Our Favorite Engagement Ring Styles

Our Favorite Engagement Ring Styles

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring is a thrilling time. Whether it's a surprise, you're looking for your dream ring, or trying on diamond rings as a couple; you will remember this time forever. But we know it doesn't come without questions and a bit of anxiety. Trust us, we've been specializing in engagement rings since 1930, and we know a thing or two about helping couples find the perfect diamond ring to represent their bond. Before the sea of diamonds completely sweeps you away, let's get to know the variety of styles you will come across. 

Engagement Ring Styles

The diversity of engagement ring styles allows you to find a ring as unique as your fiancée. From a traditional solitaire setting to a favorite gemstone in a modern setting, the options seem never-ending. We highly recommend staying true to who you are and the aesthetic that represents you and your bond. 

So, with an array of diamond ring styles to choose from, where do you possibly begin? We've put together a helpful engagement ring style guide to walk you through the most popular ring styles you will come across during your quest, along with our favorite diamond engagement ring choices. 

The Solitaire Engagement Ring Style

Forevermark Setting 18K White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

A timeless beauty, the solitaire setting is perhaps the most sought-after diamond ring there is. This elegant engagement ring style is a classic, displaying a single diamond set high upon the band to offer brilliant exposure. With a wide variety of diamond cuts to choose from, you can still make the solitaire setting your own. The Forevermark engagement ring is a stunning example of our favorite solitaire. 

The Halo Style of Engagement Ring

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Pear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Known as the halo for its gorgeous halo of accent diamonds surrounding the center stone, this is yet another popular diamond ring style many engaged couples lean towards. If you are a budget-conscious couple, the halo diamond ring style certainly brings attention to your chosen center stone's cut and brilliance, while enhancing its size. You'll find halo engagement rings with and without other accent stones adorning the band. But make no mistake, the halo ring knows no limits. She may love our Fink's Exclusive pear shape halo ring as much as the traditional round cut halo ring. 

The Three-Stone Ring Style

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

While the three stones are certainly known for their appeal, they also hold sentimental value and meaning. Three-stone diamond rings, or trinity rings, represent a couple's past, present, and future. The trinity style ring's symbolism speaks to many brides to be and is certainly worth considering if you are shopping for your special someone as a surprise. This setting typically sets the center stone a bit higher than the two side stones, while it is usually larger in size as well, as with this stunning emerald cut three-stone engagement ring

The Channel-Set Wedding Band

Fink's 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Channel Set Wedding Band

If you are a modern woman at heart, then the channel-set diamond ring is where you may want to start your journey. Channel-set rings provide a clean, modern look through embedding small accent diamonds along the band on either side of the center stone. By embedding the accent stones, the sleek, modern look helps dazzle your center stone's appearance. Pairing with a channel-set wedding band is a popular choice and adds to the magnificence of the sparkle. 

The Pavé Women's Engagement Ring Style

Fink's Exclusive 14K White Gold Round Diamond Pave Shank Engagement Ring

For the woman who loves to sparkle, the pavé style ring may be calling your name. The meaning of this French word is "paved" and represents precisely that. Each tiny stone is setting along the band, leaving as little space and metal showing as possible. The pavé effect gives off the appearance of a brilliant all-diamond band you won't want to tear your eyes away from. We love pavé rings in any band setting but find the 14k gold round pavé particularly stunning. 

The Infinity Ring Style

Fink's Exclusive Princess Halo Engagement Ring Set with Infinity Detailing

Another symbolic engagement ring style is the infinity ring. This contemporary style represents the intertwining of the two lives joining together as one. The band is split and weaves together to create the infinity sign, symbolizing a couple's love, commitment, and strengthening of their bond. For your sentimental fiancée, the infinity ring with a two-tone setting may be just what she's dreaming of. We certainly are! 

The Vintage Women's Ring

Fink's Exclusive 14K White Gold Marquise Diamond Center Stone Engagement Ring

Vintage jewelry will never fail to impress, and a vintage diamond ring style is no exception. This style offers a timeless, romantic appeal and may boast engravings, endless pavé stones, or breathtaking band twists and embellishments, such as the marquise vintage ring. The vintage style woman knows what she wants and will wear this ring proudly. 

The Cathedral Style of Engagement Style

Fink's Exclusive 14K White Gold Solitaire Diamond Cathedral Engagement Ring

The cathedral style engagement ring is just as it sounds - a center stone perched high above, snugly set between band arms which extend from both sides. The cathedral calls attention to the high-set diamond, while also providing its extra protection. This engagement ring style is certainly worth considering for women on the move who worry about bumping, jostling, or their slightly more rigorous day-to-day lifestyle. Or perhaps the intricate detail of our exclusive cathedral engagement ring is all it takes to fall in love. 

The Twist or Swirl Ring

Fink's Exclusive Round Twist Engagement Ring Set

If you prefer a more whimsical, feminine feel, we highly suggest taking a peek at the round twist engagement ring. The twist or swirl typically bends and forms the metal band around the center stone. Pavé diamonds, along with the band's twists and swirls, will perfectly capture the light, leaving a trail of brilliance. The swirl tends to attract the creative, dreamy woman who is looking for a more artistic style. You'll also notice that twist engagement rings typically have a wedding band specifically created to fit and complement the unique shape. 

The Color-Accent Style

Round Engagement Ring Set with Treated Blue Diamonds

A style that continues to gain love and affection is the color-accent engagement ring. Whether your bride to be has a love for her birthstone, a particular gemstone, or a simply a favorite color, this style may be right for her. The use of gemstones add a gorgeous touch of color to any center stone or band and will exude her style and personality. An engagement ring set with blue diamond accents will not disappoint. Our favorite colorful gemstone options to accent your engagement ring include:

  • Sapphires

  • Emeralds

  • Rubies

  • Amethysts

  • Aquamarine

  • Tanzanite

  • Pearls

No matter what stage you are in of your search for the perfect engagement ring, our team of diamond ring specialists is here to help make this experience a memorable one. While it can be a bit overwhelming, we want to assure you we have been helping couples select the ring of their dreams for decades. We invite you to experience the Fink's difference.

Schedule your engagement ring appointment with us today, or you may even decide to create a custom one-of-a-kind engagement ring.