The Perfect Holiday Proposals

The Perfect Holiday Proposals

The holiday season is approaching quickly. Are you planning to place the perfect engagement ring on her finger this year? Or is your significant other asking what’s on your list? Perhaps you’re ready to start dropping little hints of what you’d like to find under the tree. If the two of you are prepared to make this holiday season “the one,” we’re here to help make that happen.

Holiday Proposals

Fink's Exclusive 14K White Gold Cushion and Round Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring

We love the Christmas season. It’s the perfect time of year for couples to get engaged, and here at Fink's, this is our area of expertise. So, whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring together, or still searching for the diamond ring that sparkles best on your finger, we’re here for you. Our selection of engagement rings is remarkable, and our diamond quality is unlike any other. Our Fink's family is here to make your Christmas engagement dreams come true.

How do I Find the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Finding the engagement ring to best express your commitment to each other can be a rather emotional experience. If you haven’t had your eye on a particular style or cut, it can even feel a tad overwhelming. At Fink's, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with the incredible wedding ring selection we offer. From our sensational solitaires to our dazzling diamond paves, you’re sure to find the engagement ring you’ve been searching for.

Engagement Ring Options to Consider

Whether you’re shopping for her or you’re the special lady looking for your ideal ring, there are many excellent options to consider:


Fink's Exclusive Round Diamond and Twisted Shank Engagement Ring

We offer our diamond rings in many stunning metal options. While some prefer traditional yellow gold, others love our rose gold options. 


Here's where it can get a little tricky. Even when you think you know exactly what you've had your heart set on, seeing them displayed in front of you, it’s easy to want them all. We have an array of gorgeous wedding ring settings for you to try on, including:

Center Stone Shape

For some, choosing the shape of the engagement ring’s center stone can be the most enjoyable part. We’d be honored to help you try on a variety of stunning options so that your center stone will help create a masterpiece for your wedding ring. If the diamond you’ve always envisioned does not turn out to be the showstopper you hoped for, don’t worry. This is meant to be an enjoyable time for you. Have fun trying on rings to your heart’s content. It is, after all, your special time!

The Option to Customize

Fink's Exclusive 14K White Gold Cushion and Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Have you ever considered the option of designing a custom wedding ring? Not only is it an incredibly romantic gesture, but it’s also a fantastic way to get precisely what you've always imagined. A custom ring provides a special touch, whether your significant other designs it for you or with you.  Imagine the sight of your unique diamond ring on your hand. Our expert design jewelers would be thrilled to work with you on your vision.

How do I Make an Informed Decision When Choosing a Ring?

Stepping into a room full of mesmerizing engagement rings can easily take your breath away. Trust us; we see it all the time. The excitement in your eyes and the love in your heart makes our job that much more enjoyable. So, while you both fill your eyes with sparkles, we’ll fill your minds with knowledge.           

The Fink’s 5 C’s of a Diamond

We want you to choose the diamond ring you’ll wear proudly and cherish forever. Your wedding ring will always be a precious reminder of your love and commitment. While many of our stunning diamond rings may catch your eye, we want to share our knowledge with you as you begin to narrow down your favorites. This includes spending time with you to share the importance of Fink’s Five C’s.

Diamond Color

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Oval Three Stone Engagement RingDiamonds come in a wide range of colors. Even the slightest difference between two diamonds may set them apart tremendously in quality and price. To the naked eye, the stone you select for your wedding ring may appear breathtakingly flawless. Yet the slightest variation in a stone’s color can make all the difference. We’ll show you how to identify your dream diamond. Fink's Jewelers only offers stones in our Superior Quality® color range, D-to-K, so you can be confident you’ll be wearing the very best.

Diamond Clarity

Every Fink’s diamond is carefully examined for inclusions. We take great pride in offering only those without inclusions that are obviously visible to the naked eye.  This ensures any Fink's Diamond you choose for your upcoming holiday engagement meets our Superior Quality® standards.

Diamond Cut

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Emerald and Baguette Side Stone Engagement Ring

A diamond’s cut determines the light's reflection, the brilliance of its sparkle, and the visual appearance of its size. Perfecting a diamond’s cut for the wedding ring you will wear forever is genuinely a skill and art form. We’ll show you how to look for symmetry and evaluate performance. The cut of your diamond ring center stone will dazzle them all!


Diamond Carat Weight

The weight of each stone is precisely measured to the hundredth decimal place. Often mistaken for size, the carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Its cut can give the appearance of a smaller or larger sized stone.

Our 5th C: Clif

14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Clif is our secret weapon and the inspector and final decider of each and every stone. He’s even known to turn away GIA Certified stones with exceptional ratings. A trusted part of our Fink’s family, Clif hand inspects to ensure the highest quality of every stone so that any wedding ring you choose will be exceptional.

Each of our dedicated team members is eager to make this the holiday season that tops them all. If you are thinking of getting engaged this holiday season or dropping subtle hints of your ideal diamond ring, we can’t wait to be a part of your special moment. Let us share our knowledge and experience with you this holiday season. Stop by one of our stores and share your story with us. We look forward to being part of your next chapter.