Your Shopping Guide for Men’s Wedding Band Styles

Your Shopping Guide for Men’s Wedding Band Styles

Getting engaged is such an exciting time. While it may seem like one of the more manageable tasks on your wedding planning list, shopping for a men’s wedding ring can take longer than you imagined. We know you have a long list of tasks to attend to, so our best advice when selecting your men’s wedding band style? Don’t put it off!

Make shopping for your men’s wedding ring a high priority on your list to ensure you have plenty of time to find the ideal forever band. With several considerations to make before you commit, we don’t want you to feel rushed through this momentous process. Our men’s wedding ring experts have put together a helpful guide to make your experience smooth and enjoyable. 

A Look at Men’s Rings Through History

Triton RAW Men's 8mmRose Gold and Grey Tungsten Wedding Band

For centuries, men around the world have adorned their fingers with rings. However, it was quite some time before they were worn as gold men’s wedding bands symbolizing love or commitment. While various cultures adopted different traditions for their use, the rings themselves often held similar meanings. The rings of a man commanded attention and respect.

Most men’s rings were worn to symbolize:

  • wealth
  • status
  • power
  • victory
  • milestones

Men’s Rings in Ancient Rome

The Roman men loved displaying rings on their fingers for all to admire. As a result, Rome was notorious for emperors gifting their distinguished soldiers with gold rings. The wealthiest wore men’s gold bands, while the lower class wore rings made from silver. Slaves also wore rings, though they were bands made of iron. 

Men’s Rings in Ancient Egypt

Ornamental rings were typically worn upon the right hands of Pharaohs and the wealthiest men of ancient Egypt. The unique rings men wore boasted their social class and highlighted positions of authority. While men of lower classes wore rings, theirs were made of inexpensive materials to reflect their social status.

Ecclesiastical Men’s Rings

Although the woman’s wedding band continued to be more widely used throughout various cultures, the men’s wedding band still did not catch on. However, clergymen were often seen wearing extravagantly designed rings that grew popular in the 19th century. Their use of multiple rings symbolized their authoritative position within the church. 


What Started the Rise of Men’s Wedding Rings?

Triton RAW Men's 9mm Grey PVD Tungsten Smooth Edge Wedding Band

Modern men's wedding bands did not truly make their mark on the world until around the time of World War I. During this time, men began to embrace the symbolism of wearing a men's wedding ring as they found themselves preparing to ship off to war. The gold men’s wedding band provided the men a way to keep their wives and little ones close to their hearts while they were away.

By World War II, the symbolism of men’s wedding rings had become more significant than ever. The ‘50s saw an explosion of men embracing the men’s wedding band as it became a widely practiced tradition. Men's gold wedding bands soon adorned ring fingers around the world.

Why Start Shopping for Your Men’s Wedding Ring Early?

Many couples put off shopping for the men's wedding ring because it seems like one of the more manageable tasks to check off their list. After hunting for the perfect women’s engagement ring, we can see why this is one of the reasons couples share they've procrastinated. Yet, you should know there is still much to consider when shopping for a men’s wedding ringFrom selecting your desired men’s ring metal to narrowing down the type of profile, there are several considerations to make before committing to your forever band.

Keep in mind the ring you select may require minor adjustments or resizing. This is a prime example of why you should not put off your wedding band purchase until the last minute. Your jeweler will need time to make the necessary changes to meet your needs.

Our men's wedding ring experts have put together a list to guide you through the essential considerations you’ll want to make when choosing your perfect style of men’s wedding band.

Considerations while shopping for your ideal men's wedding band style include:

  • metal
  • profile
  • band width
  • durability
  • style

Selecting Your Men's Ring Metal 

Men's 6.5mm Rolled Edge Brushed Wedding Band

Although the traditional men's gold wedding band is still a beloved choice, many today opt to go bold with their metal choice. The variety of men’s ring metals we now see in men's jewelry has become as vast and stunning as women's jewelry. In addition, men are just as fashion-forward and have an eye for design beyond the classic and into the Men’s modern wedding band styles. 

There are several considerations to make when it comes time to choose your men’s ring metal. From pairing a metal with a wardrobe or other jewelry accessories to durability, there's more to selecting a men's wedding ring metal than meets the eye.

For instance, if your husband-to-be is an adventure-seeking outdoorsman, you may wish to place the durability of men’s ring metal at the top of the list. We recommend choosing between tungsten, stainless steel, and titanium. These fine metals can withstand his big adventures, a rough day on the job, or daily dings and scratches. 

His choice of ring metal may simply be a preference. If this is the case, there are plenty of stunning men’s ring metals to choose from. And you're certainly not limited to just one metal! Two-toned rings are often preferred, including the stunning contrast of a white and yellow gold men’s wedding band. 

What Are Ring Profiles?

Triton RAW Men's 8mm 18K Yellow Gold and Grey PVD Tungsten Step Edge Wedding Band

Your men's wedding ring’s profile refers to the shape of its outer surface. While the profile of a ring adds to the appeal of the design, it can also affect its comfort. There are four basic ring profiles you will want to consider while browsing for your men's wedding band style. We suggest trying on each profile to test out the comfort so you select the profile that suits your needs best. 

Basic ring profiles to consider:

  1. The classic court - the most traditional design, this profile is round both inside and out
  2. The flat ring – a flat design on the inside and outside
  3. The D-shaped ring – this profile has a thin, round outside with a close, flat inner surface
  4. The flat court – flat on the outside while rounded on the inside

Considering the Width of Your Men's Wedding Band

Selecting the right men’s wedding band style also includes choosing a width that is as appealing as it is comfortable. Keep in mind this will be your forever ring, and you want it to feel natural on your finger.

The typical width of men’s wedding bands ranges from 4mm to 8mm. Thin rings will offer a lighter feel while being a bit easier on the wallet. Medium to wide bands offer a more traditional look. They tend to offer a strong statement, particularly upon larger or longer fingers.

The width of your men's wedding ring may also affect comfort and agility, so be sure to spend time trying on various options. What appeals to your eye first may not meet your expectations in comfort.

Is the Durability of a Men's Wedding Ring Important? 

7.5mm Filigree Engraved Gold Wedding Band

Metal selection and durability go hand-in-hand. Selecting a men's wedding band style should include examining durability. You'll want to consider all aspects of your lifestyle to help you select the men's wedding ring that will hold up to your needs and expectations.

For example, consider your daily activity level and environment. Do you work with your hands under strenuous conditions? Do your hobbies include rock climbing or other hands-on outdoor adventures? If so, you want a men’s wedding ring that holds up under varying conditions, leaving you with little to worry about.

Durability includes a high-quality design meant to secure your stones. A durable men's wedding ring can withstand a little wear and tear without cause for worry. Yet, if your lifestyle has you worried about your ring, you may want to consider choosing a men's gold wedding band with beautifully detailed engravings rather than gemstones. Stones may become loose or chipped, no matter how durable your band may be. While you can certainly opt to keep your ring stored for various activities, it's always wise to make a selection with your needs in mind.  

May we suggest taking a peek at a channel set men’s wedding band style for those active hands? A channel set diamond men's wedding band features exquisite diamonds nestled within the band. This modern men’s wedding band design keeps your diamonds secure while the stones remain flush with the band’s shank for optimal light exposure. The setting creates a durable design with optimal sparkle to meet all your desires in a diamond men's wedding ring.

Men's Wedding Band Style Options

The Studio Collection Yellow Gold Matching Wedding Band

The men’s wedding ring has become a way for men to make a fashion statement, no matter how bold or subtle the style. From a clean, classic men's gold wedding band to a forever ring lit up with diamonds, there is an array of men’s wedding band styles available to suit every man's taste. Gone are the days of selecting from only silver or gold men's wedding bands. Instead, diamonds, gemstones, and various metals come together to create band styles that fit any man's vision. 

We want your men's wedding ring shopping experience to be memorable. So, as you're browsing through the various men’s wedding band styles, keep in mind all the considerations we've discussed. But don't forget to enjoy yourself! Just remember, don't limit your options, and try on various styles. You never know which men's wedding band style may look best upon your ring finger!

Whether you choose to pair a men's gold wedding band with your formal cufflinks, casual bracelets, or other pieces in your jewelry collection, your options are endless. If you haven't envisioned your ideal men's wedding ring, we've compiled some of our favorite groom-to-be rings to admire. 

Two-Toned Diamond Men's Wedding Band

Two Tone Brushed and Polished Wedding Band with Diamonds

This handsome two-toned metal band offers versatility within your wardrobe and current accessories collection. In addition, the silver and gold men's wedding band boasts round diamonds that set off just the right spark. 

Step-Edge Men's Wedding Rings

step-edge design offers a subtle look ideal for any man who prefers the traditional men's wedding band style. The step-edge offers a hint of detail by adding depth to the traditional band. This particular style also draws your attention to the center of the band, where you may choose to highlight a beautiful brushed metal finish.

Triton RAW Tungsten Grey and Gold Men's Wedding Band

One of our favorite men's gold wedding bands is the finely crafted two-metal Triton RAW. This bold, modern men’s wedding band commands attention with its contrasting grey and gold wedding band design. The perfectly paired gold and matte grey combination are ideal for any man seeking to make a fashion statement. In addition, this beauty is designed with a step edge cut for added appeal and depth. It’s also offered in rose gold and white gold men’s wedding band options. 

Black Sapphire Men’s Wedding Ring

Triton Men's 8mm Tungsten Carbine Black Sapphire Band with Satin Bright Finish

One of our most intriguing choices in our men’s wedding ring collection is the Black Sapphire Band. Designed with white tungsten carbonite, the magnificent band houses beautiful black sapphires around the center of the ring. Its unique men’s ring style is the perfect combination of masculinity and elegance.

Groove Design Halfway Diamond White Gold Men's Wedding Band

You can never go wrong with our Half-Way Diamond Men's Wedding Band. Many of our couples select this men’s wedding band style as a matching his and hers wedding ring option. The brilliant round diamonds are set within the groove of this 18k white gold men's wedding band for added durability.

Matching Wedding Bands

Speaking of matching, couples still love the time-honored tradition of wearing matching wedding bands. His and hers bands hold beautiful meanings, symbolizing the couple’s eternal bond.

The experience of shopping together for matching wedding bands creates a memorable experience! Even the traditional women's and men's gold wedding band creates a harmonious bond as your matching bands grace your ring fingers forever. 

Care and Maintenance of Your Wedding Band 

6mm 14K Yellow Gold Engraved Wedding Band

As with any fine jewelry piece in your collection, proper care and maintenance are vital. The longevity, value, and overall appearance of your precious accessories depend on you taking proper care of them, from storage to stone checks.

Always store your men’s wedding ring in a dry, secure place when not being worn. Even if you're just slipping it off for a brief time, proper storage will help you avoid accidental loss or damage.

We highly recommend occasional, gentle ring cleanings between your regularly scheduled jewelry maintenance checkups. Your men's wedding ring can be soaked in a warm, mild soap solution for 3o minutes. By using a soft cloth, you can remove dirt and buildup safely. A soft cloth is also ideal for drying and removing leftover debris without causing scratches to your band's metal or stones.

Visit us today and allow us to help you start your search for the men’s wedding band style that's meant for you!