Your Guide to Engagement Ring Metals

Your Guide to Engagement Ring Metals

Getting engaged is one of life’s precious moments that will be forever etched in your heart and mind. Yet, if you are unsure of your significant other’s dream engagement ring, selecting one can feel a bit overwhelming. There are several factors to consider when choosing her forever ring, from diamond shape to ring metal. But don’t worry – we’re here to help make your engagement ring shopping a smooth, memorable experience, starting with guiding you through your ring metal options.

Selecting the Metal for Her Engagement Ring

Woman holding engagement ring above jewelry case

While selecting the ideal metal for an engagement ring may be an easy task for some, a bit of guidance may be in need for others. If your significant other has not expressed a strong preference towards a platinum or gold ring, you may be left wondering what her heart desires.

You should make three essential considerations when deciding which engagement ring metal will grace her ring finger. We'll explain each consideration and guide you through the importance of each.

3 considerations for her engagement ring metal include:

  • color preference
  • weight
  • metal allergies

Choosing the Metal Color

The color of her engagement ring band and setting is often one of preference. However, if you are planning a traditional surprise engagement, you may be left making this decision on your own. Luckily, our team of experts has put together a few helpful tips to steer you in the right direction.

Tips for determining her preferred engagement ring metal:

Woman wearing engagement ring

Pay attention to the jewelry she wears most and take note of the metal. Does she ever wear two-tone metal or pair metals on her own?

If she’s not much of an accessory wearer, it is helpful to note her:

  • wardrobe color preferences
  • skin tone
  • Enlist the help of friends or family who are closest to her.
  • Peek around for earmarked magazines or websites she may be browsing with jewelry that catches her eye.
  • Discreetly spark up a conversation or point out jewelry in a window, on tv, or while you’re out on the town to get her opinion.

What Are the Top Engagement Ring Metal Choices?

Since her engagement ring will be perched on her ring finger for many years to come, you’ll want to consider each choice carefully. We recommend selecting from the most popular engagement ring metals.

Top engagement ring metals choices include:

  • yellow gold
  • white gold
  • rose gold
  • platinum

How Does Metal Color Affect Diamond Size?

Whether you’re on a strict budget or simply want her ring to make a grand gesture, your choice of metal can play a significant role in diamond size. It’s no secret that diamonds are highly reflective stones, so the color of the encasing metal can make your gems appear larger than they are. This may make your metal color choice an essential consideration. 

Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond Double Halo and Split Shank Engagement Ring

Platinum and White Gold Rings

Selecting a platinum or white gold ring can enhance the appearance of your center stone’s carat weight. Even the most dainty accent stones will look dazzling and enlarged set in a white gold ring or stunning Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond Double Halo.

Yellow Gold Rings

Fink's Exclusive 14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring with a Marquise Shape Design Shank

Some brides-to-be prefer the contrasting look between their diamond and metal band. Our Fink's Exclusive 14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring with a Marquise Shape Design Shank is one of our favorite engagement ring recommendations for such a reflective contrast. The center stone immediately catches the eye set against the beautiful detail of the intertwined yellow gold ring design and is sure to make her heart melt.

Rose Gold Rings

Pear Shape Diamond Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

A dazzling diamond set in a lovely rose gold ring setting is a fashionable, feminine look many desire. Whether you have your eye on a solitaire or diamond pave setting, a rose gold ring will turn heads wherever she goes.

We encourage you to take a peek at our beautiful Round Diamond, and Twisted Shank rose gold ring. It boasts elegance and pairs perfectly with anything in her wardrobe.

If she’s a woman of unique taste, consider our gorgeous Pear Shape Diamond Halo Split Shank rose gold ring. The halo accent diamonds alone are just under an impressive .50 cttw. Her eyes will light up the moment you slip this rose gold beauty onto her finger.

Why Does Engagement Ring Metal Weight Matter?

While shopping for the ideal engagement ring, most do not consider weight as a factor. However, her ring’s weight may be a necessary consideration for a few reasons. For example, the weight of her ring may be a factor if she has dainty fingers, has an active, outdoor lifestyle, is not accustomed to wearing jewelry, or you have set a strict engagement ring budget for your purchase.

We believe it is worth giving you a small introduction to metal weights before you make your selection. Understanding all your options will help ensure her engagement ring is a comfortable fit for her finger and your finances.

Platinum vs. Gold Engagement Rings

Platinum is a denser metal than gold, including white gold and rose gold. The difference results in a heavier feel, regardless of the same appearance in size. The differences between a platinum and gold ring of the same design may appear slight, but we urge you to take a moment to hold, examine, and compare the two metal options. 

Two-Tone Metal Rings


Fink's Exclusive Princess Halo Engagement Ring Set with Infinity Detailing
Several engagement rings are created with a two-tone design, combining precious metals. Our Fink’s Exclusive Princess Halo white gold and yellow gold ring is one such beauty.

Two-tone metal rings are ideal if you aren’t quite sure of her metal preferences. The two-tone design allows her to wear accessories of any color without feeling she must choose between rose gold and white gold or feel limited to only gold rings. She has the best of both worlds and can pair metals freely, without hesitation.

Do I Need to be Aware of Metal Allergies?

14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond and Twist Shank Engagement Ring

Unfortunately, some people can get skin irritations from certain metals. So if your significant other happens to have an allergy to a specific precious metal, keep this in mind while selecting her engagement ring.

Many people deal with sensitivities to various accessories due to metals used in gold alloys, including nickel and copper. In fact, sensitivities are seen most with earrings and rings. We have put together a few helpful suggestions for selecting engagement ring metals if she has a metal allergy or you are unsure of such sensitivities.  

Things to know when shopping for metal-sensitive skin:

  • It’s best to avoid yellow gold rings, white gold, and rose gold if you know she is sensitive to these or alloy metals.
  • We recommend selecting platinum, as it is hypoallergenic and ideal for those with metal allergies.
  • Even if her sensitivity to rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold rings may be slight, platinum is known to reduce irritation and the risk of metal allergic reactions. 

We’d love to help you select the perfect metal and setting for your proposal. Our diamond experts are here to help make your engagement ring shopping a memorable experience!