Top 4 Engagement Ring Settings

Woman's Hand Displaying Six Diamond Engagement Rings

Let’s be honest, one of the most stressful parts of planning a future with the love of your life is making sure you pick the right engagement ring. There’s a lot of pressure to pick something she will love and cherish for the rest of her life. However, shopping for an engagement band doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing. With a little bit of background knowledge on ring styles and diamonds, you’ll be ready to pick a dazzling ring for your partner. Once you know all about our top ring settings, we guarantee your pick will coin you the best fiancé in the world. 

Finding the Perfect Ring for Your Future Bride

Princess Diamond with Diamond Halo and Shank

We completely understand how chaotic picking out an engagement ring can be. How are you supposed to pick something they’ll actually want to wear for the rest of their life? How can you guarantee the ring won’t fall apart quickly? Don’t crack under pressure; Fink’s has got you covered.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a ring is the jewelry’s quality. You want to make sure that you’re purchasing high-quality jewelry that will withstand many years of your beautiful future together. Ask the jeweler questions about the ring before you buy it.

Of course, you don’t want your bride to have to walk around sporting a ring they hate. It’s crucial that you know their style and wants before you begin the process of picking out the perfect engagement ring. Before you consult the engagement ring shopping guide, ask her what ring styles she loves and what diamond shape she dreams about. If you don’t want to ask her, we’re sure her friends or family will know her wants. Another great way to discover her ring wishes is to look at her Pinterest account. If she’s anything like us, it’ll be flooded with her dream engagement and wedding bands. You can also customize and design your own rings if you or your partner have something particular in mind.

How to Customize an Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Center Diamond and Diamond Shank Engagement Ring

Does your future bride know exactly what she wants? Or maybe you have a beautiful design in mind that you think she will adore? The Fink’s jewelry design studio can make customizations to engagement rings that will perfectly accommodate your wishes. If you want to make a custom ring, you can call to schedule an appointment in-store with us. The experts at your nearest store location will guide you by creating a customized ring whether you have a specific design already in mind or just have a general idea.

There are still ways you can customize your engagement ring without all the steps of coming into the store and going through the design process. Our online store has plenty of different options, and most of our bands are available in several different metal finishes. You might think a small detail like choosing platinum over rose gold wouldn’t make a big difference, but it could be a game-changer for your partner. Simply picking a ring style and diamond shape that you know she will love will show her how much thought you put into the proposal. Paying close attention to all the little details of the ring will mean so much to your bride. If you have questions about those small details, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about diamonds and ring settings

What You Need To Know About Diamonds

The Studio Collection Pear Center Diamond

We won’t lie; diamonds can be pretty complicated. There’s a lot that goes into crafting these gorgeous pieces, but the most important thing to keep in mind is the 4C’s of a diamond. The 4C’s refer to the diamond’s cut, color, carat weight, and clarity, which are all crucial to its quality. Each of these elements will determine the proportions, symmetry, and polish of the diamond.

Another critical element to consider when you’re looking at diamonds is the shape. The shape is part of what will bring your partner’s style into the engagement ring. Some of the most popular diamond shapes are round, oval, cushion, princess, pear, and emerald. Fink’s has rings of all styles with various diamond cuts and conditions, so finding the right fit for your partner should be an easy job. 

Top 4 Engagement Ring Settings

Now that you know all about diamonds, you can begin the process of looking for the perfect ring to go with her dream diamond shape. The ring style is another crucial element of any engagement band. The style will determine how the diamonds are placed on the ring and what design the ring has. The top four engagement ring styles on Finks are:

  • solitaire ring styles
  • halo bands
  • diamond pave engagement rings
  • three stone ring styles 

Solitaire Ring Styles

A solitaire ring style is a beautiful choice for anyone who wants something classic and elegant. Solitaire rings feature a single diamond that is normally supported by prongs. This ring style is perfect for any diamond shape. The diamond you choose will stand out on its own with a solitaire ring. Some of the most popular solitaire ring styles on our site are the:

  • Fink’s Exclusive round diamond solitaire ring
  • The Studio Collection Trellis cushion cut diamond ring 

Fink’s Exclusive Round Diamond Solitaire Ring

Round Diamond Four Prong Scroll Detail Solitaire Engagement Ring

This solitaire engagement ring is the perfect choice for any bride who loves to keep it simple with their jewelry. The round diamond and solitaire ring styles are classic yet beautiful. This ring is exclusively from Fink’s Jewelers. It features a .50ct round diamond center stone and is available in 14k white gold. The diamond in this ring style is H in color and SI1 in clarity. It’s available online in size 6.5. If you’re sure this ring is the one, call or email us to purchase it. Don’t forget that all of our engagement rings are backed by the Fink’s Jewelers Lifetime Guarantee 

The Studio Collection Trellis Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Round Diamond Ring and Marquise Shank

This stunning Trellis band is sold exclusively at Fink’s. It features a cushion-cut diamond center stone. You can purchase it in whatever metal you prefer; platinum, 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, or 14k rose gold. This ring style’s pricing is based on a center diamond with a minimum quality of G-H in color and SI2 in clarity. The price may vary depending on the diamond’s color and clarity. Another determining factor in the price is the ring’s size. Our site’s listed pricing is based on finger sizes four - seven and a half; however, there is an additional cost for size eight and above. 

Halo Bands

Halo-style rings are an exquisite pop to anyone’s ring finger. This ring style has small accent stones that encircle a large center stone. The accent diamonds add an extra element of shine and shimmer that isn’t over-the-top. If your bride-to-be is sporting a halo engagement ring, we guarantee everyone who sees her will be dying to know where you got it. Some of our favorite halo bands on the Fink’s site are:

  • Fink’s Exclusive pear shape diamond halo ring
  • The Studio Collection FireCushion diamond double halo ring 

Fink’s Exclusive Pear Shape Diamond Halo Ring

Pear Shape Diamond with Diamond Halo and Shank

Pear-shaped diamonds have recently been rising in popularity on bridal blogs and Instagram pages. Their stunning and unique shape makes them stand out among other engagement rings. This Fink’s Exclusive platinum pear shape diamond halo ring is a spectacular choice for any bride-to-be who’s in love with halo ring styles. This band features a .55ct pear cut diamond center stone, and it’s accentuated with a .25cttw diamond halo and diamond band. The ring is H in color and SI2 in clarity. Keep in mind that if you’re ordering it online, bridal orders can take between one to four weeks to ship, so plan your fairytale proposal accordingly!

The Studio Collection FireCushion Diamond Double Halo Ring

FireCushion and Halo Diamond Ring

This ring is another incredible choice for fiancées who want their ring style to stand out. This Studio Collection platinum FireCusion diamond engagement ring features a double halo that will accentuate the stunning diamond. The platinum setting on this band is embellished with a .48cttw diamond shank and double diamond halo that creates a more prominent and bolder look. You can also customize it to have a .52ct or .70ct diamond. The ring is F-G in color and SI2 to clarity.

Diamond Pave Engagement Rings

Diamond pave bands provide the perfect mix of stunning and classic. They allow the diamond to shine and accentuate it with small diamonds on the shank of the ring. These smaller diamonds are held in place with metal prongs or beads, which creates the appearance of continuous small diamonds. We’re sure your future bride would love a diamond pave ring style. A couple of our favorites from the Fink’s site are the:

  • Studio Collection 14k yellow gold emerald cut diamond ring
  • Fink’s Exclusive platinum cushion cut diamond shank ring 

Fink’s Exclusive 18k Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

This breathtaking piece will be the fairytale ring style your partner has always dreamed of. The Studio Collection 14k yellow gold diamond band features an emerald-cut center stone. The 14k yellow setting on this ring is embellished with diamond shank accents. 

Fink’s Exclusive Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond Shank Ring

Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

If your love is obsessed with cushion cut diamonds, this ring style might be the right choice for her. This Fink’s Exclusive platinum cushion cut engagement ring features a stunning diamond shank that she will obsess over. The two-row .38cttw diamond shank will shine on her ring finger. The diamond is 1.01ct, and this ring is I in color and SI2 in clarity. You can order it online in sizes four to eight. 

3 Stone Ring Styles

Just like their name suggests, three stone engagement rings are a ring style that features three diamonds. They are typically created with a large center stone and then two smaller stones surrounding it. Many people believe that the ring’s three stones represent a couple’s past, present, and future. If your partner loves some symbolism in her jewelry, a three-stone band might be the perfect pick for her. Some of the best three stone ring styles on Fink’s are the:

  • Fink’s Exclusive platinum ASHOKA three stone ring
  • The Studio Collection oval diamond halo three stone ring 

Fink’s Exclusive Platinum ASHOKA 3 Stone Ring

ASHOKA Three Stone Engagement Ring

Having three stones in her engagement ring is sure to have your bride-to-be feeling like royalty. The Finks Exclusive platinum three stone ring features a .71ct ASHOKA diamond center stone. This diamond is a variation of the antique cushion cut, capturing and reflecting light, unlike other diamonds. The platinum setting of this ring is surrounded by two .47cttw ASHOKA diamond side stones. This ring is G in color and VS1 in clarity. It’s available online in size six and a half. Email, call us, or schedule an in-store appointment to purchase this ring.

The Studio Collection Oval Diamond Halo 3 Stone Ring

The Studio Collection Oval Diamond Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring

We promise this exquisite ring style will make your partner’s ring finger stand out. This unique band from the Fink’s Jewelers Studio Collection features an oval cut diamond center stone with .20ct round side stones on each side of it. It also includes a .51cttw diamond halo and stone shank accent. The diamond is available in a variety of carat weights including .50ct, .70ct, 1.00ct, 1.50ct, and 2.00ct. You can also customize this ring by choosing between platinum and 14k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. The engagement ring is F-G in color and minimum SI2 in clarity. This ring is available on our site in sizes four to seven and a half and can be purchased in sizes eight and above at an additional cost. The pricing for this ring may also vary based on the diamond’s specific color and quality.

Now that you know a little more about diamonds, ring styles, and how to choose the right one, you can plan your perfect proposal. We hope this guide to the top engagement ring settings allows you to let go of some stress and instead focus on all the warm, fuzzy, loving feelings you’re experiencing during this remarkable time in your lives. We’re sending you all the happy engagement vibes in the world!