2022 Engagement Ring Trends

2022 Engagement Ring Trends

Congratulations - you’re about to propose to the love of your life! You have a lot of things on your to-do list and picking out the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé-to-be is number one on that list.

Of all the aspects of planning a proposal, choosing the perfect engagement ring will have the most lasting impact. It will be something she wears every day for the rest of her life, and everyone will be asking to see the ring once she shares the exciting news.

It might seem like a daunting decision, but we’ve gathered the top engagement ring picks to make your job a little easier and a whole lot of fun. As a bonus, you’ll be able to impress her with all your newly acquired diamond knowledge over celebratory Champagne. 

What are the 4C’s of Diamond Rings?

The Studio Collection Cushion Center Diamond and Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

You're picking out the most important jewelry piece of your life and hers. Ensuring it is of the highest quality is incredibly important. The better understanding you have of what makes a diamond ring not only beautiful but high-quality, the more success you will have in giving her the fairytale diamond ring of her dreams.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world's scientific authority on diamonds and gemstones. In 1953, the GIA released the first diamond grading system, more commonly known as the 4C’s. The 4C’s are the universal benchmarks and guidelines that all diamonds are judged on.

The 4C’s of Diamonds:

  1. Cut
  2. Color
  3. Carat
  4. Clarity

What is the Cut of a Diamond Ring?

Fink's Exclusive .50ct Round Diamond Four Prong Scroll Detail Solitaire Engagement Ring

When you think of the cut of a diamond, you most likely think of the shape (round, princess, marquise). However, the cut of the diamond is actually how well a diamond's facets interact with light; the design and craftsmanship of the diamond also factor into the cut grade. The definitive scale for grading the cut of the diamond is broken down into five categories:

  • excellent
  • very good
  • good
  • fair
  • poor 

The cut of the diamond affects the diamond ring’s final value, and it affects everything from the brightness to the amount of sparkle the diamond produces. The sparkle factor will be one of the first things people notice when admiring your partner's diamond ring, which is why we recommend cleaning your ring weekly.

If you’re nervous about doing your own diamond ring at-home spa treatment, don’t worry. We created an engagement ring cleaning guide to ensure your diamonds sparkle as much 10 years from now as they did the day you first got down on one knee and proposed.

What is the Color of a Diamond?

White Gold Round Diamond Twisted Ring Jacket

The interesting thing about the color of diamonds is it refers to their lack of color. A pure and structurally perfect diamond will have zero hues, similar to a drop of water. The GIA color-grading scales measure from D to Z, with D being entirely without color.  

Why does the diamond color grading scale start with the letter D? Good question! The answer will make for a fun bit of trivia to share at your engagement party.

Before GIA created their grading system, previous diamond color grading systems existed that began with the letter A or with a number. So, the GIA wanted to start fresh with a scale that had zero association with previous grading systems that are no longer used.

What is the Carat of a Diamond?

Carat is a unit of measurement for how much a diamond weighs. One diamond carat is about 200 milligrams. Of all the 4C's, carat weight is the most objective. It is measured using a highly calibrated digital scale capable of measuring small weights.

Typically, the larger the carat, the more expensive the diamond ring is. However, when shopping for engagement rings for women, bigger isn't always better. Depending on her career, favorite activities, or fashion style, a larger center diamond might not work for her diamond ring.

Some of our favorite diamond rings feature intricate side views that boast a lower center stone profile. The Studio Collection cushion center diamond and cushion halo engagement ring is a perfect example of a diamond ring with a lowered center stone height and amped up individuality and glamour.

What is Diamond Clarity?

The Studio Collection Cushion Cut Center Diamond with Side Diamond Accents Engagement Ring

The GIA created a clarity scale to categorize diamonds based on their imperfections and blemishes. Since diamonds are created under intense heat and pressure, they typically have some sort of unique birthmark. Two types of birthmarks can occur: internal (inclusion) or external (blemish).

GIA Clarity Categories:

  • flawless (FL)
  • internally flawless (IF)
  • very very slightly included (VVS1 and VVS2)
  • very slightly included (VS1 and VS2)
  • slightly included (SI1 and SI2)
  • included (I1, I2, and I3)

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring

The 4C’s are the cornerstones for selecting a high-quality diamond ring; however, they are not the only factor to take into consideration when engagement ring shopping. Choosing a ring that fits your favorite person's personality, style, and lifestyle is the first step in selecting the perfect engagement ring.

Just because a diamond ring style is popular doesn't mean it will be "the one" for your partner. Many women enjoy going shopping in person to get a feel for what ring styles look best on their hand while also representing their personal style. You can get extra romantic when ring shopping together by picking up a pastry and coffee on the way for the whole "Breakfast at Tiffany's" experience.

If you want to surprise her with the ring you choose, the biggest tip for discovering your favorite lady’s ideal diamond ring style is to pay attention to the clues and hints she drops. While she might not come right out and tell you what engagement ring she wants, noticing her subtle hints can give you valuable insight. 

Is Your Girlfriend Dropping Engagement Ring Hints?

Emerald Cut Diamond Double Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

Knowing that the person you love took the time to get to know your wants and needs is the gift that keeps on giving. While it might feel overwhelming to decipher hints, it can be really fun, and you might discover facets of your partner's personality you didn't know about before.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Diamond Ring Shopping:

  • What color and type of jewelry does she typically wear?
  • Has she outright said she loves a diamond shape, engagement ring setting, or band color?
  • Is she "casually" pointing out diamond rings she spots online or sending you Pinterest links?

This first one is key; what is her daily jewelry situation? Does she wear a lot of big and bold pieces, or does she wear more subtle and classic pieces? Does she lean towards white, yellow, or rose gold, or does she love mixing metals? If you’re not looking for it, it’s easy to miss signs that will become obvious once you start actively searching.

Her social media presence is a great way to pick up hints because you are in the prime position to ask follow-up questions. For example, what specifically does she love or find off-putting about certain styles? Pay attention to the shape of the center stone on the diamond rings she loves, if there are surrounding stones, and the descriptive words she uses.

Some women love surprises. However, for some, there is romance in going on the ring search together. If that's the case, scooch closer to your best friend, grab a cup of coffee, and let's go over the top engagement rings trends of 2022 together.

Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

  • solitaire
  • three stone
  • split shank

Solitaire Style Women’s Engagement Rings

Cushion Center Diamond and Split Diamond Shank Engagement Ring

The solitaire engagement ring is timeless. Even when new and innovative styles come and go, the solitaire always has a place. The beautiful thing about a solitaire diamond is you can customize the band to be as classic or as ornate as your partner would want.

3 Most Popular Solitaire Shapes for Diamond Rings:

  • oval
  • round
  • pear

The Finks exclusive four-prong scroll detail round solitaire diamond engagement ring is the perfect example of how simplistic can also equal statement-making. The beauty and timeless elegance of the solitaire are paired with an intricate scroll design that pops on the profile of the ring.

The other benefit to a classic solitaire is it opens up the opportunity for an even more romantic and decorative wedding band. Ring jackets are a beautiful way to accentuate any engagement ring, especially a solitaire.

A ring jacket wedding band is one ring made of two spaced-out bands that’s made to fit a solitaire engagement ring in the middle. This is great for the woman that loves balance and wants her diamond ring to have that extra pop.

Three Stone Women’s Engagement Rings

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Emerald and Baguette Side Stone Engagement Ring

The three stone diamond engagement ring first made a big splash in 2001. Since then, the style has continued to evolve, keeping it one of the premier trends.

A three stone engagement ring is where three stones are set into one band, with the center stone being slightly larger than the two on either side of it. The three stones represent your past, present, and future together. 

Celebs with Three Stone Engagement Rings:

  • Meghan Markle
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Christina Ricci
  • Sophia Vergara

The classic three stone diamond engagement ring for women has had many upgrades over the years. The halo three stone setting is absolutely stunning. Imagine three gorgeous oval diamonds, each being individually hugged by halos of smaller diamonds, and then even more diamonds cascading down the shank of the ring. Chills.

Split Shank Diamond Engagement Rings

The Studio Collection Oval Diamond Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring

The split shank style women's engagement ring is for the woman who wants to stand out in the most elegant ways. The split shank design takes the classic band and splits it to create four points of contact on the diamond instead of two. It elevates the concept of an engagement ring from both the top and profile views. 

5 Top Split Shank Style Engagement Rings:

Women love split shank diamond rings because of the statement they make. Split shank style rings give a different view and experience from every angle. They're conversation starters, interesting, sparkly, and bright. And just like the woman you love, they're so beautiful it can be hard to look away.

You Found the Perfect Engagement Ring; What’s Next?

The Studio Collection Pear Shape Diamond Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

You got the girl, you have the most amazing diamond ring, now what? Planning the perfect proposal is just as unique to you two as choosing a ring. Whether you go big or intimate, it should reflect the love the two of you have for each other.

5 Things to Consider When Planning the Perfect Proposal

  1. Location, location, location: Where you pop the question should be unique to the two of you, some ideas are: where you had your first date, a favorite spot, a new place that is visually stunning.
  2. Attendance: Will it be just the two of you, or will you involve friends and family? Will there be an after-party to celebrate once she says yes?
  3. Photographer: Having a photographer on hand, either a professional or a friend, to capture this special moment is always a good idea.
  4. Set-Up: Will you need help setting up the proposal location or getting your fiancé-to-be to the proposal? Who can keep it a surprise from your partner?
  5. Mood: The overall feel of the proposal should reflect what the two of you, as a couple, represent. For example, a public proposal is probably not the best idea if your partner is shy. However, a mountain top or mid-skydive proposal could be impossibly romantic if you two are adventure seekers. 

The Best Engagement Ring for the Love of Your Life

Take the time to tap into what type of engagement ring will encapsulate who your partner is. All engagement rings make a statement, and it's up to you to determine what statement she wants to make. There are so many unique styles so you can find the perfect ring to represent the woman you love, and we're here to help you every step of the way.