

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As you prepare for an engagement or wedding coming up, you will obviously be looking at wedding rings as part of the preparation. However, what may not be clear is what wedding or engagement ring size you will need. We would wager a guess that most people do not know the size of their left ring finger off the top of their heads.

Knowing how to measure your ring size is going to come in handy as you embark on the journey of finding just the right engagement and wedding rings. We have compiled some helpful tips and tricks so you can successfully measure your ring size and be ready to purchase the perfect wedding rings for your upcoming nuptials.

How Should a Ring Fit?

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First of all, before you even measure your ring size, you need to understand how a ring should properly fit on your finger. A ring should fit comfortably around your finger. This means that the ring should be secure enough so that it will not slip off, but it should also be loose enough to slide over your knuckle with just a little bit of resistance.

A Guide to Ring Sizes

In the United States, ring sizes typically range from a scale of whole and half numbers from adult size 3 to 13.5. Women’s rings usually range from sizes 3 to 9, and men’s rings usually range between sizes 8 and 14.

Like everyday rings, engagement and wedding band ring sizes are based on the inside circumference of a ring measured in millimeters. Ring sizes are a set standard, so they will not be much different from jeweler to jeweler — at least in the USA and Canada.

Are Ring Sizes the Same in Every Country?

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Although numerical ring sizes are standard throughout the United States and Canada, other countries such as France, the UK, Germany, and Japan use different systems to measure ring size. Some countries use an alphabetical scale with only whole sizes or a set circumference adjustment.

Jewelers can also differ on how they measure ring size, as well, with various jewelers using a different starting point (side edge or inside center) to measure the ring.

What Is the Average Ring Size?

The average ring size for a woman is between 6 and 7, and the average ring size for a man is between 9.5 and 10. So if you are shopping for women’s or men’s wedding bands together and have no idea what your sizes are, these numbers would be a good place to start when trying on rings.

How to Measure Ring Size at Home

If you do not have the time or opportunity to head into a jewelry store and professionally have your ring size measured, then there are several methods you can use at home. Try these easy ways to find what engagement or wedding band ring size you will need.

    Measure Ring Size with String

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    To measure your wedding band ring size with this method, you will need:

    • String or floss
    • A pen
    • A ruler or measuring tape

    First, wrap the string or floss around the base of the desired finger (be sure not to pull it too tight and thus stretch the string or floss, making it inaccurate). Make a mark where it overlaps. Then, lay the length of string or floss down on the ruler or measuring tape, and take note of how long it is in millimeters (not inches).

    Using an online ring size chart, compare your finger measurement to the noted sizes to see which ring size would be the best fit. There you have it — this is your wedding band and engagement ring size!

    Measure Ring Size with a Ring You Own and a Chart

    With this method, you will measure your ring size using a ring that you already own and that you know fits you well. Print out a downloadable ring size chart, making sure that it is set to “Scale 100” in print options to ensure it is true to size. (As a bonus: the aforementioned printable ring size chart includes a paper ring sizer that you could cut out and use to measure your own finger.)

    Set your ring on the printed-out size chart and slide it over different sizes until you find one that matches the inner circumference of the ring. That’s it! This will likely be a great engagement or wedding band ring size for you.

    Measure Engagement or Wedding Band Ring Size with a Ring Sizer

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    If you want to be absolutely certain that you will select the correct wedding band or engagement ring size, purchase your own ring-measurement tool. This way of measuring ring size takes the guesswork out of the process.

    You can find an affordable ring sizer to buy online. There are two different types: one that is a small measuring tape (it looks like a zip tie) and one that is a keyring with different ring sizes attached. You will simply slide these on your desired finger to measure your correct ring size.

    Tips for Measuring Your Ring Size

    As you measure your ring size at home, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, be aware of the size of your knuckle. If you have larger knuckles, then order a ring that is half a size bigger than what you have measured so you will be able to fit your ring over it. 

    Second, make sure to measure your ring size multiple times, not just once. You can even measure your finger at different times during the day (morning, afternoon, evening) since your finger’s size can change throughout the day. This will help ensure you find the correct engagement or wedding band ring size.

    What to Do If You Are Between Ring Sizes?

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    If you measure your ring size and are not sure which of the two ring sizes would best suit you, go with the larger size. This is for two reasons: your fingers tend to swell up when it is warm, and it is easier to resize a ring smaller than it is to make it larger. Going with a larger wedding band or engagement ring size is a safer bet to make sure a ring will properly fit your finger.

    Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Size Considerations:

    • Different hands will have different-sized fingers — measure the correct finger!
    • Thicker size bands will fit tighter — size up a quarter or half size for wide bands
    • The ring fit should be snug — you do not want it to fall off
    • Your finger size will change with the temperature/seasons — hotter=larger, colder=smaller

    How to Secretly Measure Your Partner’s Engagement Ring Size

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    Perhaps you are going to propose to your girlfriend, but you do not know what engagement ring size to get. Or maybe you are a bride who wants to surprise your husband-to-be with the perfect wedding band for him. Whatever your reason, there may come a time when you will need to measure a ring size without your partner or loved one knowing, so how do you do that?

      Find out Their Ring Size by Asking Around

      First, you can try to find out their wedding band or engagement ring size by asking one of their close friends or family members. They may already know, or they may be able to casually ask your partner without arousing suspicion.

      Borrow One of Their Rings for Ring Size Reference

      Second, you can pay attention to the rings they may already wear. If they have one that fits their left ring or even middle finger, you may be able to stealthily take it to a jeweler and measure their engagement ring size. If they would notice its absence, try to sneak a moment to trace the inside of the ring (or press it into a bar of soap, creating a mold) and take that to the jeweler instead.

      Try On Their Ring for Size

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      Third, you can surreptitiously try on a ring that fits them well and note where it lands on your finger. Use a ring sizer, consult an engagement ring size chart, or talk to a jeweler to try to estimate the size. If in doubt, size up since a ring is more easily resized smaller than bigger.

      With one of these sneaky methods, you are sure to find the right (or close enough!) engagement or wedding band ring size — and not spoil the surprise for your loved one.

      Find the Correct Engagement Ring Size or Wedding Band Ring Size

      With these helpful tips and tricks, you will be well-equipped to measure your ring size at home. You can sneakily find the perfect engagement ring to surprise her, or you can work together to select the ideal wedding band ring size for both of you. If you would like the help of a professional jeweler to make sure the ring is absolutely perfect or create a custom design, find a Fink’s Jewelers location near you.