Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring Setting

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When you find the special person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the pressure of choosing the perfect ring to propose with can feel immense. There’s a lot to consider between diamond cuts, styles, and engagement and wedding ring settings. We’ve laid out the most popular engagement ring settings so you can check one thing off your list.

What is an Engagement Ring Setting?

Fink's Exclusive Round Diamond Triple-Stone Engagement Ring Set

An engagement ring setting refers to how the diamonds are mounted or set into the metal band. It is one of the most critical factors, along with the cut of the diamond, that impacts your ring’s aesthetic and style. Your future bride may already have an ideal diamond in mind, but she might be undecided when it comes to the engagement ring setting.

What to Consider Before Picking a Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond with Diamond Halo and Two-Row Shank Engagement Ring

When you’re looking for the perfect ring setting, keep in mind that it is meant to complement the ring’s stone. This is something to note when picking the diamond and metal of the band. The setting will also protect the diamond and keep it secure in the band. Even though the stone makes up the majority of the cost, the engagement ring setting defines the style of the ring and showcases the gem’s best assets.

While shopping for a diamond engagement ring, keep an open mind about the setting. There are lots of options, so be sure to consider them all. Ask lots of questions and look at a variety of styles before you make your decision. Some other things to keep in mind when picking an engagement ring setting are your:

  • budget
  • lifestyle
  • design preferences
The Studio Collection Cushion Center Diamond and Split Diamond Shank Engagement Ring

As previously mentioned, the diamond in an engagement ring makes up most of the cost. However, you should still be considering your budget when it comes time to choose a setting. Also, consider your partner’s lifestyle; does she do a lot of laborious or strenuous activities? Some engagement ring settings are more prone to snagging or scratching than others.

Make sure you also consider your design preferences before shopping. Identify what your future bride is looking for and how this might fit with her wedding band setting, too. If you’re not sure, ask her or one of her close friends; we’re willing to bed they’ll know what’s on her wish list. 

Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings

Since there are so many different diamond engagement rings to choose from, check out some of the most popular engagement ring settings to narrow down your search. The top settings for diamond engagement rings at Fink’s are:

  1. Prong engagement ring
  2. Pavé band setting
  3. Halo engagement band
  4. Three-stone ring setting

Prong-Set Diamond Engagement Ring

    Prong settings are one of the most common types to find in an engagement band. This type of engagement ring setting involves three to six “claws” that hold a stone firmly in a metal “basket” or “head.” Prongs provide grip and protection for your diamond. They can be pointed, flat, round, or V-shaped.

    4-Prong Setting vs. 6-Prong Setting

    Fink's Exclusive 14K White Gold Round Diamond Six Prong Engagement Ring

    When choosing between a four- and six-prong engagement ring setting, keep in mind that four prongs will show off more of the diamond’s features. Six prongs will keep the stone more secure but might overwhelm a smaller stone. If you’re going with a pear-shaped stone, a V-shaped prong would be perfect for protecting it. Flat prongs are ideal for emerald-cut diamonds.

    Why Choose a Prong Diamond Engagement Ring Setting?

    Prongs are excellent for permitting light exposure from all angles and enhancing a diamond’s sparkle. Diamond engagement rings with a prong setting use less metal than other types, which often means less time and money is required for them. This engagement ring setting allows the owner to clean her ring easily and keep it looking polished. You won’t have to worry about losing a diamond with this setting since it holds even the most fragile and soft gems securely in place. 

    Our Favorite Prong-Set Diamond Engagement Rings

    If you decide to go with a four-prong setting, Fink’s exclusive solitaire ring is an attractive choice. The setting allows the stunning diamond to shine. 

    If you’re looking for a band with a little more diamond protection, Fink’s exclusive six-prong diamond engagement ring would be a stunning pick. Note that the Fink’s Lifetime Guarantee backs our diamond engagement rings, so you never have to worry about anything happening to this band. 

    Pavé Diamond Wedding Band Setting

      If your partner loves everything sparkle and shine, a pavé engagement or wedding band setting would be perfect for her. Named after the French word for “paved,” it involves rows of several small stones fitted into holes that set them level with the surface of the ring. The sparkly shank looks like a road paved with gemstones. The surrounding metal is usually gold or platinum for white stones to be unnoticeable and then raised to form beads that secure the gems.

      Why Pick a Pave Diamond Engagement Ring Setting?

      Fink's Exclusive 14K White Gold Round Diamond Pave Shank Engagement Ring

      Pave-set diamonds are held by tiny prongs that can be very close together, creating a stunning glimmer effect. They’re unique because they add extra sparkle and personality to your diamond engagement ring, giving the illusion of bigger and even more diamonds than there really are. If you want to make the ring customized, it allows an uninterrupted design flow of varying widths.

      While a pavé engagement ring setting is absolutely gorgeous, it might not be suitable for some more fragile gems. The best diamonds for a pavé band are round or oval cut. If you think this setting is the right choice for your new fiancée, check out our Fink’s exclusive diamond pavé shank ring.

      Halo Engagement Band Setting

        Halo diamond engagement rings are another incredible choice for brides looking for some bling. They usually include a larger center stone encircled by a pavé or micropavé of smaller accent gems. The surrounding gemstones draw attention to the center stone and make it appear larger. Halo engagement ring settings can have a subtle single halo or feature two or more.

        Why Are Halo Engagement Ring Settings Popular?

        Fink's Exclusive Round Cut Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring Set

        She will love this engagement ring setting because it will make her diamond appear larger and more sparkly. This option could also allow you to save money by purchasing a smaller, less expensive center stone with a diamond pavé, which is less costly to add on. If she wants a vintage look, a halo setting can give that effect.

        Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Recommendation

        Does this sound like your partner’s dream engagement ring setting? If she would love the shimmer and shine of a halo diamond engagement ring, check out Fink’s exclusive double halo ring. Like all of our engagement rings, it’s backed by the Fink’s Jewelers Lifetime Guarantee. 

        Three-Stone Engagement Ring Setting

          Rings with a three-stone setting are the ultimate choice for women who love to sparkle. They normally feature a center gemstone that is flanked by smaller stones on both sides. Having multiple diamonds within the band will be great for increasing shine. The smaller stones can also make the main center stone of the diamond engagement ring appear more prominent.

          What’s the Significance of a Three-Stone Engagement Ring Setting?

          The Studio Collection Oval Diamond Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring

          Three-stone engagement ring settings are especially sentimental since the stones are made to represent the past, present, and future of your love. Not only will she love looking at her hand for its glimmer and gleam, but also for the way it reminds her of all the adventures you have had together. You know that your future will always be bright when a stunning diamond represents it.

          A Beautiful Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Option

          A fantastic three-stone option is the three-stone diamond halo ring from Fink’s. You can choose any metal option for this band to tailor it to her style. You can choose diamond size to fit the shine level to her liking and your budget. 

          Now that you’re familiar with what options you can choose from, you’re on the road to picking the perfect diamond engagement ring setting for your loved one. Be patient and thorough on your shopping journey, and we guarantee she’ll love her band. We wish you the best on the beautiful and exciting journey that is engagement and marriage.