7 Steps to Creating Your Custom Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement ring on Woman's Hand at Fink's Jewelers

Selecting your perfect engagement ring should be an uplifting experience that celebrates the love and meaning your upcoming commitment holds. However, we understand that engagement ring shopping can feel overwhelming, to begin with - but add in the stress of not being able to find what you want or are picturing, and it can feel unbearable and no fun at all! Sometimes the best way to get back into the fun and excitement of choosing your engagement ring is to create a custom engagement ring.

While you may have a lot of questions surrounding how to go about designing your ideal engagement ring, we have some easy steps to share about all you need to know and consider before creating your uniquely perfect custom engagement ring!

How to Design Your Engagement Ring in 7 Steps

  1. Decide your “why”
  2. Find a reputable jeweler
  3. Consider your budget
  4. Choose your metal
  5. Decide on your setting
  6. Pick your stone
  7. Don’t forget about your wedding band

1. Why Consider a Custom Engagement Ring?

The Studio Collection Oval Diamond Halo and Diamond Shank Engagement Ring

There is no wrong reason to decide to create your own custom engagement ring; however, it’s helpful to know the why behind your decision to feel confident about your perfect choice.

While there is no limit to the reasons behind designing an engagement ring, some common motivations are:

  • Difficulty finding “the one”
  • Desire to include a family heirloom
  • Wanting to add special meaning and personal touches
  • You are creative and love the design process 

Can’t Find “The One”

If your engagement ring shopping has left you disappointed thus far and the vision of your perfect ring seems to be out of grasp after endless searching, it may be a good idea to create a custom engagement ring.

Custom Engagement Ring with a Family Heirloom

Oval with Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Perhaps there is a precious family heirloom that you would like to utilize in your engagement ring. Whether it is using a center stone, precious metal, or accent stone from a family jewelry piece or revitalizing an entire ring that has been worn for generations, we can make your dream a reality! 

Your Unique Design

Engagement rings symbolize and carry so much meaning. It is no wonder that you want yours to reflect the one-of-a-kind love you have through custom design and personal touches. When you create a custom engagement ring, you have the freedom to choose a special engravement, type of design, or material that makes your ring hold the special meaning and personal sentiments you and your loved one have.

An Itch for the Creative

Maybe you are just a creative person and have a passion for the arts and creative design process. Creating a custom engagement ring is a perfect outlet to flex all your creative juices and be intimately close to every detail of the design process!

2. Selecting a Jeweler

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

It is important to do research on which jeweler to choose when designing a custom engagement ring. This is not only an investment financially but also in time, so you want your choice to be a good one!

It can be helpful to ask questions about a jeweler’s experience and professional accreditations. In addition, a reputable custom jewelry maker should be happy to provide previous and current examples of custom engagement ring projects. Seeing these should help you see the jeweler’s craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.

A team of high-quality custom engagement ring experts should have the expertise and attention to detail that helps to bring your ideas and concepts into reality. Another important aspect of a jeweler is to ensure their diamonds are GIA certified, the most respected of diamond certifications. You can expect an expert jeweler to stay with you from the initial consult to the care and maintenance of your custom engagement ring.

Fink’s Jewelers Design Studio

Something that sets Fink’s Jewelers apart is that we’ve taken our wealth of knowledge and experience about jewelry creation and precious stones and have created an exclusive collection of diamond engagement rings in-house at our design studio.

We create beautiful, quality engagement rings at the best price! With a variety of stunning designs to choose from, you may just find your perfect ring or perfect inspiration!

3. Know Your Budget

Emerald and Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

As you start your custom engagement ring design process, it’s important to know your budget to help guide your prioritization of what is most important. While we want you to have the sparkly engagement ring you’ve been imagining, we also want you to be able to stay within your means while creating your dream ring!

4. Selecting a Precious Metal for a Custom Engagement Ring

While choosing a metal for your custom engagement ring may seem like a simple decision, there are many factors to consider besides personal taste. Make sure you know if you or the bride-to-be have any known metal allergies, which metals complement her skin tone, and what metal makes up most of her jewelry collection.

Common Types of Precious Metals for an Engagement Ring

  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Platinum 

5. Choose Your Perfect Engagement Ring Setting

Popular engagement ring settings are halo, three-stone, and solitaire. When deciding on your engagement ring setting, it is important to consider your or your bride’s lifestyle and what type of ring may be most functional. If she is very active, selecting a setting with a lower profile will help keep it protected from bumps, chips, and stones becoming loose.

If you have precious stones from an heirloom that you want to incorporate into your custom engagement ring, make sure to consult with your expert custom jewelry design team to make sure your stone’s cut and shape work well with the setting you desire.

6. Adding the Sparkle to Your Custom Engagement Ring

You truly cannot go wrong with diamonds for an engagement ring. If you choose to go with this stunning stone, make sure you are familiar with the 4Cs of a diamond so you can select a diamond with excellent value and stunning appearance.

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Ring

However, diamonds are not the only stone for a custom engagement ring. If you want a unique ring and style, consider other dynamic gemstones like ruby, sapphire, or emerald! Or have it all by pairing diamonds and another stone like sapphire for a truly captivating look! 

7. Remembering the Wedding Band

Engagement rings can often take center stage when ring shopping or designing a custom engagement ring. Although this makes sense, it’s important to take some time to think about what kind of wedding band will complement your custom engagement ring and whether you want to design that as well or choose from the wide selection your jeweler has to offer.

Expert jewelers are happy to help you consider the different variables when pairing a custom engagement ring with a wedding band. While the options are endless, it’s an important decision to ensure your finger looks its best when both rings are slipped onto it!

Here at Fink’s Jewelers, we want to be a part of making your custom engagement ring dreams come true! Make an appointment with our design team today, and let’s get started on creating your masterpiece!